Racism, theft & a better way

I recently heard someone claim that “surely, nobody can deny the jews the right to have their ancient homeland back.” Well, get ready, because here I’ll be calling that racist nonsense. It isn’t a group of people that happen to be of the same race that have any claim on historic land/property. It’s only individuals that can show they have a contract (maybe inherited from their grandparents) showing they are the rightful owner of something.
Clearly, race can’t be used as a deed of ownership, if it could, I (a white guy) coud steal another white guy’s TV and get away with it. Now, if that white guy had stolen his TV from a black guy, and that black guy was able to prove this (with a purchase receipt), he could reclaim his TV from me.
So, yes, once again, private property saves the day, prevents long drawn out wars (like the middle east, which I conveniently label as one single war, though it’s obviously much more complicated). Just like saving the environment / protecting endangered species.


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I am an author & an anarcharchist

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