War breeds war, and if only…

If only Austro-Hungary hadn’t occupied Serbia, then a freedom fighter would not have started WW1, then the following wars would not have started:

  • WW2, (that initiated the Soviet expansion?)
  • the cold war,
  • Vietnam? (That was a war against Soviet expansion),
  • Both Gulf Wars (Iraq came out of the disbanded Ottoman empire).
  • The war against terror
  • The war against IS (IS was founded by Iraqi POWs in American camps…)
  • Europe would not have been divided into east and west., resulting in all the horror the people there had to endure. (Related to the cold war)

Now, of course they would have been replaced by other wars, because (as Randolph Bourne so eloquently put it: “War is the health of the state”)
Governments need enemies to strike fear into the hearts of their subjects, and lobbyists want their employers to gain financially and electorily (it’s originally the Military-Industrial-Congresssional complex). So all sides benefit from sacrificing human lives.


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