How would car insurance work without a state?

In the presumably not too distant future (it is november 2018 as I write this), when there is no more state to compel drivers to have insurance?
It will likely not end up having millions of drivers causing accidents and not paying for them.
road owners (for instance, shopping centres) want a return on their investment. So they will make an effort to keep driving there safe. Drivers are likely scared away when the risks of being crashed into by road hooligans. So road owners will want for their road to have a good reputation.
Driving qualifications will be left up to insurance companies that obviously prefer investing in driver training over paying for repairs.
Drivers that pass their test might gef a personalised license plate, together with their license. This is really not too different from contemporarily in Britain.
So, no need for an oppressor to build the roads (or, in the Dutch case: maliciously refuse to make the roads)

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