“We’ll all be replaced by robots!”

No, “we” won’t. The mechanical looms didn’t make everyone unemployed, instead they ensured that more people could buy cheaper clothes. And still have money left over to spend on other stuff, like food and drink, housing, hygiene (soap, toothpaste, toilets), arts, etc. Which had to be made by people, so the mechanical looms were a boon to the entire population (yes, in the end even to the people that make clothes now).
Oh, there was a time, when almost everyone worked on a farm. Live there was so horrible that people fled into cities, and almost nobody fled back to the farm, no matter how Dickensian life in the city was.
But on the farm, food production was so mechanized by combine harvesters etc. that ever fewer people were needed to grow food. And still, in spite of all those jobs being gone, the entire population is not exactly unemployed, now, is it?


A eugenic mentality

Politicians/ statists seem to think that politics can simply bend the world to their will. This resulted in at least two economic crises (1929 and 2008), because the state felt competent enough to keep the economy permanently doped up. They also felt capable of cleansing the human gene pool of inferior elements, by forcibly neutering mentally retarded people, and gassing members of the inferior races.

Millennials don’t save for the future.


My goodness, such failed understanding of what capitalism is/does can only come from decades of socialism/state-misrule of the country. It is exactly capitalism which will find new ways of extracting more resources/find replacements for those resources, when existing sources become too hard (expensive) to extract them from. The higher price will reduce demand by any but those with the most urgent need.
Until the state’s cronyism (which will exacerbate under socialism) will warp this elegant, natural process by spending tax loot on forcing those with highest needs, down to the bottom of the pile.
PS I use state in the original meaning of nationstate. Not as glorified province as is the American meaning of “state”.

The reason I do fear for the future and hence for retirement pension plans, is because the coming central bank-caused (ie state-caused) financial crisis will wipe out all investments and savings because those savings are in state currencies, which will evaporate, in the manner of the Reichsmark.

Surely, proof positive of hypocrisy

When socialists claim that the crash of 2008 is to blame on capitalism, that surely is proof positive of their hypocrisy. After all, how many socialists are not acquainted with Das Kapital (Capital), probably not that many. And in that booklet of his, Marx proposes central banks be in charge of the money supply.
And since Marx was a socialist: the crashes of 1929, 2008 and the coming collapse of the economy of the euro zone, are to be blamed on socialism, not capitalism.

Juvenile irresponsability

Just came across a post on Facebook, blaming Africa’s poverty on colonial exploitation. I’m sure that has played some sort of role in the past, but Hong Kong was also a colony, and is incredibly wealthy (and that with scant few natural resources if its own to exploit). Why the difference between the two? African leaders have dragged the continent down the socialist rabbit hole.
Socialism is a political system of theft, not production: so will only cause poverty once there is nothing left to steal.
The socialist’s view of how wealth is created is probably similar to this:

A great cloud of wealth is floating through the universe, capitalist pigs pluck wealth from it and get richer, while the poor masses are left to starve, and “only ever get poorer”.

Not a word about where wealth really comes from: production (& investment in it, to increase productivity).
Also not a peep about how capitalism has, millennia ago, gotten people out of mud huts and socialism is pushing people back in today.

Back to the title: the yammering of socialists about “It’s unfair!” does nothing to drag Africa out of poverty.
Once again: the left only cares about its own petty pleasures and sacrifices the interests of millions of Africans to keep them in tact.