On wealth and ideologies

Wealth creates wealth, builds upon previous wealth.
It takes wealthy people to buy products from others, making the producers wealthier (and the purchasers too: for otherwise they would not have parted with the money). Those producers can then, in turn, purchase products from others, and so forth and so further.
Wealth breeds safety and security. When one does not have to worry about acquiring the basic necessities for life (food, drink and shelter), one does not have to consider acquiring those by violent means, risking injury or even death (or social ostracisation),wasting resources one does not have due to one’s poverty (war presumes wealth: which is why it is very unlikely that North Korea will go to war).
Paradoxically, poverty creates empoverishing conflict while extreme poverty prevents it. Making socialism the most potent force for peace the world has ever known.

Growing the #economy by running a succesful business not only enriches thousands upon thousands, up to millions, but then enables these richer people to give to charity themselves because they now have more disposable income than they immediately need (so do not have to live hand to mouth).

Capitalists are not likely to deliberately put people in unsafe factories. It is not in their benefit for people to risk their health there. Capitalists will provide safer factories, if they would result in higher productivity/fewer complaints/strikes by the workers.
This would be for his own good, for increased profits.
Being a sadist, intent on harming workers, takes money and effort, which one cannot afford to spend on such unproductive matters, unless one is a capitalist.

Capitalism doesn’t tend to have people alwith an innate desire to tell people how to behave, because doing so is wasteful,of effort better spent on producing stuff.
Socialism on the other hand, is all about telling people what do do, and if the glorious leadership would rather not hear that, they easily turn aggressive. This means that people with an inherent violent streak are most likely to gravitate to socialism.


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