If #AOC becomes president

If #AOC becomes president, expect nuclear annihilation of the entire darn world to happen at any time. I’ve seen the video clip of her very seriously (gravely & seriously) making the “12 years” claim. Imagine how she’d handle international relations: “Oh, Please, Mr. Putin, I was joking!” “I think nyet!” [pushes red button on desk]

But in all seriousness: the way to defeat the climate change howler monkeys, is by starting to believe what they say. Because it’s now almost a quartter century since Kyoto was going to save the world by reducing CO2, and all the time, the level was either stable, or rising. And the temp was either stable, or dropping (which it was doing for the longest time).
Yet every year they have their conference of inbreds and they talk about how else to punish the people for having the bloody nerve to exist, and they absolutely refuse to reduce CO2 output (presuming mankind is able to influence the level at all)
Neatly summarized or your convenience, plaese: print out and mail this to your congress-person or to that #AOC, who is a plain traitor for wanting to destroy life on earth as she cearly does.

Not really a need to pity Greta Thunberg: she’s abused, but she enjoys it. Perhaps it’s because of her age and her mental limitations that she doesn’t get how horrible it is what they are doing to her? (And her future)
Instead of the green new deal, I call it the green leap backward.

The intended consequence of reducing CO2 is a reduction in food availability leading to mass starvation (not just of humans)
Recall the UN millennium goals from the 1990’s? “Reducing thirst” was one of them. Without enough CO2, plants keep the pores on their leaves open to inhale more of it; water evaporates through those pores, killing the plant. Which is food to some living being

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