The EU is not a union

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#EU is not a union: in a union, all the parts work together toward a common goal. In the #EnU (European not-Union) countries like the mediterranean ones try to leech off the rest, so that they do not have to implement reforms cut backs. The politicians leech on the austerity measures implemented in northern countries to not have to risk their own re-election making northern citizens pay twice: first for their own austerity policy, then for the austerity policy the soutern politicians are unwilling to impose on their own people that want to continue having their universal #healthcare paid for by people that can’t afford universal healthcare, but instead are forced into costly compulsory health insurance.
So yes: #DownWithEurope!

Funnily enough, the EU is not itself.


This is what’s the Matter With Europe:

My letter to the New York Times: (re ), someone had to tell them what is wrong with the politics on the land mass this side of the Atlantic.

A bit late, forgive me; but I would still like to reply to Paul Krugman’s column “What’s the Matter With Europe?” from May 21.
As a Dutchman, I can tell you why there is such increasing support for “anti-parties”: the governments have basically turned on the people, and the people are fed up with that. Indeed, the dictatorially imposed single currency plays a big role in that. Also, the fact that immigrants have long been used as a baton against the people, which through high taxation had to pay for benefits for the immigrants. While taxpayers’ lost their jobs, they have it hard to find a house to live in (while immigrants recieve preferential treatment in housing), due to the incredibly high population density (about 10* that of the USA), the fact that governments are responsible for half a century of traffic jams, which they stubbornly keep refusing to solve, even in spite of their fearmongering about the climate. One who really believes CO2 is harmful to the climate, surely would make an effort to alleviate traffic problems, instad of worsening them, which is what the state actually does (it occurs to me that’s treasonous attempted murder).
Then there’s the matter of the fine quotas for the police in order to reduce the budget deficit, which the Dutch parliament genuinely voted on. Amazingly, it was rejected, but to my knowledge not one single cop resigned over that anti-democratic shambles.
Finally, remember the vote in Catalunya? The junta from Madrid used a SWAT team to beat the love for Madrid into the people of Catalunya.

What horrible dictatorships the European governments are. Failed states, the lot of ’em.

Subsidizing obesity

You may have heard there is an #obesity epidemic going on in the USA (and to a lesser degree in Europe as well).
This is due to the government’s farm #subsidies, raising e.g. #sugar production. While at the same time the government has a ministry (department) of #health, spending lots of money on obesity related issues. That even goes so far as to claim that it’s #obesity which causes #diabetes, which of course is nonsense: they have a shared cause, namely excessive #carbohydrate consumption (in particular fast, or highly glycemic carbs like #sugar or even #grains), which are #subsidized by the ministry of #agriculture.
As is to be expected in a totalitarian regime, it likes to meddle with even the slightest details of all citizens’ lives. But there are so many aspects to all those lives, and only some citizens are #farmers, so the #subsidies benefit only one small segment of the population, while actively harming the rest (that has to pay the #subsidies through involuntary taxation). And justifying more taxation to fund higher health costs.
This is bull-excrement. And can only be happen with a #schizoid institution, like government, where information passes other information by, due to entrenched interests, and established practices (#policies)
Remember the #milkLakes and the #butterMountains? More reasons to ditch subsidies; they’re wasteful, and so harm the economy. As well as causing more farm animals to be kept, which according to the most political of politicians (the left), is a bad thing.

To close off, some writing about diet:
Excessive eating in general does not make one fat, because it’s not calories that deposit fat. If it were, fat would have to be able to make you fat (being the most highly caloric of the 3 macronutrients).
Since only carbs can do that, and #carbs are equally low in calories as protein (which ARE essential, unlike carbs), eating a diet of mostly carbs, may be low in calories, but that’s only the second part of fat loss; the first is to stop gaining #fat, ie cutting the carbs. At the very least the fast (subsidized) ones.
Otherwise, you’d starve yourself to death trying to lose some fat. Which is fought by the consumption of carbs, meaning you have to reduce food consumption to cripplingly small amounts.
Fat provides 9 #calories per gram, while carbohydrates and #protein each provide 4 calories per gram. (I guess those are #Kilocalories)
But finally, there is one small bit of the science of gaining fat that I am less certain about:
Sure, it takes carbs to trigger the release of #insulin, which shuttles nutrients into cells (protein into muscle or most commonly/frustratingly, fat cells) but what nutrients get shuttled into fat cells? Surely, they’re fat molecules that get deposited, fat molecules that first have to be ingested. (Similar for protein, obviously), which explains where Michel #Montignac’s diet came from (“Lose fat by not consuming fat and carbs at the same time!”)
Insulin can only be triggered by carbs, not by fat. Therefore, so long as you don’t consume (more than minor amounts of) (fast) carbs, you won’t get fat.
This suggests a fool-proof way to prevent the yoyo-effect following extreme caloric restriction: after having lost the desired amount of fat, undo the caloric deficit by eating more fat, after that, you’re quite safe to eat carbs again (but don’t overdo it or you’ll gradually regain fat again, though not in a short amount of time, like with the #yoyo-effect)

Climate and EVs (letter to an MEP)

Just now, I sent this email to an MEP from UKIP, because that party seemed to me to be most receptive of my message.

Esteemed Mr. MEP,

I write this to you, as a Dutchman, (not your constituency, I know), because I am nearing whit’s end. Please excuse any language/spelling errors, for English is not my first language.
I am writing on occassion of the EU-quota for charge points for EVs. If the EU would wish to reduce #CO2 emimssions, may I propose they take action against The Hague, for it has now been half a century (actually: 52 years, so OVER half a century) that the Dutch government has refused to solve the traffic jams. Surely, solving those would lead to a,significant reduction in emmissions, much more so than having EVs stuck in traffic, for they would still be wasting energy, just like cars with internal combustion engines.
If the EP would need convincing, tell your colleagues that when the EU would choose to defend the Dutch population against The Hague, I will cease my campaigning for a Nexit, for then at long last the EU will serve a purpose for the people.

Kind regards, and thank you in advance,

European regime-uncertainty

After having promoted hybrid engined cars, at the great expense of many taxpayer’s millions, those will be banned by 2040 in the UK & France, and already by 2030 in The Netherlands. So after having spent such time and money on developing/building hybrids, the market for those,will be shrubk enormously, by the ban on non-emmissionless cars. Therefore including hybrids.
What a waste of money! (That’s why I wrote “having SPENT such time and money”, not INVESTED).

This nonsense reminds me of Bastiat’s broken window.

The EU is British Leyland

pay particular attention around 9:40. Be aware that BL doesn’t exist anymore.
With all these litttle “dealerships” (countries) all having pride of their brand(nationalities). Hopefully the EU will go the same wayvas BL went.
Now, instead of offering the suggestion of converting the united states of Europe into one siperstate (which would cause so much friction within the populations that it luckily is an unfeasible nightmarish scenario). Here’s a more elaborate explanation if the reason why Europe is bad: