“Rechtsstaat”… !

Ongeloveloos, dat men drugs blijft verbieden en het heeft over dat de gevolgen van dat verbod een ramp zijn voor de rechtsstaat! Waarom zouden ze verboden zijn? Dat veroorzaakt alleen maar misdaad. Een “War over drugs”,ipv een “War against drugs”, die talloze wetten breekt, en dus een ramp is voor de rechtsstaat.


Zorgen om drugsbendes

Als de #politie zich zorgen maakt om gehaaide drugsbendes, wordt het tijd dat hun directe politieke baas, de #minister van #justitie, #drugs decriminaliseert. Dat scheelt enorm veel ellende onder de bevolking. Geen schietpartijen/liquidaties op straat meer: geen xenonlampen meer uit auto’s gestolen, om #marijuana te telen (het bezit daarvan is beperkt legaal, maar de productie niet!) Het illegaal houden spekt alleen maar de drugshandelaren en de agenten van de narcoticabrigade. En de burger is alleen maar meer geld kwijt aan belastingen voor een te groot/ingrijpend juridisch stelsel. En ervaart dus een hoop onnodige hindernis.

Jacht op drugs

Wat een onzinnige schending van de #privacy van de burgers, dat de #politie post doorzoekt naar #drugs. Wie denkt de overheid wel niet dat ze is, door het mensen te verbieden om, welbewust, bepaalde substanties in hun lichaam te stoppen?
Buiten dat, hebben ze niets geleerd van de #drooglegging, en het succes wat dat Al #Capone heeft opgeleverd? (Toen de drooglegging werd afgeschafd, daalde de #misdaad in de VS aanzienlijk). Wat is het doel van het drugsverbod? Drugs tegenhouden, of dergelijke #stasi-praktijken rechtvaardigen?

The left is not productive

The #left is stellar at producing cries of outrage, both in itself and in others. It achieves the first by identifying some sort of wrong (the #environment, or more recently the #climate and #income-inequality), then some more people vote for them, they get more power and clout,because some people do believe that they will do something about that. #BernieSanders whipped the donkey of income-inequality to death, and he’s still whipping it for all he’s worth (being acsicialist, his own net-worth is nothing to sneeze at). Yet global income-inequality has been dropping since 1980, and in his home-state of Vermont his policies have increased income inequality.

Anyway, back on topic: the outrages from the left. The only way they can think of, to change outcomes, is by being abusive, both vocally and financially (fiscally), meaning they (self-)justify their tax-increases by shouting “this is all your fault!” at the people, and making them pay through the nose for alleged wrongs. It never occurs to them to lead by example! Or even to look at how they contribute to the ill they get outwardly upset about. Example: pollution. Now, every sensible person is unhappy about traffic jams. Sometimes, the right wishes to try to alleviate them by laying down more roads. (In so far as there is any right at all, it’s all big-government socialism these days, both George Dubbya #Bush and the #VVD in The Hague). The left just sticks to the old tried-and-failed recipe of boasting about how well they know better, and calling for more fiscal punishment to change the hehaviour of the people.
Instead of permitting them a chance of not wasting time and fuel being gridlocked, the left ain’t satisfied until everybody does as they command (leave that car! Go wait at the train station instead. When the train comes, it’s either:

  • As good as empty.
  • Too full for you to fit in.

In both cases a huge waste of energy. Because that (heavy!) train  had to burn through so much energy to stop and reaccellerate away from that station; nobody can claim that a car is worse for the #environment/#climate.

Also consider the war on drugs: Since politicians decided that drugs are bad for you (I pretty much agree on that), they decided drugs have to be fought hard, hence Reagan’s anuncement f the “war on drugs”. Instead of just allowing the normal people’s solution of:”Don’t like drugs? Then don’t use them” to take effect, they decided to mount a full frontal assault resulting in huge expenses, high social cost (inc. incarceration rates), and  noticeable drop in drug availability. Of course, a cynic might point out that, at least now,the CIA only has to illegally import a fairly small amount of drugs into the US to fund its covert operations, which classifies as operating on US soil, which violates its charter)