“The safest way to get respect for the #law, is making the law respectable” as the great French political economist Féderic #Bastiat wrote, several centuries ago.
This means that government’s laws will never be respected. The consequences for breaking them may be feared, but any seeming respect for the law that follows on the heels of such fear, is merely superficial, and a further cause for irritation at #government. Which enthousiastically keeps undermining it’s justification.

The only way to create respectable laws is to make it clear what purpose they serve. (Forsake the simple blanket commandments). This is why #anarchy is legitimate #order: the owner of a product (say, your #Uber taxi) has strict rules: no vommitting in my car, because that’s a nasty mess that repels future customers.
Fall-down drunks have no qualms about vomiting on the street, but they will try to avoid vomiting in a shop, because that’s private property.


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