Property & natives

In a discussion about “compensating American Indians for having had their land stolen from them” my solution that the ones that could show legal title to a particular patch of land could claim that land/compensation for that land
Was countered by the statement that the native Americans did not do land ownership. This means that they don’t have any title to that land, so it can’t be returned to them.
The reason they did not do ownership, was that they were nomads. And the reason for that was: they had to follow the herds of buffalo/bison.
The Europeans chose to do farming, and consequently got (the chance) to develop the concept of ownership.
This meant that they got to develop industrially and eventually built ships that took them across the entire width of the ocean.
They had the longer-term stability needed to mine iron ore, build homes that offered better shelter from the elements.
To return to the American natives: becuse of their nomadic nature, they chose to run the risk of having another tribe occupy land they’d like to occupy themselves one day. So I’m affraid they can’t reasonably expect to demand back their land. Since it ws never theirs; of course, they could ask kindly, for some ranges of land, they could do so the smart way, by teaming up with eachother / setting up a fund, to buy the land.
“But that’s ownership and they don’t belief in that!”
I have gotten in debates with ancoms too often to not expect such a dim response.

The only reason they did not do ownership was the fact that the herds of walking food kept on the move and theregore so did they. If they’d have developed agriculture, they’d have developed the same as the Europeans

Controversy stirred

Posted this in,the group Anarcho Debatism on Facebook:

To be honest: I’ve long felt that Ben Gurion was a bit of a neo nazi. You know: taking away the lebensraum from the untermenschen to give to the ubermenschen.
There, controversy stirred.
Rule: don’t call me (or anyone else) an antisemite or a racist, because I’m not.
To preempt any claims that it was the ancient home land of the jewish people: that only stengthens the call for a free society, one that respects/is based on private property. If one had the documents to prove that your great-great-great-ancestors owned the land (and it was taken from them), then a large part of the middle-eastern conflict would have been avoided.