Historische hypocrisie

Toen de Duitse staat Polen binnenviel, was de wereld (letterlijk) te klein.

Nu de Amerikaanse staat exact hetzelfde doet in het midden-oosten, staat alleen dat midden-oosten in vuur en vlam en blijven in het hele westen mensen zich aanmelden bij de bezettingsmachten. Dat terwijl Duitsers al 80 jaar te leiden hebben onder een beroerde reputatie omdat hun voorouders exact hetzelfde hebben gedaan.

The suffragettes were wrong

First-wave feminism yielded universal suffrage. Of course, they were wrong; it produced nothing of benefit. Why would women be allowed to try and oppress/abuse men?
Because that is what they will vote for; nobody in the electorate votes for anything (their benefit is never what they have in mind), rather eveylrybody votes against another. So women can now vote against men. Idoubm that, before suffrage women were identified as a group against whose interests action could and should be taken.
The feminists should have marched against the vote (against parliament), and politics, period. Giving women the vote has not so much improved their plight as much as it has split society by giving (in this case, mostly female) howler monkeys the chance to express their genes.

They should have activisted (I believe the proper word is “to campaign”) for democracy, for all genders.

Why does nobody vote FOR something they want? Because everybody knows, that no politician will give you what you want. It seems safe to say that nobody wants to be lied to, so that proves it.
At best you can vote for a politician that has identified any particular group to be more deserving of sbuse than some othef group.

Yanis Varoufakis | The Euro Has Never Been More Problematic


Actually, a look at history (as afforded by Mr. Rothbard) will reveal that the periods in US history, when there was deflation (instead of inflation) in the USA, that country had a very robust economy
So .o real reason for panicat the thought if deflation, people still have time preference: “I like to eat that food today, even if it is cheaper tomorrow.”
People buy electronics/cars, in the full knowledge they depreciate strongly.

A mildly hopeful tone

In the ancient Roman empire the people were kept calm with bread and games (gladiators, fighting other hgladiators, or wild animals from elsewhere in the empire)
In the contemporary political emipires, the peoples of the west are kept calm, by different forms of bread and games: welfare passes for bread today, and elections for games. Elections serve to give the people the illussion that they are able to exert any influence on their destinies.
Which is an improvement upon the #Roman approach of using mere, shallow entertainment and the fanning of bloodlust to keep the #plebs silent. Contemporary plebs are deceived and entertained, as much as the ancient lot, but the emphasis has shifted: Instead of merely having their attention diverted from #exploitation and #expropriation, they want actual influence on their own affairs, of course they do not get any, but the effort is made to let peoploids have the illussion that they do.
And that fills me with hope for the future (I’m not really filled to the brim, but it’s a start), for if this trend continues, it can only lead to democracy- for the first time in this planet’s history.

“We’ll all be replaced by robots!”

No, “we” won’t. The mechanical looms didn’t make everyone unemployed, instead they ensured that more people could buy cheaper clothes. And still have money left over to spend on other stuff, like food and drink, housing, hygiene (soap, toothpaste, toilets), arts, etc. Which had to be made by people, so the mechanical looms were a boon to the entire population (yes, in the end even to the people that make clothes now).
Oh, there was a time, when almost everyone worked on a farm. Live there was so horrible that people fled into cities, and almost nobody fled back to the farm, no matter how Dickensian life in the city was.
But on the farm, food production was so mechanized by combine harvesters etc. that ever fewer people were needed to grow food. And still, in spite of all those jobs being gone, the entire population is not exactly unemployed, now, is it?

“Disappointed in capitalism”

You may hear some people say they’re “Disappointed in capitalism.” interestingly, capitalism ain’t what you’re disappointed in, amigo.
Sure, the western societies tend to lean more toward capitalism than to communism. That doesn’t mean they’re properly capitalistic! They’re… statist. This is apparently too fine a point for most socialists since Marx to grasp, because they keep identifying the wrong cause for the world’s misery. Time for progress (what lefties all boast about but appear allergic to), time to limit government to its only proper role: reducing government. (It’s most orderly if a government does that. Going via a minarchist phase into statelessness, a sudden shock in the form of a revolution will offer quick temporary gratification but will result in chaos).
So what these people are most disappointed in, is: the state’s meddling with stuff. That’s what causes the trouble and the inequality.Because the state has a magical authority, it can be co opted by big businesses. If there is no magical power, or institution claiming it (a state), how couod anyone try to seize it for their personal use if it doesn’t exist? Putting it in place, preying on the gullibillity of people might work, but requiees,a lot of patience.
Yes, this applies to you too, #AbbyMartin. Your personal internet show appeared to be in the right track, the title caused expectations: “empire files.” But instead of being critical of the empire, you seemingly adore the idea of an empire, so long as it does what you want it to.
C’mon! That’ll yield exactly what I wrote about above, but then different cronies will determine policy.

Politics is really a battlefield, where all sides lose. If (A) has the power, (B) gets/feels oppressed and (ab)used. So then, when (B) gets power, they use that power to take revenge on (A) and so forth and so on, ad infinitum.
Most recent example of this: after 8 years of Obama, the people were fed up with the abuse by the left. So they voted Trump into power. After Trump, who knows, what democrat will seize power and misbehave just like Trump did? Perhaps Bernie Sanders will have another go at it? The guy’s a jew, AND a socialist, (how confused/ignorant of the facts of one’s adopted ideology can one get?). 100 years since the Russian revolution and he’s still a socialist! It’s been 60 years,since the end of WW2!
People voted Obama because they where fed up with Bush2, even though they thoroughly enjoyed protesting against his wars (something they lost the urge for, when Obama was president and continued killing millions inbl watlrs of vanity), and they were fed up with not getting what they wanted. So they voted for Barry.

Origin of the state

There are multiple variations how the unnatural state apparatus came to be: choice or force.

People came to realise the benefits of living under a leader, and so (accepted/appointed) someone as their leader.

Evolution priovided someone with innate aggression giving him/her the desire to dominate others, and the physical prowess to do so. So that individual appointed himself as the chief. This I call the conquest hypothesis.

There is a third version, the “overgrown family” hypothesis, where the head of the family (whether male, female, or whichever of the 68 other genders primal people might have self-identified as – duh…!) let the power get to his/her/its head, and he decided that dominion over one family wasn’t enough. Or other families “voluntarily” joined the first family, perhaps after violent/military defeat? So this third option merely refines the first two.

Knowing modern politicians, which path seems more likely?

Poverty and defense (and causes)

Also read: https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/war-and-genital-mutilation-in-mali/

Africa has long been a poster child for the economic failure of socialism. No doubt that’s one reason that the continent was fairly easily colonized, was its poverty (which preceeded European colonization, btw.) So they were unable to foster enough resources to fend off European colonists, with their superior weapons, tools, transportation and organization.
From that I draw the conclusion that economic development (with its influence on social development) has a driving influence on military events, as well as well on the being of the people.
Even apart from the inspiration Africa took from the Soviet union, it is the habit of Africans to expect people that happenhave money to spare, to give it to their relatives.
Meaning that nobody can save up enough money to invest in starting up a business. Meaning that it is just about impossible to grow the economy.


To give the full quote by Thomas Payne:

Government is, at its best, a necessary evil.
At its worst, it is an intolerable evil

I may be paraphrasing, but that is as close as it gets.
So, we’ve lied through an era where government acted as a necessary evil, however, it couldn’t last, so now we have an unbearable evil.

  1. What do we do about it?
  2. And how do we prevent it from happening again?

I can’t see minarchism as a durable solution: because it keeps the institutions in place, allowing a next USA to arise. While founded as a minarchist federation, it is now a global tyrannical ruler; and any minarchist nation will likely try to follow the same path. Given the unsuitability of humans to political rule (whether to rule or be ruled) it is only to be expected that it will go entirely wrong again.