Looming #demographic crisis in #Europe

#European #populations are aging fast, meaning the large wellfare states are becoming unaffordable. Fools blame the European people for that, as if the people have any influence on how the country runs us!
I simply refuse to comdemn any children to this certain future of:

  1. Poverty
  2. Despair
  3. Opression
  4. Victimization by politicians

So don’t bring up the fashionable complaint of muslims immigrating into society being the only way to be able to continue to afford the costly (politically-propelled) welfare-state, which is another political monstrosity forced down our throats, which we cannot get rid of, without abolishing the whiole ridiculous concept of the state.

The problem is, that the “civillized” states of western Europe are democracies (as hinted at in https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/representative-repressive/ democratic derives from the Greek words demos – meaning as much as “people” – and cratos – “power”, so #democracy in the modern interpretation means power OVER the people. Never ever TO the people, oh no: that’s why every time there’s a #referendum here in the Netherlands, it’s never binding, only advisory; in case (in each and every one) the people want something else from what the government wants.
The only kind of proper democracy is #statelesness.

Representative == repressive?

The words look similar, as do the concepts. If you pretend/attempt to represent tonnes of people with one single person, you cannot please everyone, in fact, you’ll displease most (I know, at first glance the law of averages has it that you please half, but people are displeased in different amounts about different things, so less than half), MP’s know that, so thry stop trying to figure out what the people want, and by extent, stop caring about what we want. They only do as they themselves want, because they’re in charge.
Which is why all self-labeled #democracies are #oligarchies: minority rule; a #parliament of 150 Dutch MPs tells a population of a bit more than 17,000,000 what to do, without really representing anyone,other than themselves. The scary thing is, observing hearings they demonstrate to actually believe that they serve the people. Impossible! There are 113,333 1/3 people per MP. Each of those people has different wishes from the next, some genuinely wish to harm,their fellow country men, those are the ones that vote communist/socialist.

And I’m not even talking about the American election fraud that won, Obama the ’08 election. And that country made duch a big fuss about imposing democracy on,Arabia, at the cost of millions of lives (and rising for the foreseeable future  – and bryond?) (link to a Dutch report)

Why the resistance to making room for new roads?

(This applies to the preparations for the Dutch #Betuwelijn. I Kknow that’s old hat, but it gells quite nicely with futile objections against statelesness, so,this makes alfor a new way to,undrrmine the “Who’ll make the roads”-argument against #anarchism)

“Without the state, who would make the roads?”

That is a common objection to statelessness, in fact it’s so common that I’ve given it its very own category on this blog. So, why do some people hinder the building of roads / railways?
Again, it’s because these are done by the state, in the only way a state knows how: using blunt force and supreme arrogance: presenting people with a fait-accompli: there is going to be a new railway over here” and the crappy village where you and your ancestors have been living for goodness knows how many generations is in the way, so is going to be leveled.
“Out of the goodness of our hearts we’ll pay you this (ahem) generous amount of money, so you’ll get out of our glorious way”. Now get lost and let us have our way! This is a democracy, meaning you’ll have to listen to us!

Is it any wonder the inhabitants of that village fight even heavily armed police-bulldozers willing to risk the legal and health consequences that redistance entails? No, of course it isn’t! That’s why the roads stand a better chance of being built WITHOUT eminent domain. Asking nicely is a much better strategy. The state being at the top of the list of hateful crap, for most, is always going to have problems supplying any goods it hasseized the monopoly power on, because of exactly,that: they have SEIZED monopoly power, and they abuse that monopoly, by forcing people to sit in traffic jams, instead shouting thst thry should go by train.