Violence begets violence

States engage in the violence of banning certain people (not just Jews, but also by licensing laws) from starting certain businesses. This means that people are forced to remain unemployed and need to have benefits, funded through coercion, in order for them to survive.

The dead-end of immigration policy

The welfare state that is Europe, is coming to a grinding, demographic halt. This has been known for a long time, but the scoundrels tried to avoid having to break it to the electorate, by stimulating mass-immigration.
Assuming they imported only (or mainly) people that could contribute to the income-tax-pool, this would not solve the problem, but only shift it to a future generation of politicians / citizens.

Of course, they imported heaps of people that got on the dole. And if anyone complained about that, they were chastised for being despicable racists. They did not contribute to the tax-pool, but only withdrew from it.
The demographic collapse is coming, and it’s only coming dlow enough to let the current generation of politicians get away with it.

The names may change, but the mentality never does

Back when there were still national currencies in all European member states (near the end of that) when the regime wanted to impose the common currency, the Euro, people were unhappy about that. The reaction of politicians?

Oh, what do they know, he pitiful sentimental retards? They keep clinging to the past, we are so much smarter than them. So we’re going to impose the currency anyway, because know what’s good for them, better than they themselves do.

(that did not turn out so well for the economy, now did it?)

And, some while later, when there was a referendum about the association treaty with the Ukrayne, (much to their disgust, the people had forced a referendum) some politicians actually campained to have the outcome of the referndum turn the way they desired. Such is the level of democracy in the Netherlands. And some even had the nerve to complain that the “no” vote in the referendum was only because voters were opposed to Europe (Dutch membership of)

Just like Soviet communism is the inevitable outcome of socialism, the way Dutch politicians despise the people they rule/lord it over, is the inevitable outcome of so-called “democratic” rule.

Critique of a Marxist

A marxist called Richard D. Wolff, took a wrong turn somewhere in life (though he means well)

Capitalism equalizes upward, because it gives everyone a chance to do something, that enriches them. Perhaps not from bum to billionaire overnight, but even if it takes a while, to get halfway there, that’s better than being stuck at the bottom for decades. It is capitalism (here meaning free markets) that got mankind out of the oceans, into the trees; then down from the trees and into airconditioned appartment buildings and mansions. A huge improvement every step of the way, right? Mostly even before there actually was a mankind to speak of

Marxism equalizes downward (nobody is allowed to own stock in businessess, because that would mean inequality)

By the way, Jeff Bezos isn’t rich: he owns a lot of stock in Amazon, which (because Amazon owns buildings and computers and machines to stock the shelves in the buildings: capital stock) represent a monetary value. But Amazon has been running at a loss for a LONG time, so Bezos doesn’t own a lot of money.

I believe communists/Marxists try to solve economic problems while keeping the source of the problems (the state) and think it is possible to maintain the institution of violence, AND equalize): violence never equalizes, there is always an agressor and a victim (state and citizen). They are disappointing that way.
The state is an institution of organized violence, and so always fails

This is why I claim that it’s NOT all about money

I wrote this post to avoid discouragement by eagerly dumb lefties (tautology) that insist on maintaining that politicians only ever care about money, when it is clear that they only care about (the abuse of) power.

Picture this: on a given day, a given humanoid decides that it would be fun to impose his will on millions of people.
Surely, that is not really a financially profitable enterprise. Which is why the psychological angle is more likely than the monetary, IMHO.

I wish to steal all power from the people, so that I can tax them wildly, and transfer even more of their money to the government (which I will only be part of, after having acted on my desire to go into politics).

Not very likely, is it?

All people that choose to enter politics are sadists, not only socialists are:
I call socialism the definition of sadism; they (the USSR) strung barbed wire from the Baltic to the Mediterranean seas, with gunning towers at every stone’s throw distance, in order to keep people from escaping. The ungrateful jerks deserve to be shot dead, escaping after all I’ve done for them!

One could claim that politicians only care for money because: the less money the people have, the more power politicians have over them. With an income tax of, say: 100% (Soviet-style), the people hardly (ahem) have any money to spend on food, shelter, (the basics of life), so need the government to provide it for them.

Tesla a cult?

If Musk is so smart, why is Tesla doomed to fold? Tesla never made a profit, and only gets subsidy, because they are such a pioneer in EVs (reducing CO2 is the opposite of green, btw, anti-green, because, well, before I was about 10 years old, school taught me about photosynthesis), since EVs are becoming more and more common, from different manufacturers, the justification for Tesla subsidy is disappearing day after day. And when the government has to choose between paying for sending CO2-belching bombers to a remote continent, in a war of choice, or paying to make Tesla survive, which do you think it will be?

I prefer to call the EU, the EnU

I prefer to call the EU, the EnU, because Europe is Not a Union:the European non-Union.
In a proper union, all constituent parts work together toward a united goal. So the French government would not keep spending money it does not have, in the cheerful knowledge that the northern states will pay the bill. Free universal healthcare, paid for by the Dutch citizens that are legally forced to pay very richly for compulsory health insurance for themselves as well as for the free French health care. So the EnU is a parasite that will hopefully be squashed by the yellow vest-medication. (Democracy has been reduced to fighting the government, quite sad)