The modern music scene and the basic income guarantee

Modern music is eminently forgettable (if you’re lucky; if not, it’ll keep buzzing round in your head driving you crazy). Compare this to the oldies: the artists had no food, unless they made something worthwhile to enough people (excluding the record company’s short-sighted accountant). To put it in the words of the world famous David Gilmour: “Bread-line. Bread-line and less.” The concept is driven home very beautifully by Clarence Carter’s Patches:
Some great music that came forth from personal tragedies:
The death of Paolo Conte’s friend Max:
The singer Frank Boeijen finding out that a girl he used to go to s hool with, has become a prostitute:
The specter of nuclear annihilation has produced some popular songs, too: and:
Of course I wish everybody could live a life without tragedies, yet sometimes the tragedies happen, and the people affected by them produce something worth remembering. A bit a la Toynbee’s Challenge/Response, but on the individual level.
The basic income will remove incentives, smoothen everything out so there will never be exceptional people, arising from exceptional circumstances, meaning that the #BasicIncome is a crime against the human condition.