It’s like the crusades all over again

Attacking islamic countries is currently all the rage, for every single American (christian) king (it’s practically impossible to get elected to any US government office, without being a christian). It wasn’t always like so: Vietnam at least currently does not seem to house any muslims though it can still be argued that the different heathens needed converting. Latin America has been turned christian by the south-European conquistadores (Spanish and Portuguese), yet they were still being attacked by the USA, there was even a suggestion by one of the Kenedies to bomb the American embassy, for an excuse to attack/invade that country. I suppose in this light, there’s a justification for the claim that muslims are more violent than christians, because the christian latinos never bothered with airplane hijackings, perhaps they were too meek, or too defeatist, or too lazy.
So it may just be that the fourth reich is driven either by respect for/worship of or fear of god, though much like the original papal crusades, they may also simply be driven by more earthly concerns, like having control over as large an area as possible.


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