A common mental illness

This post is a (very) rough translation of the Dutch post https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2018/03/08/veel-voorkomende-geestesziekten/
More specifically, I’d like to talk about Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy.
Or as I like to call it (slightly more accurately): howler monkeyism, is sadly a very common affliction on the left I’d even venture to call it a defining feature. The howler monkey (simia belzebub) is genetically preprogrammed to make hellish noises.
Munchhausen Syndrome (without proxy) is sometimes erroneously called “hospital addiction”. The variant with proxy is likewise explained as child abuse.
I disagree with both explanations, because they’re just expressions of an underlying illness: namely an overwhelming yearning to have attention, some channel this desire by learning how to compose and perform music, or become actors on film or stage, or become famous for being famous. Society may benefit from that, or simply ignore them, hopefully for them, they then either learn to cope with the failure, or keep deluding themselves that they do matter. Either way, those are not a huge problem for society as a whole. It’s the ones that have identified politics as the new rock arena, that pose a problem.

  • They invent illnesses for society, calling it racist for not being sufficiently anti-caucasian (it’s such an invented isdue, that they have to take it to such extremes to be able to make a fuss)
  • Or they invent an environmental illness, e.g. claim that the climate is in danger. And feign upset when not enough people fall for it, so make a second film, dispatch with the scientific pretense (they get the scientific bits entirely wrong anyway) and make the second monstrosity even more about themself (in so far as possible.)

How could society deal with that illness?

Prisons are unjust, and not a durable solution: similar to the #4thReich occupying Iraq: by killing one insurgent, they create ten more. Likewise: if you lock up one politician, you create ten more: because aggression breeds aggression.
Instead, disable (don’t enable) them, remove the platform they use to draw attention to themselves: remove centrally led politics.

In an anarchist society the problem of howler monkeyism will be handled fairly elegantly: people may choose to not do business with them, unless they (pseudo-voluntarily) seek treatment. This means they won’t be able to acquire food or buy sewage services etc.
This is beneficial for everyone, and a perfectly smooth, and unobtrusive way to deal with what in a statist world would lead to disaster.


Waar komt de afkeer van moslims vandaan?

Uit de meest vreemde hoeken hoor je het geluid vandaan komen: zoals in een gesprek over emigratie: “Portugal. Want daar kom je niet op elke straathoek een hoofddoekje tegen.” Portugal is een prachtig land, hoor, met erg vriendelijke mensen, alleen is het daar economisch nooit zo voor de wind gegaan, dat ze zich veel socialisme konden veroorloven. Nu kan natuurlijk geen enkel land zich socialisme veroorloven (inclusief Nederland), maar hier hebben veelerlei Haagse clowns gedaan van wel (doen ze nu nog steeds) alsof dat wel het geval was, over de ruggen van de autochtonen, die ook nog es voor rotte, racistische vis werden uitgemaakt als ze bezwaar maakten tegen de ongegeneerde diefstal. Doordat veel autochtonen zo dom waren om op links te stemmen (vanwege genoemd beleid), en uit electoraal winstbejag verergerden linkserds hun gedrag, wat ertoe heeft geleid dat de sociale kloof permanent en onoverbrugbaar breed is geworden, Is de te grote staat door de aanhoudende agressie de mensen uiteen gaan drijven.
In Portugal heeft de junta nog nooit zoveel allochtonen kunnen lokken met “gratis” (door de autochtonen betaald) lekkers omdat ze domweg het geld niet hadden. Nederland ooit wel een beetje, al is dat geld nu flink opgeraakt. Maar nu zullen de daders zich niet intomen, maar juist het beleid waar zij zich zo mee hebben geïdentificeerd verergeren. Het gaat om de persoonlijke eer, niet om het volk.

The unfairness of central planning

Some people (Members of the Democratic Party) like to complain about Donald Trump’s boorishness, which I personally find refreshingly preferable over Obama’s slick “nice to everyone”-unreliability (he’s nice to your face, then sends your teenagers off to another needless war of aggression, or has the StaSi¹ tap your every electronic communication, in case you say something mean about him)
They’ll claim that “Hillary won the popular vote, not Trump, so he shouldn’t even be president!” I’d like to counter that, with: “Google demonstrably tried to swing the vote to Hillary Clinton, so she did not win fairly. Google used the means of the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME), as identied by Dr. Robert Epstein. Hillary had this unfair advantage, not Donald Trump, who knows how many voters were swung to vote the way Google wanted them to. This is even more sneaky than the Mainstream Media being blatantly pro-Hillary. After all: you expect and are mostly aware of that. But if what you’d consider as mere tools (search engines) are biased as well; that’s like buying a screwdriver for fastening a panel with, and findig it only turns counter-clockwise. (In common parlance: left).
This could only have happened in totalitarian states, where one single person/institution has so much power as in the typical western nation state: aka not in a minarchy or an anarchy. As the book Where Bernie Went Wrong by Hunter Lewis argues: the state is a vehicle for increased inequality; the more power the state has, the more lobbyists and rent-seekers it attracts. So Bernie, who advertizes himself as being for the little guy, is actually willing to sacrifice that little guy to the rent seeking big guy “capitalists” (his definition), by giving the nation state more power (which his “evil capitalists” are drawn to like flies to honey; to manipulate – lobby for – legislation to their benefit). Would anyone want such a naive (or very sneakily evil) fool as president of the militarily most powerful nation in the world (it already spends 9* more than China)? The millennials did. https://tomwoods.com/think-bernie-sanders-is-at-least-good-on-war-think-again

The podcast with the interview by Tom Woods with Dr Robert Epstein

The Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) and Its Possible Impact on the Outcomes of Elections

Free Isn’t Freedom: How Silicon Valley Tricks U

¹) StaSi stands for Stats Sicherheitsdienst, which
literally translates from German to English as National Security Agency (State Security Service).



vVVD-Kamerlid Arno Rutte, mag ik u vragen uw toon te matigen? U strijkt doodleuk een “schadevergoeding” (nou, mischien een onkostenvergoeding) op voor uw hoedanigheid als fractievoorzitter-vertegenwoordiger. Bij mijn weten is er niet 1 kamerlid dat durft het eigen verstand te gebruiken en het volk te vertegenwoordigen. Tenminste, bij de uitslagen van de stemmingen is er niet een die eruit springt, ze gehorzamen allemaal braaf de instructie van de fractievoorzitter.
Ik ben niet de enige die zich nog nooit van zijn leven vertrgenwoordigd heeft gevoeld.
En dat gaat ertoe leiden dat er geen gerechtigheid zijn intrede zal doen in Nederland. Want: het is veel te leuk om je de dader te straffen ipv het slachtoffer te herstellen.
Stelletje sadistische malloten daar in Den Haag.


The joys of private property

(Foloos up: https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/12/06/another-joy-of-private-property/) 

There are several reasons to allow private property:
1) it encourages people to be more careful with certain goods, examples:
A) the African elephant and rhinoceros are not privately owned and, after so much time, still threatened with extinction, the dairy cow is not.
B) the fastest car in the world: a rental. The owner of an exotic supercar will likely be more careful with that price(d/y) possession, than with the rental he picked up at the airport.
2) communists hate it. And I (have come to) hate communists. Vile, venomous beasts.


Beetje in de war?

De randstedelijke “progresieven” die de Friezen wel ff een lesje “verdraagzaamheid” zouden leren, geloofden zeker niet in wat ze zelf predikten aan wie het maar niet horen wilde. En ging niet met het zalig-verklaarde openbaar vervoer naar Friesland, maar met auto. Dat is de enige manier waarop anti-anti-Piet-protesteerders je kunnen weghouden door de afslag van de snelweg te blokkeren. Het is moeilijker om de deuren van de trein dicht te houden, tenzij je het conducteurs-gilde van de NS hebt geïnfiltreerd.

Zucht, zo progressief en nòg niet in staat te bedenken dat ze door het goede voorbeeld  geven meer bereiken. Waar gaat het heen met de wereld, als zelfs de grote vooruitstrevenden hypocriet zijn?


How to deal with #statists

You can’t really blame statist citizens for their naive & foolish statism: they’ve fallen victim to the Stockholm syndrome.
Therefore, in,order to find out how to deal with them, one has to find out how to deal with patients suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
I’ve looked up a little bit of information, here are a few links that seem promising: