The joys of private property

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There are several reasons to allow private property:
1) it encourages people to be more careful with certain goods, examples:
A) the African elephant and rhinoceros are not privately owned and, after so much time, still threatened with extinction, the dairy cow is not.
B) the fastest car in the world: a rental. The owner of an exotic supercar will likely be more careful with that price(d/y) possession, than with the rental he picked up at the airport.
2) communists hate it. And I (have come to) hate communists. Vile, venomous beasts.


Beetje in de war?

De randstedelijke “progresieven” die de Friezen wel ff een lesje “verdraagzaamheid” zouden leren, geloofden zeker niet in wat ze zelf predikten aan wie het maar niet horen wilde. En ging niet met het zalig-verklaarde openbaar vervoer naar Friesland, maar met auto. Dat is de enige manier waarop anti-anti-Piet-protesteerders je kunnen weghouden door de afslag van de snelweg te blokkeren. Het is moeilijker om de deuren van de trein dicht te houden, tenzij je het conducteurs-gilde van de NS hebt geïnfiltreerd.

Zucht, zo progressief en nòg niet in staat te bedenken dat ze door het goede voorbeeld  geven meer bereiken. Waar gaat het heen met de wereld, als zelfs de grote vooruitstrevenden hypocriet zijn?

How to deal with #statists

You can’t really blame statist citizens for their naive & foolish statism: they’ve fallen victim to the Stockholm syndrome.
Therefore, in,order to find out how to deal with them, one has to find out how to deal with patients suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
I’ve looked up a little bit of information, here are a few links that seem promising:

“Why Does Nobody Know What a Fascist is?!”

A very good definition, with this caveat: #Antifafas (Anti-Facistische Aktion #Fascists), if not proper fascists themselves, are exactly the kind of fascist they claim to be protesting against. (They only protest our of genetic imperative to howl, just like Howler monkeys – simia belzebub)

Oh, and #antifa are more of a treat than actual fascism, which has never been more than a historic curiosity, (of all forms of socialism, it failed the fastest)

Analysis of howler monkeyism

I first started using the term “howler monkey” as a name for Social justice warriors, because SJW doesn’t translate so easily into other languages. The term did seem astonishingly accurate, because like the species Simia Belzebub (the furry ape-like kind of howler monkey (from hereon forward referred to as simia)) SJWs are genetically friven to making loud, unpleasant noises (so unpleasant that the first westerner to encounter them, considered their behavior to be hellish enough for that name). SJWs care more about howling hellishly than about achieving the thing they claim to howl about.

Their incessant howling (whenever there’s a camera and microphone nearby) only results in the behavior they use an an excuse to howl, to get exacerbated, much to their delight. This is called reactance, and the concept is widely known among psychologists.
Take, for instance, the fuss about the innoccuous children’s figure Black Pete(assistant for St. Nicholas), who is black because of all the crawling up and down the sooty chimneys to put children’s presents into their shoe, and take out the carrot the child put there for St. Nicholas’s horse.

Their allergic response to this innocent figure resulted in much social disturbance, and a looming (though fortunately cut short) political career for the head howler,

Sylvana Simons.
Knowing what they know about reactance, they continue to behave in that manner, thus ensuring a continuous supply if excuses for howling. 

They may not even all do it deliberately, I genuinely believe that some are genetically so handicapped as to not have any other option than to howl like this. Having said that, there is bound to be a portion of them that is so evil as to act that way, by design. Whst with them being left wingers and all (leftism is inherently evil).
Though, I now realise it’s more of an umbrella-term for the entire left, instead of solely identifying SJWs. Still, the above still stands.

AntiFa breeds its own reason d’être

Since Fascism originated in reaction to revolutionary socialism, and #AntiFas are left-wingers trying to impose their will on society (as the left-wing tends to do) (how’s that not revolutionary?), anyone who opposes them is by their definition a fascist. (Helped by the fact that fascists are the very definition of evil, according to the hysterics of AntiFa, and who’d disagree with them?) And because it is possible to fit every human being in the one-dimensional political spectrum of left-right: everyone who is against AntiFa is right-wing.
Any which way you look at it: AntiFa are howler monkeys.

Also, by being that violent, they obviously exhibit fascist tendencies themselves. So being antifafa (anti-fascism fascists) they are against themselves.  That explains theirconfusion. Next time they’re on TV, keep that thought in the back of your mind, and feel the understanding creeping in. Not “understanding” as in acceptance, but rather as in identification of their motives.