Just for giggles:

Do vegans not use glue?

(When made of horses)

Who’ll make les routes?

Who’ll make the roads?
Is a common complaint about statelessness; if there’s no state to build the roads, who would do it?
Proof that roads can be provided privately: the French Autoroutes are all privately operated toll roads.
Because the French state doesn’t have to spend money on .otorways, they can spend that money on luxuries like universal health care.

Of course, there is the issue of emminent domain where the state can confiscate property to make room for roads. Businesses can’t do that (which is why that is the prefetable solution) but at least one hurdle has been taken in answering the titular question.

Private roads need not be funded by toll, but that can be part of the price of products businesses sell, just like buildings are.


For the sake of protecting the climate, the government should encourage homeschooling.

Running a schoolbus (or children making their own way, whether

  • on foot,
  • on pushbike,
  • by car
  • Or motorbike/moped)

to: a big building that’s heated throughout including the halls / empty classrooms is a horrible waste of energy

and causes vast amounts of CO2 to be emitted.

Let’s see where the priorities lie:

  1. Protecting climate, or
  2. influencing the children.

Right to live (life)

As part of the (ongoing) healthcare debate (it won’t stop any time soon, because it’s a partisan issue: Obama v. “Literally Hitler”): people don’t have the right to live. Sounds cruel, but there you have it.
According people the right to live, means someone will be forced to buy them food, drink, shelter, healthcare.

Sure, therefore communism!

some might say.

That’s denying others the same right.

would be my response, because those others would have to pay for it, either financially, or through forced labor, or some such.

People have the right to not get killed.

Using negative rights is a such a clean solution to the rights-issue.

De verspilling van landen

Feitelijk zijn landen een grote verspilling van woonruimte. Nederland heeft weinig oppervlak, maar veel mensen. Duitsland heeft veel inwoners maar nog veel meer ruimte. België biedt ook ruimte zat. En met Luxemburg erbij, is het probleem van waar asielzoekers op te vangen helemaal zo goed als hypothetisch. Het woningtekort dat nu 3/4 eeuw bestaat. is zo op te lossen, uiteraard niet door een superstaat van Europa te maken, want dat schuift de problemen alleen maar vooruit, en na verloop van tijd komt een veel ernsigere overbevolking om de hoek kijken.

Nee, de enige manier om echt geen overbevolking meer te hebben, is: statenloosheid, waarin burgers de hele planeet hebben om woonplek te zoeken.

Mockery Of President Trump & Lawyers

Inspired by this post on http://anythingpolitical.com

(Putting on my statist cap for a wee moment)
It is not beneficial for the state (nation) that the chief of the federation of tribes is under such assault. It’s not just the news media that is partisan, but now also the advertising media are undermining his authority. Not desirable in the current political situation of the world (contributed to by Trump, but that’s not the issue: if the fuse lit in the powder keg under the world is to be defused, such acts are irresponsible.)
Of course, I’m all for undermining politician’s (imaginary) authority, since when the Democratic Party-voters (let’s be real; they’re freaking out about Trump the loudest) have zero faith in the Republican president, hopefully they will also lose faith in the office entirely, hoping (vainly) that this lack of faith will slowly spread to potential candidates of their own party as well.
But the world is so thoroughly divided along the one-dimensional political spectrum of left-right, that Democrats will probably just vote for the worst candidate in their own party out of spite, to take revenge on Republican voters for having voted Trump in power. Elections are thus an S&M-contest: who’s willing to accept the most misery in order to cause that same misery onto the other side. (Of the 1D-spectrum).
Hence, my proposal for a minarchist state, hopefully that will heal the public’s mentality, which now is damaged by exposure to the malice (of the concept) of (the exercise of) dominion. Again, because mankind is psychologically unsuited to exercising power over others (and having it exercised over them): https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/scientific-evidence-against-the-state-psychology/

Why Arabs Lose Wars

I maintain that Arab countries lose wars, because they tend to be on the defensive side: as a rule, all invasions succeed (so long as the glorious leader of the invaders does not meddle with the military planning: Greece succesfully defended against the Italians because Mussolini overruled his military brass. Toprove my point, the nazis did defeat Greece’s defenses.