Flat-out outlawing something doesn’t work

As proven by the size of the #prison population: prisons are filled with people that broke laws (bar the sparse few innocents that have been wrongly convicted), so laws don’t magically make everything all right and stop people from braking them.

If laws worked, whenever a #law (a #ban) was passed, the amount of prison cells could be reduced. Instead the number has to increase, to house the extra people braking the law.

So why bother with the childishly simple notion of “we’ll force people to behave the way we want them to and it’ll be all right”, why not work with the people, lead by example, etc?

Sounds too wishy-washy? Perhaps, but since the age-old approach of forcing people apparently has never worked anywhere on earth, if one is so presumptouous as to take the job of politician, one had better come up with a approach that might work.


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I am an author & an anarcharchist

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