Gut, wat valt er veel kritiek te uiten op het concept AOW. Die is ingevoerd in de jaren ’50, oftewel ná de babyboom, dus Drees e.c. wisten dat het demografisch onhoudbaar zou zijn, maar ivm stemmenwinst voerden ze het toch in. De populistische ellendelingen. Het was beter geweest als de oude dagsvoorziening door spaargeld (+ evt. liefdadigheid) werd gefinancierd.
En dan nog: waarom zou pensioen een staatsaangelegenheid zijn? Of draait het pensioenakkoord er alleen maar om de kamerleden een fijne oude dag te bezorgen? Terwijl zij à €11.000,=/jaar de burger niet eens vertegenwoordigen.

executie van treinkapers De Punt

Advocaat bepleit bewijs voor executie van treinkapers De Punt
Die #kaping was het gevolg van de frustratie die bij de #Molukkers aangewakkerd zijn, door de #roverheid#. Dus ook dit was #contraterreur

This is what’s the Matter With Europe:

My letter to the New York Times: (re ), someone had to tell them what is wrong with the politics on the land mass this side of the Atlantic.

A bit late, forgive me; but I would still like to reply to Paul Krugman’s column “What’s the Matter With Europe?” from May 21.
As a Dutchman, I can tell you why there is such increasing support for “anti-parties”: the governments have basically turned on the people, and the people are fed up with that. Indeed, the dictatorially imposed single currency plays a big role in that. Also, the fact that immigrants have long been used as a baton against the people, which through high taxation had to pay for benefits for the immigrants. While taxpayers’ lost their jobs, they have it hard to find a house to live in (while immigrants recieve preferential treatment in housing), due to the incredibly high population density (about 10* that of the USA), the fact that governments are responsible for half a century of traffic jams, which they stubbornly keep refusing to solve, even in spite of their fearmongering about the climate. One who really believes CO2 is harmful to the climate, surely would make an effort to alleviate traffic problems, instad of worsening them, which is what the state actually does (it occurs to me that’s treasonous attempted murder).
Then there’s the matter of the fine quotas for the police in order to reduce the budget deficit, which the Dutch parliament genuinely voted on. Amazingly, it was rejected, but to my knowledge not one single cop resigned over that anti-democratic shambles.
Finally, remember the vote in Catalunya? The junta from Madrid used a SWAT team to beat the love for Madrid into the people of Catalunya.

What horrible dictatorships the European governments are. Failed states, the lot of ’em.

Surely, proof positive of hypocrisy

When socialists claim that the crash of 2008 is to blame on capitalism, that surely is proof positive of their hypocrisy. After all, how many socialists are not acquainted with Das Kapital (Capital), probably not that many. And in that booklet of his, Marx proposes central banks be in charge of the money supply.
And since Marx was a socialist: the crashes of 1929, 2008 and the coming collapse of the economy of the euro zone, are to be blamed on socialism, not capitalism.

Secession instead of emigration

“If you don’t like it here, then leave! Good riddance!”
Is what some morally/intellectually unflexible persons might say to anyone mentioming the concept of secession (a region splitting off of a certain political unit). To which I say:
I can find no reason to agree with that. Since the state ranks somewhere near the bottom of the hierarchy (well below any citizens), if the state is misbehaving toward me, I’m in my right to change the state. If (out of politeness) I would not wish to impose my will upon millions of others (democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner), then I can always create my own political unit, independent from the origin-state. On the very same patch of earth I’ve always called home.

After all: the state is dependent for its existence on the permission of ‘its’ citizens. So citizens can hardly be expected to have to bow down to the state. Therefore, if citizens are comfortable in a certain geographical region but unhappy with the state; why should they have to move out of that region? It makes much more sense for that region to move out of the state. If the state doesn’t like that, tough mammaries; it should have behaved better.

Bescherming tegen jihadistische organisaties

“Hoe kan Nederland zich beschermen tegen jihadistische organisaties?”
Het antwoord is al bekend sinds 1513, het jaar waarin voor het eerst “de Prins” van Macchiavelli voor het eerst is uitgebracht.
In day boek beantwoorde hij de vraag: “Heeft de prins een kasteel nodig?”
Het enige kasteel dat de prins nodig heeft is niet gehaat te worden.
Oftewel: houd op met meedoen met het vierde rijk (de VS), en Arabieren uit te moorden. Of is Rutte bang dat de yanks ook hier regime change zullen uitvoeren als ze niet genoeg meewerken?


Typisch weer iets voor Den Haag: het volk straffen om hun zin door te drammen.
Als er ook maar iemand is, die nu nog denkt dat de roverheid er is voor het volk, dan worden die hopelijk nu wel wakker. zoiets geldt alleen in een democratie: wat Nederland in de verste verte niet is.
Als de staat zich ooit in de afgelopen halve eeuw van haar taak zou hebben gekweten, dan waren de files al lang en breed opgelost. En de CO2-uitstoor flink verlaagd. Maar gezien de aanhoudende weigering van de Haagse junta om de files op te lossen, valt te klassificeren als landverraad.
Tijd om druk op de dictatoren uit te oefenen?

De cowboys willen weer burgers terroriseren, nu de Iraanse ipv de Iraakse. Tijd voor sancties tegen de VS: grijp ze waar het de meeste pijn doet: wapenverkopen.
Regeringen hebben die wapens toch alleen maar nodig om te kunnen meedoen met hun oorlogen.

The end of history?

Francis Fukuyama famously called the collapse of the USSR “The end of history.” I fear it might better be called “the beginning of the end of reality.” because the disappearance of the convenient enemy to rile the peoople up against/make the people scared of, caused free countries all over the western world, as well as NATO to desperately seek a replacement.

The timely find of islam offered all the Soviets did, and more.
The threat could be made much more concrete, because now, “the enemy” had infiltrated western countries offering untold opportunities for domestic policy (stasi-practices) as well as the careers of politicians… But governments soon found that the old enemy could still be made to seem a threat. Afghanistan proved a twofer: both an unending war (the health of the state; which serves as an excuse to squeeze the people some more) and an opportunity to place a NATO base on the far (nearly pacific) border of Russia (that had never heard of the Atlantic ocean, it was so far away from it).
So this could quite truly be called the end of waking reality, by now western democracies have become so dictatorial, some people here yearn for a Warsaw pact to relief them from the nightmare.