Juvenile irresponsability

Just came across a post on Facebook, blaming Africa’s poverty on colonial exploitation. I’m sure that has played some sort of role in the past, but Hong Kong was also a colony, and is incredibly wealthy (and that with scant few natural resources if its own to exploit). Why the difference between the two? African leaders have dragged the continent down the socialist rabbit hole.
Socialism is a political system of theft, not production: so will only cause poverty once there is nothing left to steal.
The socialist’s view of how wealth is created is probably similar to this:

A great cloud of wealth is floating through the universe, capitalist pigs pluck wealth from it and get richer, while the poor masses are left to starve, and “only ever get poorer”.

Not a word about where wealth really comes from: production (& investment in it, to increase productivity).
Also not a peep about how capitalism has, millennia ago, gotten people out of mud huts and socialism is pushing people back in today.

Back to the title: the yammering of socialists about “It’s unfair!” does nothing to drag Africa out of poverty.
Once again: the left only cares about its own petty pleasures and sacrifices the interests of millions of Africans to keep them in tact.


May angry that Russia had some one murdered in HER country

British PM angry that Russia had someone murdered in HER country.
Imagine how the people in Afghanistan and Iraq feel, they’re the ones that are actually hunted! (On May’s orders, FYI)

Direct ontslag!

Wat een despote, die minister Ollongren. Onmiddelijk ontslaan en uitzetten! Ze voelt zich zozeer nietvo haar gemak in een democratie, dat ze vast maar wat graag weggaat hier. Wij willen juist de gelijkheid die jullie ons ontzeggen, Kajsa! Dus minder macht voor de politiek.
De politieke kaste jaagt mij angst aan, iedere keer dat ze hun mond openen.
Ttv het Oekraïene-referendum had de politiek al het lef om campagne te voeren voor een “ja”-stem. Nu demagogeert een minister zelfs al dat de wensen van het volk ongeldig zijn; afzetten die tuthola! Als heel Rutte3 mee afgaat, des te beter: zelfs Mussert1 was democratischer geformeerd.