Trickle-up economics

One reason African dictators are subsidized by western economies, is because they buy Mercedes cars, supporting German jobs. So Germany has the entire European “union” indirectly subsidize German factories. Likewise, the Belgian FN gun factory (Fabrique Nationale) no doubt sells a share of guns to,fldictators, subsidized by the rest of the European so-called Union.
So not trickle down economics but trickle up (from the ductator’s victims to the European factory), similar to selling surplus food from European farms, bankrupting Afrivcan farners that cannot compete with the subsidized European food, dumped in that market. Instead of subsidizing the food, better to let the farms only produce what they can sell much less wasteful than subsidizing a milk puddle and butter mountain then either throw away the excess food, or dump it on unsuspecting foreign markets, bankrupting theocals, cauing them to need more aid.


A slight misquotation
In this great book Chaos Theory Bob Murphy partially quotes Thomas Payne: government is a necessary evil. Actually , the full quote is that government is atbest a necessary evil; at worst it is an intolerable evil. And going by what Professor Emeritus of management (bestuurskunde) Gabriël van den Brink reports,
government (esp. The Dutch one, but really all governments I know of) has made an effort to become as intolerable as possible, even going so far as attempting to kill the population, while blaming them for it! (After half a century, they surely know how to cure the traffic jams, that cause so much economic damage and such high emmission levels. One would be justified to expect that the CO2-hysteria would have them make an effort to cure the traffic jams, after 52 (!) years they know how to cure them, but they simply refuse to do it, wilfully causing high CO2-emmissions, which they condemn as harmful. That is not simply negligent, it is downright evil/murderous.
What is the “solution”? A travel ban per 2030, which must have been invented by GroenLinks (GreenLeft, formerly the, well, one of the communist parties), the party that was invited to negotiate to take part in the governing coalition, negotiations that (ostensibly) failed, but yet their wishes are made law, even though the voter voted against them. But such is the nature of dictatorships, that policies the voter voted against, get pushed through anyway. Per 2030 sales of cars with internal combustion engines are banned.
It’s the excise tax upon gasoline that is used to subsidize electric vehicles, public transport, and the soon equally banned hybrids too. So those already unaffordable cars will be even more expensive.
The claim appeRs to be that EVs don’t waste energy in traffic jams. Which is obviously patently ridiculous, as anyone with even a minor comprehension of physical reality will realize.
So in actuality, the way they hope to cure the traffic jams must be by bankrupting every single citizen. And so removing all traffic. As I said: beyond negligible, downright evil.

Revisiting veganism (voluntary limitation)

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It just dawned on me, that one mistake made by people who fervently promote veganism, is that they presume that the growth of the population is untenable, and must therefore be allowed to continue. (This phrasing is correct, even though it seems to make no sense)
It seems more likely that if food shortages become endemic, that people will stop breeding. As unlikely as that seems, given that even with the dire future (economic & political) prospects in the west, people keep breeding;
also Africans keep spawning starving offspring.
I’d propose the following explanations for that:
Africans are kept barely alive with foreign aid.
In the future when global starvation has hit, this will be imposdible. There will be no food available to ship to Africa, to alleviate hunger there.

Vegans and other communists are so tiresome

Referring to these posts:
I posted about the threat to #life on the planet posed by veganism in a Facebook group, and triggered some rabid dimwits (most likely #communists) that refused to accept my argument (that vegan farming is unable to replenish the soil, so will lead to all soil to become infertile. #Veganism depends on stuff like artificial #fertilizer, made from #finite posphate. When that runs out, so does food.)
Cattle produces the manure needed to (re)feed the soil.
Some vegans in the group, immediately sought refuge in the #safespace of “cattle farming takes up too much space!” completely failing to address the argument. Instead they posted links to aerofarming, an admittedly smart system of vertical indoor #farming in hanging baskets, using LED light, and apparently without nutrients (fertile soil) for the plants to grow in. Others claimed they simply extracted nutrients from the bed rock. (Completely non-durable, not-renewable). They were so obsessed with disagreeing with me, that they self-rejected their own claims, leaving my claim wholy intact.

What presumably also plays a part, is the fact that I encroached on their terrain, by posing a terrible threat from their way of life. It’s their prerogative to feel smug and superior, when criticizing others.

Leaking pipelines

This is such a powerful case against capitalism! The corrupted leadership of a tiny “shithole” nation sells oil rights to a western oil company, the firm does a few back of the envelope calculations and concludes that fixing the leaks is costlier than letting the people suffer health-problems, A few bribes still didn’t sway the calculation the other way.
If anything, this is the best argument for capitalism, for all encompassing private ownership (democratic ownership) of everything. To avoid the trap of the magical authority of the state. If the oil company wants to bribe people, it’ll have to bribe a whole lot of them, thus skewing the calculation for the better as regards the environment.
There are many more parties that can defend their interests, eithet individually, or they can form a united front against the oil company. They can then defend the people’s interests (thrir own) which a government of course will not do: they’re nore interested in “the national interest,” or “the greater good,” or the glory of the nation (which is the political monstrosity, excluding the people).

The ways in which capitalism kept communism going

People under communism are supposed to depend entirely on the stslate for everything. That obviously fails, examples are: starvation in #DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; North Korea), people their produce their own food, which is very non-socialistic because the Means of Production (MOP) are supposed to be communal (state owned).
And even when the Soviet Union wasn’t yet exposed as a fraudulent, sadistic, criminally insane means of oppression, they still depended on the capitalist west to set prices for consumer goods, because the socialist system of state ownership of all the MOP (including the people) denied market prices (starting with salaries) to trickle up into price tags for e.g. tubes of tooth paste. Ludwig von Mises wrote about this under the label of socialism’s economic calculation problem.

Then there is the hunger in Venezuela, where the state had the decency to provide the people with a zoo, which the more enterprising people could plunder for food.
But that still disproves socialism, as one of the arguments for keeping animals in cages is conservation. So glorious communal ownership is unable to conserve animals, whether in the wild, or in the zoo. So the only way to really conserve animals is private ownership. (Again, look at cows or sheep, chickens or other cattle, which are not endangered species, unlike the communally owned rhinoceros, elephant, etc. Which are apparently not safe in the wild nor in the zoo)

People power; people decency

How the lack of central coercion will not keep a free people (an anarchy) from cutting back on CFC emmissions (you know, the currently shrinking hole in the ozone layer)

I’m reminded of the campaign in Netherlands (NL) to keep farmers from using techniques to grow chickens unnaturally fast (these chickens were was called the “plofkippen”), consumers selected on products that advertised (even to this day still do) that “these chickens are from a slower-growing race”. That’s because, unlike politicians, humams are innately good and when informed and given the choice, they lprefer to do the right thing. No lawmaker’s bludgeon necessary. In fact, that just leads to social atrophy and decreased likelihood of them notdoing the right thing anymore, in the future. Thanks, Dear Leader!

As an aside: it has been scientifically determined that ozone (O3) is a much stronger greenhouse gas than CO2. (What isn’t? CFCs (so I guess that cancels out) and H2O (eater vapor) are to.