“The Truth About Vegans….”


I’ve been commenting/ replying to comments on this video, and thought I’d share some of the comments on my blog.

This first was a reply to SogMosee in a thread about factory cloning of meat which would replace breeding animals for their meat (which is also the only way to get enough fertilizer to grow plants, in the long term, since phosphate is a finite resource; so synthetic fertilizer is finite too.)

Do you still believe Ancel Keys?
Btw you need cholesterol for your brain; and dietary cholesterol does not affect your cholesterol level. Cholesterol fear mongery has all been debunked. Read Teicholtz Lustig, etc.
This is the reason factory cloning is undesirable; they’ll tamper with the food supply, “to remove harmful compounds” thereby ending up killing/hurting people, because they grasp any pseudo-scientific justification to justify legally imposing their will on others.

Also, veganism ain’t durable, because the soil will deplete, and the phosphate mines will run out as well so no more artificial fertilizer until you put dung on the fields. Vegans hate it when you say that, coz they claim the monopoly on terrifying catastrophic warnings.

George Orwell They’re all howler monkeys; typically leftist (“anti-racist”, “anti-pollution”, “climate-“) activists that are geneticaly preprogrammed to make hellish noise, just like the Latin American Simia Belzebub. So I can’t even get angry with them; it’s the genes they’re made up of, expressing themselves, they can’t help it. So the best thing all around is to deny them a platform. (politics)
Have you ever heard Vibnie Tortorich, America’s angriest trainer? he doesn’t really like vegans (for the same reasons). He’s going to make the fatdocumentary.com to try and fix dome of Keys’ damage.
If people woyud be eating enough fat instead of carbs/grains, there’d be less obesity, less diabetes.
Try and keep upyour righteous indignified superiority now; it hurts the planet’s chance to support live, it hurts thechances of the living to stay alive and not die a horrible death from diabetes, after an unpleasant (unfulfilling) live as a diabetic…
They’re the same kinds of people that protest CO2-emissions; also baseless (CO2 as high as it is now, enables the planet to feed 7 bln people; plus the only way to achieve the UN’s millennium goal of providing enough water to the people, is to facillitate photosynthesis, by emitting enough CO2. Because: plants keep open pores in their leaves until they’ve breathed in enough CO2. Water evaporates out through those pores, causing the poor farmer to have to make the choice between his family dying of hunger or of thirst.


A eugenic mentality

Politicians/ statists seem to think that politics can simply bend the world to their will. This resulted in at least two economic crises (1929 and 2008), because the state felt competent enough to keep the economy permanently doped up. They also felt capable of cleansing the human gene pool of inferior elements, by forcibly neutering mentally retarded people, and gassing members of the inferior races.

How to deal with howler monkeys/SJWs

When bleeding hearts make a fuss about so-called hurt/threatened minorities,
then firstly you know they don’t mean a word of it.
Secondly, you make a big heap of money out of their indignation.

  1. Iron Maiden was the butt of American Christian complaints, because their iconic Eddie-figure was too reminiscent of the devil. Iron Maiden’s tours sold out.
  2. When Suzuki started selling the outrageously powerful and fast (300km/h aka 180mph) Hayabusa motorbike, the Dutch minister for traffic (who still refused to cure the decades old traffic jams, so was unwilling to do/unsuitable for her job) made a fuss about it being an irresponsible machine. Result: a boost in sales. The importer eventually placed a big ad, thanking for her assistance in boosting sales.

I’m guessing that contemporary “progressive” howler monkeys would be displeased with the comparison to conservative Christians, whom they despise for not being progressive enough. But such are the facts: SJWs are not progressive at all, and both fractions of humanity are examples of the subcategory howler monkey.


Sylvana Simons kan het niet helpen dat ze zo klaagt. Net als het meerendeel van links (de beroepsslachtoffers, van racisme e.d.) is ze zo geboren. Net als de zuid-Amerikaanse Simia Belzebub (brulaap) is heel links genetisch voorgeprogrameerd om een duivels gebrul te laten horen. Dus, omdat ze er niets aan kunnen doen; moeten de brulapen niet gestrafd worden; maar hun podium moet weg. De enige manier om de samenleving weer leefbaar te maken, is door hen de mogelijkheid te ontnemen om centraal beleid erdoor te proberen te drammen.

#openbrief, #Pamela #Pinas

Origin of the state

There are multiple variations how the unnatural state apparatus came to be: choice or force.

People came to realise the benefits of living under a leader, and so (accepted/appointed) someone as their leader.

Evolution priovided someone with innate aggression giving him/her the desire to dominate others, and the physical prowess to do so. So that individual appointed himself as the chief. This I call the conquest hypothesis.

There is a third version, the “overgrown family” hypothesis, where the head of the family (whether male, female, or whichever of the 68 other genders primal people might have self-identified as – duh…!) let the power get to his/her/its head, and he decided that dominion over one family wasn’t enough. Or other families “voluntarily” joined the first family, perhaps after violent/military defeat? So this third option merely refines the first two.

Knowing modern politicians, which path seems more likely?

Social-media storm

Given the (somewhat overdue) crisis in Facebook confidence over Zuckerberg’s campaigning for Hillary, I’ve installed the gab.ai android app and created a user account, @LvE hoping to catch up with y’all there.
I don’t know if it’s possible to create groups in gab, but it’s a much less partisan platform than Facebook, so worth a try. #deleteFacebook

BTW #Google has also been found to be campaigning for Hillary,
Luckily, those in the know have for some time been using https://duckduckgo.com, I’m planning to use Protonmail.

A common mental illness

This post is a (very) rough translation of the Dutch post https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2018/03/08/veel-voorkomende-geestesziekten/
More specifically, I’d like to talk about Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy.
Or as I like to call it (slightly more accurately): howler monkeyism, is sadly a very common affliction on the left I’d even venture to call it a defining feature. The howler monkey (simia belzebub) is genetically preprogrammed to make hellish noises.
Munchhausen Syndrome (without proxy) is sometimes erroneously called “hospital addiction”. The variant with proxy is likewise explained as child abuse.
I disagree with both explanations, because they’re just expressions of an underlying illness: namely an overwhelming yearning to have attention, some channel this desire by learning how to compose and perform music, or become actors on film or stage, or become famous for being famous. Society may benefit from that, or simply ignore them, hopefully for them, they then either learn to cope with the failure, or keep deluding themselves that they do matter. Either way, those are not a huge problem for society as a whole. It’s the ones that have identified politics as the new rock arena, that pose a problem.

  • They invent illnesses for society, calling it racist for not being sufficiently anti-caucasian (it’s such an invented isdue, that they have to take it to such extremes to be able to make a fuss)
  • Or they invent an environmental illness, e.g. claim that the climate is in danger. And feign upset when not enough people fall for it, so make a second film, dispatch with the scientific pretense (they get the scientific bits entirely wrong anyway) and make the second monstrosity even more about themself (in so far as possible.)

How could society deal with that illness?

Prisons are unjust, and not a durable solution: similar to the #4thReich occupying Iraq: by killing one insurgent, they create ten more. Likewise: if you lock up one politician, you create ten more: because aggression breeds aggression.
Instead, disable (don’t enable) them, remove the platform they use to draw attention to themselves: remove centrally led politics.

In an anarchist society the problem of howler monkeyism will be handled fairly elegantly: people may choose to not do business with them, unless they (pseudo-voluntarily) seek treatment. This means they won’t be able to acquire food or buy sewage services etc.
This is beneficial for everyone, and a perfectly smooth, and unobtrusive way to deal with what in a statist world would lead to disaster.