Imagine there’s no heaven

It’s easy if you try.
It’s the only way for politicians like in particular the Big O (bama) (and I suppose also GWB and certain Dutch christian ones) to not spend eternity tortured by Satan and her minions. For when there’s no heaven, there’s probably also not the polar opposite (hell)
Where they’d be sent to, for attempting to destroy god’s creation (earth and human beings, as well as all other life). By way of catastrophic climate change (which they obviously believe in; they’ve said so repeatedly – even GWB signed the Kyoto agreement) but then they either do believe in CC, just not in Christianity – even though they’ve been member of that church for some time and have been attending services m. Or was that only in order to secure election?


My reply to a desperate statist

In the thread responding to this video (Climate I: Is The Debate Over?, by The Agenda with Steve Paikin)

a person named Erik Gloor, gave a disturbing reply:

@Ludwig van El I have no idea what you’re saying. There is no debate. Man-made climate change is real. Trust scientists at organizations like NASA. Trusting oil companies to tell you their products don’t harm the environment is like trusting tobacco companies that cigarettes don’t cause cancer. Anything less is pure folly.

Trusting politicians to tell the truth and to serve the people, is like asking a volcano to keep hold your ice cream cone for you: you know it simply cannot work, nobody has a rich enough fantasy to imagine such contradictory concepts. You want scientific proof: the 2 Stans: show that people are incapable of handling power, neither exerted over them (they have the unfortunate tendency to follow orders) nor exerting power over others. This is also called (by Hobbes, iirc) homo homini lupus est: man is a wolf to his fellow man, therefore you do not give him power over you/his fellow man.

If you insist on thinking politicians are angels, then riddle me this: how come in Dutch politics, the parties that make most noise about CC have also been the ones that tried their hardest to keep traffic jams intact -> keeping CO2 emissions high, since 1966 (52 years by now!). That is treason! But, when I looked into suing them for treason over that, the only laws I found that related to treason, protected the government from the people! Comrade, can you believe that?

Angels also do not kill/torture people for, being born in another country(the #4thReich does so all the time, for most of the time since WW2 (heard of Guantanamo Bay?), oh, and the WMDs were also real, right? A politician said so, so it must be true.

How would you explain the warming pause? (rising CO2, steady temperature).

Especially shocking when you think: Hey, there were those Kyoto and Copenhagen etc. treaties. Surely, they must have reduced CO2 or at least stopped the rise, by now? Of course not, they did not serve to reduce CO2, but only to punish the people for the politician’s refusal to reduce emissions (recall Obama? “CC is real!” Yeah, said the dude of 7 wars in 8 years, 1 Nobel peace prize and 0 days of peace. Do you have any idea how much CO2 a squadron of F-22s emits? Plus the tanks etc…

A funny thing

You’d think climatistas would be delighted about the evidence that AGW is not a real thing. People really scared for the actual climate would embrace it, hug you for it.
But no, instead they squeal “big oil” apart from the fact that oil-funded climate research is inherentlty ore reliable than politics-funded research, because oil has less to lose from unfavorable outcomes, than politics does. Because oil keeps having to be used for the plastics-industry: Now that it turns out that C2 is not such a mean gas as the warmistas claim it is, then their dreamed for changes can not be upshed through.

Re: the warming pause

All the politicians care about/know to do: punishing the people for THEIR wrong-doings. It’s not the people that have a say in where Obama sends the bombers & tanks. Also the people have no say in how much he spies on them (Echelon), nor in the unacceptable scandal of the half a century of traffic jams (Dutch politics). So leading by example, would be my suggestion. You want war with some distant contry: don’t send high school drop outs: put on some kakis and go yourself,
Row row row your boat, gently across the ocean!
Fiddelyfiddelyfack, hope you get lost on the way back.

Ps not how presumptious the warmists are: it’s a warming pause.

A mildly hopeful tone

In the ancient Roman empire the people were kept calm with bread and games (gladiators, fighting other hgladiators, or wild animals from elsewhere in the empire)
In the contemporary political emipires, the peoples of the west are kept calm, by different forms of bread and games: welfare passes for bread today, and elections for games. Elections serve to give the people the illussion that they are able to exert any influence on their destinies.
Which is an improvement upon the #Roman approach of using mere, shallow entertainment and the fanning of bloodlust to keep the #plebs silent. Contemporary plebs are deceived and entertained, as much as the ancient lot, but the emphasis has shifted: Instead of merely having their attention diverted from #exploitation and #expropriation, they want actual influence on their own affairs, of course they do not get any, but the effort is made to let peoploids have the illussion that they do.
And that fills me with hope for the future (I’m not really filled to the brim, but it’s a start), for if this trend continues, it can only lead to democracy- for the first time in this planet’s history.

Some collected links about global warming

Watch “Lord Christopher Monckton – Global Warming is a Hoax” on YouTube

To silence the opposition on climate change, warmists like to wave the incense of peer review.
This podcast explains why peer review is a joke:
In short: in politicized subjects, self-proclaimed scientists are not to be trusted, because they are not objectively seeking out the truth.
And yes, Big Oil funded research is more credible, because it has less to lose than politics, which uses global warming as a baton (a hockeystick, if you will) to beat the people into submission. Oil companies are merely energy companies, that also deal in the raw material, for building Electric vehicles, for the electrical insulation particularly necessary for electric vehicles.