Trump the economy-wrecker; cause and effect

He may know a thing or two about negotiating, but he doesn’t get economics, cause-and-effect.
Bernie Sanders didn’t win the presidency,
Brief joy, due to hope that a modicum of economic sanity may be retained.
Effect2: hope for social sanity, after the uprising of millennial whiners. (Not Trump’s fault, though)

Trump imposes tarriffs on steel and aluminium
Despair over the spirit of Sanders having entered Trump’s body.

Tarriffs on steel & aluminium.

Local suppliers don’t have to compete on price, because the competition’s price is kept artificially high (it already is higher due to the cost of transportation). So their product will remain needlessly expensive.
This means that users (eg manufacturers of trucks & cars) of steel and aluminium have no choice but to buy expensive inputs, resulting in higher prices of means of transportation, of people that want to go to work, and of goods shipped from factories to stores.
This accumulates and results in more expensive purchases. Add to that, that machines (e.g. agricultural machines) get more expensive on the other side of the chain, and the solution of emigration will present itself to many.
According to the above reasoning, weapons will become more expensive, therefore: so will war. Which will not stop the Fourth Reich. So they will just run up a much worse debt than Obama did: he started out with $6,000,000,000,000 (trillion) and ended with $17 trillion.
This 2.8333 fold increase, (to pay for 8 years of 7 wars) costs the average working age citizen (206,567,603.93200 per approx Feb 2018) $82,297 plus change. Now, imagine that thanks to the government’s CRA you already lost your home, what are you gonna mortgage to pay off the huge debt that your overlords imposed upon you? Your car? Sure, thanks to the tarriffs, they will get more expensive, so it’ll fetch a higher price, but then where are you going to sleep?

If we take Effect2 as a cause, then its effect will be: increased unemployment, meaning reduced tax income; more people donating more money to charity, to help the countless homeless, thus having less to spend themselves: reducing sales tax income, further empoverishing the US government. Ushering in an era of peace (presumably).


A preventative surge

In order to stop the vanity wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I propose a surge of 3: #Bush, #Barack and #Trump. Then for each one of them, I propose sending home one whole regiment of other soldiers.
This has the upside of: only having those who are responsible feel the consequences; and: causing the successor to Trump from not wanting to continue the terrorising of the population, that only happened to live in the geographical location where Osama bin-Laden took refuge, in a cave. Or people that lived in a country bext to #Iran, which led to the USA supporting the Iraqi dictator #Saddam #Hussayn. And so keeping Hussayn in power and able to terrorise the population.


I proclaim that 9/11 was a counterterrorist action.
And that the reason D-Day worked: it was a counter-invasion.
So the counters to military actions have a tendency to of succeed. (Though, for some reason, a defensive response always fails).
So, the response to murdering one #insurgent is: you’ve just created ten more insurgents, this escalates, making the warsunwinnable, except by democide of the entire population, I do wonder; instead of using bullets of depleted uranium that makes children sick), when will they announce the use of #atomic sombs; or very #dirty #bombs, dropped from B-52s, in order to spread radioactive material over population centers, to kill of the whole lot of them. Since that is the only way to win the wars (when every single one of your actions only create more enemies every), this approach will be the one they resort to, because #SurrenderIsNotAnOption.
Covert operatives poisoning the water supply?
Spreading clouds of radioactive dust?

Note: it’s #democide, not #genocide, because democide targets the entire population whereas genocide targets one particular genome (ethnicity) in the wider population. Although the population of Arabic countries tends to be rather homogenous


Preliminary overview of the Trump administration

Also watch:

There are positives and negatives to the Trump administration:
On the upside:
he has cut large amounts of regulations (not all equally impressive)
On the downside:
The economic boost that came from cutting regulation may not be enough compensate:

  • either the grave effects of the trade war he started.
  • or the spending on death and dedtruction; his foreign policy (wars) is just as bad as Obama’s. And thus makes America (& Europe) less safe and defendable.

How to vote

My dear fellow citizens of the world, may I please offer you advice on how to vote in elections?

If a candidate is known to be blood-thirsty, please don’t vote for him.
Example: George W. Bush. Signed off on a record amount of death-penalty executions, and started the blood baths (in the human, economic & political sense) called “Gulf War 2” and “the war in Afghanistan”. Causing the founding of ISIS (another excuse for even more ongoing killfare).
In short: if someone is known to not have any regard for human life, don’t hand ’em the control over the nuclear arsenal. No matter how strict they are about going to church every sunday (praying for war, no doubt). “Dear god, please give me an excuse for war, anything. I don’t know, hijack some aircraft or whatever, we can spin anything, honest. I’ll frequently mention you in my speeches to the American people out of gratitude.”

“God bless America”

Really? Again? Haven’t enough people died in the previous blessing?
Of course, if you consider (as politicians do) “the country” to be the political monstrosity, not the people, then his instruction for god to bless the political construct called USA makes a lot more sense.

Of course, to vote against GWB, you’d have to vote “for” Al Gore and we all know about him. On the upside, he might not have wanted to take revenge for losing the elections by killing the world, convincing all the wrong people (the ones in power) that it would be good to remove the basis of life on earth from the atmosphere: CO2.
So, as distasteful as the idea of a president Gore might serm, it may acrually have been better for the world in general. It might as wellnot have been though, so that is not really an experiment one would like to perform. But: at least we know one thing for sure: GW2 would have been launched anyway, because that was planned long before 9/11.


Common sense gun laws

Certain politically active folks have decided, in very poor taste, to exploit the killings of 17 children in the #FloridaShooting to try to have their political way, to have the government pass “common sense gun laws”. There is only one kind of common sense gun law, and that is the one that removes guns from the hands of people proven to use them to kill., meaning military personnel (as well as drug dealers) ’cause let’s face it: the US is the most experienced/prolific attack force on the planet. No country is safe from US meddling, it’s far from conspiratorial for Russians to fear attack by the west/USA, when in violation of agreements with Russia, the USA is moving NATO ever closer to the Russian border.
In fact, this may be a bit far fetched, but worth considering nonetheless: the reason GWB started the war in Afghanistan to justify putting a NATO base that close to Russia. Consider this:
To reach that North Atlantic Treaty Organization-base, members of the treaty have to swim south, out of the Noryh Atlantic, past Morocco/Mauritania/etc, into the South Atlantic; go round the cape of good hope, then on the east of Africa, you go back up north again, through the Indian Ocean, into the Arabian sea, then walk ashore in Pakistan, and walk a bitmore until you’ve reached (the NATO-base in) Afghanistan.
Afghanistan did not pose any kind of threat to the USA, the president didn’t even so much as cough in the direction of the US emmissary at some international meeting. The excuse of “having to kill Osama bin Laden” was no more than that, an excuse. They did manage to kill Osama (remember that as governor of Texas, GWB signed off on a record number of death penalty-executions, so the yearning to primitively exact murderous revenge was perfectly in character for him.)

According to Brown university, the human toll for the pointless war in Afghanistan since 2001 is (in 2016): 173000 killed and 183000 seriously injured (I presume those were only Americans, not Afghans or other NATO-members). Wow, such an effective way of defending the people, Mister secretary of Defense, sir (or miss, I dunno and don’t care). Starting a war to send them to their death or to permanent retirement due to horrible mutilation.

The world would be so much of a nicer place if all armies got disarmed.
Te people will have to do so by themselves, because there’s no chance that politicians will agree to do that themselves, voluntarily.
If only the people would stop signing up! That would help the economy so much. And many sign up due to the bad economy, thereby keeping the economy down, and keeping the flow of new assassins steady. Better to start a business of their own. Of course, bloody occupational licensing makes this needlessly difficult.

Drug dealers

Nixon’s “war against drugs” caused the deadliest war in the history of the American people, the “war over drugs”. Just like the prohibition made Al Capone filthy rich and caused so many gang killings in the strets of Chicago – killings that went away after prohibition was lifted the war over drugs kills many people, also puts many in jail (for victimless & non-violent crimes), breaking up families, causing so many children to have to get raised by single parents. And thus making them ripe to become the next generation of gang members. The most infuriating bit is: that politicians know about this, and deliberately continue on, thwarting any attempt to put a stop to the cycle of injustice, for the sake of continuing the violence.
Fortunately, there are people on the Christian right that recognize that breaking up the nuclear family causes more damage than it supposedly fixes.
So: remove guns (and the authority to use force, to arrest people) from the #DEA, in,order to sharply reduce gun violence.


“Donald Trump is not my president!”

Apart ftom the fact that Donald Trump is the president of the US government, not the people in the US, I could say the bloody same about Barack Obama, yet he, very much against my express(-ed) will, sent the Dutch army on penal expeditions I whole heartedly disapproved of. But I, as a Dutchman, can truthfully say that:

Obama was not my president!
(Nor is Trump, btw)