And now what?

This is a big, important and inevitable question:
Now that it has been decisively demonstrated that the climate nonsense was just that: nonsense (being polite here; the entire scientific gommunity, led by the #IPCC and #MichaelMann), what are we going to do with the Thunbergs, and with the Gores and the entire Hollywood elite etc. The egos of the people that went full steam over board with the “capitalism is destroying the climate” and “you’re a denier!”and “you’re a shill for #BigOil” and whatever other self-congratulatory verbal masturbation they would spout, are not able to cope with the clear evidence that they were wrong, the laughter and ridicule will incite vengeance.
Now there are two paths we could take: be the bigger people and,ot ub it in,though this would lead to them getting away with it, and many people will be frustrated with that (understandably, justifiably), but I fear that their egos will deflate with a bigger bang than the first one, so harsh legal measures may have to be taken.
It’s 3.8 billion people that have opportunistically chosen to pour their hearts into climate change, they will see their whole identities be destroyed. So what if it’s their fault? We all will have to cope with it. Better to think about how.

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