Wilders’ bewijsloze aanhoudingen lijken op Obama’s drone-aanslagen

#Wilders’ bewijsloze aanhoudingen-wet verschillen niet veel van #Obama’s #drone-aanslagen, want de dodelijke #slachtoffers daarvan werden ook veroordeeld in,absentia, zonder rechtszaak, kans op beroep, alleen maar op grond van onbevestige beschuldigingen van #terrorisme.

De politiek van het westen jaagt mij angst aan. In mijn korte leven, is het van “het vrije westen” hierin veranderd.

De enige manier om #IS permanent te #ontwapenen, is door het uit te hongeren: staakt alle aanmoedigingen voor mensen, om zich aan te melden.

Novel-idea: large military expenditures

Large military expenditures are a disturbing property of dictatorial regimes, like #communism and the #4thReich.
This brings to mind the Military-Industrial Complex (#MIC), though the matter is much deeper than that. I do not believe that the comic book proposition,that the MIC can explain each and every act of aggression, as put forward by the #left holds much validity, no doubt it plays some role, but good old-fashioned power madness is the main driver, inho.

war against poverty

The best #war against #poverty is the war against war: don’t make new #homeless people
(wars create veterans who become homeless; aggravating the crime against humanity)
And now I’m just talking about the invading army’s assasins: the ones that travel all the way around the world to #kill people, that wouldn’t even know of their existence, the crimes against those people are even greater.
Since war only costs money, it cannot be said to be profitable (except for the #MIC: Military-Industrial Complex): the homeless/dead can’t contribute to the tax base: on top of which people set aside charitable relief-money, the government levies extra taxes to fund medical tratment to enable veteran with destroyed bodies to live out their lives in some degree of comfort & dignity.
Those taxes have to get coughed up by a continuously shrinking tax base, as more tax payers become veterans, consuming taxes just to stay alive.

American political treason

It’s not just Dutch / EU politicians that attack the population/the planet, oh no… Don’t rule out #Obama/#GWB (#George W. #Bush), who both pretended to believe in #Gorism. And who both were responsible for #Echelon, a ridiculous espionage program that consumes so much energy that the Tenth Amendment center attempts to shut down Echelon by keeping states from supplying cooling water to the Echelon computers (GWB started it: Obama continued it; I don’t expect #Trump’s to stop it)

Let that sink in for a bit: the Echelon systems need water-cooling, they use so much energy that even regular air cooling doesn’t suffice. Energy-generation emits heaps of CO2.

All that in order to listen in on Angela Merckel’s cellphone conversations! Angela #Merckel is chief humanoid of the German government! Germany is a #NATO-ally!

Again, #treason, #4thReich

Who actually started WW2? (& NATO v. Russia)

I’m,going on a controversial limb and say that Neville #Chamberlain started World War 2, by declaring war on #Hitler over the invasion of #Poland. Now, obviously, that invasion was a very bad thing, but so was the occupation of Poland (& other countries) by the #Soviets following #WW2 and the occupations of so many other countries during WW2., because Chamberlain, from London, declared war on Hitler in Berlin. The distance to Poland from the UK is considerable, and includes all,of Germany itself. So, a bit weird for the UK to have an alliance with far-away Poland. And Hitler’s response to,te declaration of war was to accept it, and to get his assassins close enough to the British isles, he had to invade the Netherlands, which was inconveniebtly in the way, but at least had a coastline with the same sea (the North) with the UK.

So enter 1940-1945 some of the darkest years ever for the people of the Netherlands my grandad was kidnapped, put to work in a labour camp, upon return home, my mum was conceived. So we could easily state that I owe my existence to socialism.

Of course the invasion of Poland should have been made undone. (And it should not have been followed by a Versaille 2.0, punishing the German people for the deeds of their rulers, wihch by definition they had no influence upon, so no sanctions.)

If not Chamberlain, who should have responded to Germany’s invasion of Poland? I would suggest, Stalin. Since Rusdia and Poland share a border, there was no country in between to get caught between a rock and a hard place. What was Hitler going to do? Invade Poland to take on Russia?

This could have been kept a local war. The fall-out could have been kept relatively small: no eastern block, no iron curtain, perhaps not even Russian ocupation of Poland (no NATO, no Warsaw-pact, perhaps not even an EU) If the socialists had tried that, western forces could have taken action against that. In the real 1945, they could hardly respond to Stalin’s decision to occupy all of eastern Europe, after they let the Russians do the hard work, fight the very hard battles. Stalin got angry at the western allies for not making their move quickly enough, while the Russians were already fighting, taking casualties.

It would have meant, at worst, that only Poland would be occupied by the Soviets (really bad, but all the rest of eastern Europe may have been spared the horror of three-quarters of a century of communism.

And the Afghani & Iraqi people would not have been invaded by a NATO-alliance, because there would not be a NATO.

And there would not now be NATO-exercises held practically on the Russian border, potentially provoking WW3.

One simple bit of restraint would have prevented two wars (plus the entire cold war and its miriad hot wars.)

So: Neville Chamberlain has many a dead milion on his conscience.

This whole post has obviously been predicated upon ignoring the guilt of Hitler for the invasion of Poland,

But since this post is really about the unexpected consequences of policy. We can add WW1 to the tally of gruesome wars resulting from policy. (That’s a bit unfair, becsuse ALL wars result from policy)

If Austrians had not invaded/occupied Serbia, the Iraq-war would not have happened, and #ISIS would not exist. Because: the Ottoman empire had joined the side that lost, and got broken up as a result, creating Iraq which got invaded over #FakeNews-reports about #WMDs there, resulting in Iraqi army-officers in an American #POW-camp founding ISIS.