Hongaars Fascisme

In Hongarije hebben de fascisten 12% van de stemmen gehaald:
Absoluut verdedigbaar om ze fascisten te noemen. Want Mussolini had linkse partijen verenigd in een bundel (dat is wat fasci betekent)


What is real fascism and what isn’t?

Instead of calling Hitler a fascist, because fascism is a fashionably bad word, Let’s keep it real: fascism was Mussollini’s bundling of left wing parties (“fasci” is Italian for “bundle”).
So fascism was limited to Italy, and will likely not rearise because any bundling of left wing parties will now use a different name than the contaminatedv”fasci”.

#Fascisme en geweld

“Fasci di combatimmento” betekent zoveel als “gebundelde bestrijders”. Mussolini begon als een gewone socialist. Zijn nostalgie naar de tijd van het glorieuze Romeinse rijk, en de socialistische neiging om anderen je wil op te leggen, leidden ertoe dat de fascisten onvermijdelijk hun toevlucht zochten tot (militair) geweld.
De zwarthemden hadden als motto “het kan me niets schelen”, wat aangaf hoe weinig ze gaven om mensenlevens. Als echte politiek beweging vonden ze het politieke gedrocht het belangrijkst. (Precies omgekeerd van de werkelijke rangschikking). De enige manier om de glorie van het Romeinse rijk te herstellen was door het volk naar zijn zin te buigen, daarvoor was dus het geweld van de zwarthemden nodig. Een rare van erkenning van de rang van het volk, en de wens om die rang te ontkennen.

Antifa is a greater threat than actual fascism

The “Anti fascistische Aktion” movement is a greater threat than actual fascism is, or ever was. This is easily true, because fascism (Mussolini’s regime) never amounted to much – apart from being rather unpleasant to Italians and Ethiopians. Apart from the war with Ethiopia, Mussolini’s foreign ambitions were: (dare I say it) modest. True, there was the attempt to invade Greece, but that attempt failed. It took the nazis to show the fascists how it was done and to demonstrate the truism that all invasions succeed; national defense is impossible.
So fascism is not a big threat at all, yet #Antifa makes it out to be the worst thing to have happened to mankind. The fact that those howler monkeys invented a threat where there is none, makes them particularly dangerous. They’d impose all sorts of burdens on the world, in order to protect it againstthe hortors of fascism. So they terrorize the people with the full approval of their own conscience; meaning they will not let up, even try to rstchet up.
Driven by their genetic preprogramming to howl at the air around them, they continue to make up excuses to continue to howl, inventing more justification for the #terror they unleash on the world.
Antifa behave exactly like the phenomenon they protest against. But don’t expect them to start protesting against themselves. Because that would be, like, not-hypocritical (and thus,not done).

Spectrum of socialism

Although it’s true that all fascists are socialists, that does not mean that all socialists are fascists.
So, evnen though Hitler and Stalin were both socialists, they weren’t fascists.

But Hitler was driven by (beside the power madness and sadism that characterize all politicians) racism, (unfounded feelings of racial superiority, the Übermensch – Untermensch-thing), the claim that the superior folk deserved space to live (Lebensraum) that could be taken away from inferior peoples.

Stalin was driven by the lust for power, the desire to oppress & abuse more people. Don’t let anyone say that socialism is not sadistic.

Mussolini was driven by nostalgia: he wished to restore the glorious Roman empire. So yes, Mussolini,was more like Stalin than like Hitler, in that both were driven by the lust for power. So leftist apologists might be excused for caling Stalin a fascist – the mistake is easily made, much moreesily than calling Hitler a fascist – which is what they do al the time – out of intellectual laziness, or sheer opportunism, because even more so than Stalin, Hitler is best known for the evil that he has wrought – gas chambers, extermination camps, military occupation… And of course the left continues to deny that Hitler was a socialist, a lie that is impossible to maintain regarding Stalin, since communism has been the “great enemy” of so-called “capitalism” for such a long time. Lefties tell other lies about communism, such as that it has not killed millions of people. But Stalin is less well known in the west than Hitler, although his deliberate starving of the people in the Ukrayne made them support the nazis – classic “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – though in this case it was clearly also a matter of choice between two evils, hoping that Hitler would be the lesser (borne out of Hitler’s relative obscurity in that country, and over-familiarity with Stalin).

Anyway, as this image shows the spectrum of socialism is full of nastiness: because both nazism and communism are slightly differing flavours of socialism and fascism is its own brand of socialism, all three partly overlap, but not completely. And historically, fascism was rather insignificant so it has the smallest circle