Vision Songfestival: another government-failure

The Eurovision songfestival was founded to increase the European communal feeling.
A big failure, given the traditional “Zero Points that Greece and Turkey awarded eachother (over Cyprus)

Anthropological musings

What kept the Inca’s from developing economically? It may be their socialism, but let’s not forget the lack of transportation. Any bridges thrh had to get from mountain side to mountain side, were rope bridges. Transporting cargo requires bridges made of stone or wood. Not only did they not have horses to pull carts laden with cargo, but they could only cross valleys one person at the time on theirctope bridges.

The travel bans the European dictatorships have announced will reduce the surviving population to the level of development and to the size of the incas.

Since no more energy may be used to grow food, the problem of shipping food from the farms to the inner cities will be hypothetical.
The people there to be the first to starve. (Not just in Europe, also in the USA; if a dem wins the next US presidential election, because they will definitely implement #AOC’s ridiculous #GreenLeapBackward.
RIPNew YorkcCity and Los Angeles etc. It’s no coincidence that I name the citirs on both coasts with the most regressive populations

Bolstering my argument of self-defense

Britain’s naval blockade of Germany
Quote from historian Tom Woods: “Britain’s hunger blockade of Germany, which violated accepted norms of international law in more than one respect, resulted in 750,000 civilian deaths — about 150 times the number of Belgian civilians most scholars say were killed by the Germans [during the occupation in WW1].”

Treaty of Versailles
Forced the German people to pay crippling amounts of reparations, because they hadn’t stopped the herefitary emperor (whom, by the way, they did not elect in the first place) from starting WW1.

boycot of Iraq
The Bush administration’s boycot of Baghdad resulted in: (quote from
(Per Dec. 1 1995:)

As many as 576,000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization.

It’s children that may have died, not speaking of adults (though I’m sure the toll is unacceptably high). One may expect adults to rise up against a dictator (apparently, western nations do), but children? Oh, by the by: Hussayn’s regime operated plenty of torture chambers for the people that tried. But still, their children deserved to be boycotted to death.

Catelan independence referendum of October 1, 2017
It is quite a bit of a stretch to include this in this list of attrocities committed by the west, but still:
when the people of Catalunya in a referendum expressed they did not like the junta from Madrid, the latter reesponded by sending in police forces to beat the love for the junta into the people, while denying the validity of the referendum.
I don’t know which is less believable:
hitting people to make them love you, or
claiming that the opinion of people is only valid when you say it is.
And still Spain is allowed to remain a member of the EnU, meaning that the other politicians in Europe do not disagree with Spain.

In summary
Since both international jurisprudence and law punish the people for wrongs done by the leaders (that the people have no influence on). So it is up to the people to stop politucs by whetever means possible.

The strangely permitted death of Europe

I have no qualms with immigration. It should just not be a government business (and so not be funded with tax-loot), because governments are only accepted for them to protect the people. Asylum reception is in no way a government task and should instead be done by concerned individuals / organizations that can not use violently extracted loot (taxation) receiving free stuff galore (like housing, education, healthcare) will slow down the flow of migrants to a more socially manageable trickle.

And the people just go along, they meekly play the part of being upaet at immigration, the politicians (all on the left) return the avor by accusing the natives of being horrid racists. Oh, what a need for an #EnUxodus

The undesirability of defense-treaties

Poland had signed a treaty with Great Britain and France, forcing those two countries to declare WW2 on Germany over Germany’s invasion of Poland. Which caused so much suffering for the populations of Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Italy and Greece (There were also Arabian countries, where the Nazis fought, though I do not know much about that, other than that there was this guy Larry who worked for the British army/government in Arabia.) Also Guernsey was occupied by the nazis.
Of course the Ukraynians welcomed the nazis, because Hitler was presumed to be less horrible than Stalin, who proved them right by punishing them with hunger-terrorrism for… Not liking how Stalin abused the poor Ukraynians?
But all of eastern Europe was also occupied and terrorised by first the Nazis, then the Soviets.
Russia was also invaded (though not occupied) by the nazis. It may have been on the cards from the beginning, (many boys joined the #3rdReich’s army to fight the commies; the same reason many boys joined the #4thReich’s army; now, both have backfired a bit, haven’t they?)
Or it may have been part of his plans to rid Europe of the jews; finding Russia a large convenient location to dump them. It was never his intention to kill them; SS-man Reinhard Heydrich came up with that plan, and Hitler did nothing to stop him. Plus Russia had a vast space to grow food, for Hitler’s empire.
Or it may have been caused by the war forcing Hitler to find alternative sources of oil to fuel his army. Meaning that Hitler would probably not have invaded Russia, if Britain and France had not declared war on Germany.

Also, eastern Europe would not have fallen completely into Stalin’s clutches, millions would not have suffered in nazi-occupied western Europe.
Poland would have had to endure nazi-occupation, which would probably have been a lot shorter than the Communist occupation of Poland. That may have been a less horrible thing than suffering under Stalin’s good intentions.
Hitler invaded Poland (well, he didn’t; he sat in the wolf’s lair ogling/fondling his niece while goons did the other kind of dirty work) because HGermans needed the living space. Would Polish living space been enough to satisfy his wants? Hitler only wanted Polish resources (space) and not to dominate the Polish like Stalin did, in order to force benevolent communism on them. Therefore I argue that nazi-occupation would have been less horrible than Soviet-occupation has been. Another big fat fail of politics (and its militarism).
Plus: this is a long-winded argument to get out of #NATO.

The names may change, but the mentality never does

Back when there were still national currencies in all European member states (near the end of that) when the regime wanted to impose the common currency, the Euro, people were unhappy about that. The reaction of politicians?

Oh, what do they know, he pitiful sentimental retards? They keep clinging to the past, we are so much smarter than them. So we’re going to impose the currency anyway, because know what’s good for them, better than they themselves do.

(that did not turn out so well for the economy, now did it?)

And, some while later, when there was a referendum about the association treaty with the Ukrayne, (much to their disgust, the people had forced a referendum) some politicians actually campained to have the outcome of the referndum turn the way they desired. Such is the level of democracy in the Netherlands. And some even had the nerve to complain that the “no” vote in the referendum was only because voters were opposed to Europe (Dutch membership of)

Just like Soviet communism is the inevitable outcome of socialism, the way Dutch politicians despise the people they rule/lord it over, is the inevitable outcome of so-called “democratic” rule.