Sancties tegen Venezuela

Dat mag absoluut niet gebeuren, het volk lijdt daar al zo erg: sancties helpen de junta alleen maar het volk er verder onder te krijgen! Kijk naar Irak, voor GO1, als een dictatuur moet bezuinigen in luxe, dan wordt het volk gewoon verder uitgeknepen. Denk er wel om, dat Venezuela een communistische DICTATUUR is, ze vinden het heus niet erg indien het volk crepeert. Gooit de EU er een schepje bovenop? “Mooi! Gracias, EU!”


Parentification, when it happens to families/societies

Parentification, when it happens to families, may only be the result of benign practices;

  • Children whose parents’ marriage ended in a fight
  • Children whose parents were addicts
  • Children whose parents were handicapped (physically/mentally)
  • or children of asylumseekers.

(All of which I’ll still consider benign, because there’s no harmful intent by the parents behind it);
Marinka Kamphuis, author of the book “Te vroeg volwassen” (“Adult too soon”)

distinguishes four categories of ways children deal with it, including these two:
Some provide the need of care by their parents; they support, encourage, settle; are easy going and goody. Have no chance to speak of their own needs, talking about themselves maksz them the feel being selfish or difficult.
The opposite of that is the child that has to remain a child; to meet the desire of the parent to care. These are often youngest or handicapped children that are kept small and dependent by the parents clampingonto their important role as care giver. Kamphuis calls this “passive parentification”, and according to some psychologists it is the worst possible kind. Because if one’s parents do not allow one to develop autonomy, one will not learn to take inititiative or responsability; one cannot handle disappointment. This will be a lifelong handicap.

Here I recognise the poor millennial, who was raised in a horrible manner: at sporting events they earned medals by just showing up: no matter the effort that went into the exercise, they earned a medal. Meaning their self respect never got kindled. Now they feel worthless: they try to compensate by clamping onto whatever cause gets thrust into their face and fighting for it: this means that they put maximum effort into e.g. #ClimateChange, in effect trying to please their overlords. The damage of that would be limited, but their overlords are also our overlords, so everyone gets to suffer the effects of their destructive upbringing.

Which is not their fault! It is the fault of the people that callously experimented with their youth, destroying the lives of everyone, all over the planet, in the process. Goodness forbid, but some of these obssessive activists will also enter the profession of politics, which is another nail in the coffin of the institution: another reason to abolish it now, before the damage it inflicts becomes permanent. Millennial activists are drawn to the most outrageous causes, because those have the best potential for offering self-worth. So they inflict outrageous aounts of damage, andbecone outraged when someone identifies it as such.
Another point that dawned on me when I read about parentification, is that politicians (the more socialistic, the worse it is; remember, they are all socialists to a certain degree, from left to right) parentify society, make citizens feel worthless/incompetent/utterly dependent on the care of the parental unit (the “leader”).
This in turn is harmful to society and to the individuals that make up society (in so far as there is a difference), and unlike that described above by actual parents, is done by design and for the purpose of making the politician feel awesome and awesomely needed. Providing more fodder for the position that socialism is antisocial and egotistic, and brings nothing to the world.

Don’t blame the Germans pt2

What I originally meant to say in my post was that it was correct to not sue the Quandt family for any profits made by selling batteries for V2 rockets etc. to the nazis, or by selling uniforms to the imperial army a world war earlier.

These people were just trying to make a living under circumstances they had no influence upon.


It’s true that ruthless relentless legal pursuit of business owners like the Quandts (or those behind Boeing, Lockheed Martin,etc.) is the only way to prevent future wars by scaring them out of supporting the warmonger-regimes. It’s theonly way democratic regimes may be convinced to not thrust the entire nation’s economy & security onto the dumps by picking a war of choice (vanity wars, coz: “sending teenagers into the battlefields makes us look good & fearless”)

When a country has been defeated militarily, it is in a horrible state economically, so unless the people there are able to make a living they are doubly punished for something they had nothing to do with.

So, contrary to both invasions of Iraq, which commenced after only negligible planning, any time a regime feels the need to start a war, it must take into account what happens if the war goes as hoped (as well as when it doesn’t), and provide jobs for the citizens of the losing regime, to make room for prosecution of the warfunders.

This will not sit well with the domestic population of the victorious expeditionary army’s politicians, because the war is ruining their economy as well. (Don’t let talk of the Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex fool you; perhaps a few industrialists profit, but the majority of the tax victims doesn’t) This means that the war just ought not to be started at all.

Another reason to not take it out on the industrialists is that regimes tend to steer the prevailing mood among the population to breaking point, to where a certain amount of people is foaming at the mouth with warlust. This warlust will affect the entire population to see to it that it’s considered a good thing to at least not hinder the war effort.


Brief aan de krant (17 nov 2017):
In plaats van te wachten op wettelijke normen voor slachthuizen, is het beter als de naam van het gebruikte slachthuis op de verpakking wordt vermeld. Als er dan taferelen zoals in de Belgische slachthuizen plaatsvinden, dan kan de burger dat vlees links laten liggen. Dat leidt ertoe dat veeboeren (die zouden ook hun naam/merk kunnen vermelden) vanzelf andere slachthuizen kiezen, wanneer hun reputatie in het geding komt.
Dat de burger helemaal op eigen kracht in staat is, om tegen dierenleed op te treden, blijkt wel uit de plofkip, welke nu nog nergens meer te koop is.


“The safest way to get respect for the #law, is making the law respectable” as the great French political economist F├ęderic #Bastiat wrote, several centuries ago.
This means that government’s laws will never be respected. The consequences for breaking them may be feared, but any seeming respect for the law that follows on the heels of such fear, is merely superficial, and a further cause for irritation at #government. Which enthousiastically keeps undermining it’s justification.

The only way to create respectable laws is to make it clear what purpose they serve. (Forsake the simple blanket commandments). This is why #anarchy is legitimate #order: the owner of a product (say, your #Uber taxi) has strict rules: no vommitting in my car, because that’s a nasty mess that repels future customers.
Fall-down drunks have no qualms about vomiting on the street, but they will try to avoid vomiting in a shop, because that’s private property.