A better way to tackle climate change (-policy)

We have to stop the left, since that can’t go by facts (they’ll just make up their own), so instead I propose the only kind of defense that works: offense.
This logic proves we cannot afford to let politicians stay in power: https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2019/10/02/undisputable-logic/
If they reduce CO2, all life on earth will starve to death. if they continue doing what they’ve been doing (in the past 1/4 century since Kyoto would save the planet from horrible CO2: CO2 has been rising and the temp has been stable or dropping. And all regimes in the world are totalitarian dictatorships thus capable of reducing CO2, if they wish (and ifmankind is able to influence the CO2-level, as they claim)
the CO2-level will keep rising because of their attempts to change the climate and destroy all life on earth.
They want to escape the accusations of terracidal treason? Admit that AGW is but a scam they never believed in.
Either way earth is best of without politics.

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I am an author & an anarchist

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