As the 2 Stans have demonstrated: following a leader is always a bad idea. But that is particularly true, when the leader chooses to single out one particular genus (ethnic group) for persecution to further his political success, look again at South Africa: the Apartheid doctrine was aimed at harming the interests of blacks, not whites. But whites that refused to play along, would get persecuted by the regime.
This makes me wonder: was the Apartheid-system instated in order to benefit the white population in general (as in not just the political elite)? If so, when the system turned against the white population, it should have been abolished. That did not happen because it was a political construct, thus never intended to serve any people at all.

So history repeats itself, now with muslims/Arabs (/Perzians) being the persecuted genus, politicians seeking political gain by claiming to wish to protect the white citizenry from primitive muslims.


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