Socialism is not an economic philosophy

Rather it is a childish (therefore hazardous) political philosophy. ¹)
An economic theory will necessarily touch on production. All socialism talks about, is: “I breathe so you owe me stuff”, quote from Ben Shapiro. Because there is no price incentive, (nobody can earn any money) nobody will want to spend effort/time/materials producing anything.

So yes, the basic income guarantee will result in (see below): the Gulag system
Which is why, the economic miracle of the USSR, was only made possible by the inhumane system of Gulag-slavery. That was the only way the housing barracks got built, and the state “earned” income from exporting wood harvested by the slaves that were forced to work in the freezing Siberian winter. Which is where one tiny economic truism can be derived from socialism:

A money is any medium of exchange commonly used and valued by multiple people. (And preferably also portable, as implied by “exchange”)

Gulag slaves that had to work in the snow, on the permafrosted ground, valued boots enormously, sothey could be used for trade, if someone made a simple soup from moss or whatever, the most malnourished who were lucky enough to  sctually have boots could trade them for a portion. They could also have their boots stolen from them, by desperate prisoners (the official name for them was “zek” meaning “prisoner” though they were really slaves). Some enterprising souls would make their own footwear from bark and rope.

It’s typical for scammers (“Against the gods” on, under free books) to make fase claims like that: despotic, abusive, elitist dictatorships called themselves Democratic People’s Republics, slaves were prisoners (they did go quite far in that, by first accusing people of crimes against the state, or treason, or something)

¹): Childish so dangerous: since socialism can’t work, the rulers would get petulant about it and blame the not-working on the people, who obviously had no influence on the matter. This petulance created the iron curtain: people did not want to play anymore, but Stalin was not yet finished playing with them! So everyone who wanted to stop playing and leave would get murdered. And what does that say about the assassins manning the towers, operating the search lights and machine guns? They prbably were assigned to the job, and refusal would result in the Gulag.
So: socialism was either: the definition of sadistic maleficence, or it was utterly pathetic.


Definition of Fascism by Merriam-Webster is wrong

The dictionary definition of fascism is wrong:

includes the statement

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

It is right in so many respects, yet becomes PC in one: it claims that fascism is racist; “exalts nation and often race”. Whie true that the facists (under Mussolini) attacked Ethiopia, where people of a different race lived. But this was only done for the greater glory of the political monstrosity called the nation.
Fascism wasn’t racist; at least it was not anti-semitic, there were some prominent fascists who were jews. It was only when the frustrated German socialists yanked the fascist strings (and even invaded Italy at one point) when jews got persecuted for their race.

Fascism was the ultimate expression of politics, and its spirit still lives on. The greater glory of the political construct (hence fable) was elevated above all other interests, including (especially) those of the people. This is eerily similar to the right-wing:

  • The right wing sacrifices the interests of the people to big business
  • The left wing sacrifices the interests of the people to their own petty pleasures.

One iftose pleasures will likely be “basking in the glory of a great nation”, this is were the lines between left and right blur: the left will find part of their desired glory in economic power (which led to Stalin’s Gulag slavery).

This is where the myth comes from that fascism means the integration of the state and the corporation: politics finds particular glory in economic power, sobusinesses get preferetial treatment. Also, because fascism is socialism, corporations were nationalized, which also fed the myth.

Basic slavery

If the basic income would get introduced, that would (in my humble estimation) lead to Soviet-style slavery to get the dirty jobs done (aka the Gulag),because there would be no possible (financial) incentive for people to do the unpleasant jobs, like building tall buildings. That’s how the Soviets ended up with the tall baracks complexes (“Apartment buildings”). They had Gulag slaves to dig the uranium out of the mines, they also used slaves to cut down trees in order to get the wood that was the premier Soviet export commoddity.


Charging Al Gore with attempted democide

Why hasn’t Al #Gore yet been charged with attempted democide? For his deliberately high #carbon #footprint, (limo to be driven to his private jet, owning several mansions), his only possible defense would be to claim he never believed in global #warming. No judge worth his salt would believe a word of that (given Gore’s track record as the main consistent champion of the Big Lie), and would sentence him to a fine of $1, to be paid to each one of the American people, meaning a total fine of $320mln, which he can surely afford after having coerced/bribed every government in the world to buy products/services from the companies he bought cheap stock in.

Sentencing him to a 6000 year prison sentence seems a bit pointless, because:

he’ll have died of natural causes after having served only a fraction of the time,

It only serves to enable him recommence his evil lying from behind bars, martyring him, which will lead to rioting on the streets by leftist bastards, vandalizing whatever they can, to vent their frustration with their plans having been thwarted.

He’ll once again live at the expense of the tax payer – in what way is that justice?

Any way you look at it: the Gore is gonna have to pay up: either for deceiving so many of the world’s leaders, or for attempting to murder every single one of us. (Or for financially profitting from the suffering of the world’s population).

I’m being generous here: limit the fine to each of the 320mln Americans. There’s no need to pay each one of the 7 bln world citizens, given that paying a mere $0.01 to each of his worldwide victims would cost him $70mln, which is beyond his capacity to pay. Unlike prison sentences, this would deter him from re-engaging in his hideous practices, since he’d not have the money to do that.

In the style of Vincent Bugliosi’s “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”.

That oughtta teach the bastards a lesson, and hopefully inspire people around the world to press charges against their national politicians, thus purging the system’s evil components (which, given the nature of government, would likely empty the entire system.)

Because: I don’t know about you, but I’m quite scared of governments which have turned against the people, not just the officially communist ones, but all of them (including the unofficially #communist ones). According to professor Paul Gottfried, one aspect of Mussolini’s fascist government was, that they considered the state as a sentient being. which is really what they all do, and they all did (going back at least as far as the USSR’s #Gulag, but really any despot that introduced a secret police, to fight anyone of the citizens that thought government should serve them, instead of vice versa). I won’t expect #AntiFa to protest against that.


No, Hitler wasn’t a fascist (& Stalin)

#Hitler was a socialist, although socialism was international and the National Socialist Hitler wasn’t internationally minded – as witnessed by his attempting to bring so many nations under the umbrella of one single nation, the third Reich. That he was in charge of (of course, who else?)
Also, he was quite the racist (though perhaps he wasn’t, deep down inside; maybe he only used persecution of Unermenschen as a tool for getting elected. – divide and conquer. He was callous, in his readiness to sacrifice other people’s lives to make his own happy dream true. And Mussolini’s party even had a few jewish members. Black leaders were very positive about him (until the invasion of Ethiopia, of course.)
But Stalin was quite fascistic, though: one of the features of fascism was that the state was considered a sentient being in its own right. Stalin famously (notoriously) instated the Gulag, the Main Directorate of Corrective labour camps.
Good, grief! Let that sink in for a bit: the state deigns to reeducate (correct) the people! The people it is entirely dependent upon for its mere existence!


Gulag 5: Stalin the efficient manager

Stalin had achieved miraculous results for “his” country: within a short amount of time, Russia grew from a nation of predominantly farmers into a big industrialized nation.
He did not achieve that through succesful management techniques: rather, he sacrificed milions of lives to his own personal dream of being in charge of a country that could rival the prestige of other (western) countries.
No business manager would get away with that: if the working conditions in his business are so awful that dead bodies have to be carted out on wheelbarrows, or the compulsory business-provided transportation does not come with a restaurant car or even a friendly lady selling refreshments from a cart, but rather has prisoners fighting over a place near the metal bars, because humidity would condense on these bars and thirsty victims could lick it off. Such a business could not acquire personell anymore; people would rather die in the comfort of their own home, than endure such ravages to go do work that hardly pays at all. (Certainly not enough to compensate for the horrible conditions).
On top of that, I would even quibble with the qualifier “efficient”: so many wasted lives.


Gulag 4: contemporary politics 2 (future)

For the convenience of English speaking readers, I translated this post from a Dutch post I made earlier.

In Russua, people are so used to the Gulag (everybody has a relative who’s been imprisomed in the Gulag – enough to make you shiver!), that people’s feelings about the system have been dulled. And #Putin wishes for this blemish on the country’s history to be forgotten.
Think about western state-terrorism; now suppose there will be no revolutions (sadly, a possibility) ridding the world of the outdated monstrosities, swipe them into the dustbins of history, then how would future generations cope with the shame of state-terrorism, the continent-wide #fascism, which are now occurring/on the rise?
How would future generations handle that? If they’re smart, they’ll shrug it of and go in with their lives. After all, they didn’t do it: politicians did.
Some citizens may have cheered the politicians on, but they were simply influenced by demagogues. And yes, THEY (the gullible citizens / the politicians) ought to be ashamed of themselves, though it has yet to be seen whether they are capable of that – but is not necessary for the civillians to be ashamed of the misbehavior of politicians, even when they let themselves be fooled by politicians out of their own free will, while knowing better.
Suppose that in the future, some will develop strong feelings about having permitted #MKultra / #Guatanamo Bay, #waterboarding (though politics wanted these, mankind merely didn’t do enough to try and stop politicians)