Killer ongemoeid na knippen enkelband

Nu wil ik niet doen alsof ik me zo 1-2-3 kan invoelen in de pijn van de slachtoffers, maar mensen opsluiten in een donker hol is op zich al onzin. En voor moord helemaal. Want van straf van de dader is nog nooit een slachtoffer weer terug, tot leven gekomen. Retributie (wraak) heeft niets te maken met justitie, veroorzaakt alleen maar nog meer leed. Liever restitutie (het slachtoffer herstellen), of anders het Noorse model. Nu is het onmogelijk om bij moord het slachtffer te vergoeden, maar diens nabestaanden (die evt een kostwinner verliezen) wel, en de werkgever verliest een goede arbeidskracht.
Anders het Noorse model, gericht op rehabilitatie. In Noorse gevangenissen heeft iedereen de sleutel van zijn eigen cel met eigen badkamer.
Moordenaars? Werken ook in de keuken, met alle messen die daar aanwezig zijn.
Laat dat de eerste pleister op de open wond genaamd “samenleving” zijn.



Zelfs de enkelband wordt op grote schaal ontdoken. Ik vind dat niet zo erg want het is gewoon een variant op:
“Mensen in een,donkere grot opsluiten omdat ze iets hebben gedaan wat de baas niet leuk vindt” het feit dat de gevangenissen nog steeds zo vol zitten dat men de toevlucht heeft gezocht naar de enkelband, bewijst dat gevangenissen niet werken.
Opsluiten herstelt het slachtoffer niet en heeft dus niets met gerechtigheid te maken. En preventie werkt na al die honderden jaren nog steeds niet. Dus: beter afschaffen die primitieve onzin.


Het parlementslid Gert-Jan Segers is in Amsterdam in gesprek geweest met Joodse jongeren , en tot zijn schrik zei 1 van hen:

Mijn toekomst ligt niet in Nederland.

“Klaarblijkelijk is onze beschaving aan het afsterven.” – Segers.
Nou, mijnheer Segers, ik zie ook weinig toekomstperspectief in dit land, alleen kan ik me geen ander land bedenken waar wèl een aceptabel toekomstperspectief te vinden is.
Als de zo zalig verklaarde rechtsstaat inhoudt dat de burger zich van de popolitie niet mag verdedigen tegen misdaden van de overheid, is dat bangmakend en reden om te vluchten, maar ja: waarheen?

Common sense gun laws

Certain politically active folks have decided, in very poor taste, to exploit the killings of 17 children in the #FloridaShooting to try to have their political way, to have the government pass “common sense gun laws”. There is only one kind of common sense gun law, and that is the one that removes guns from the hands of people proven to use them to kill., meaning military personnel (as well as drug dealers) ’cause let’s face it: the US is the most experienced/prolific attack force on the planet. No country is safe from US meddling, it’s far from conspiratorial for Russians to fear attack by the west/USA, when in violation of agreements with Russia, the USA is moving NATO ever closer to the Russian border.
In fact, this may be a bit far fetched, but worth considering nonetheless: the reason GWB started the war in Afghanistan to justify putting a NATO base that close to Russia. Consider this:
To reach that North Atlantic Treaty Organization-base, members of the treaty have to swim south, out of the Noryh Atlantic, past Morocco/Mauritania/etc, into the South Atlantic; go round the cape of good hope, then on the east of Africa, you go back up north again, through the Indian Ocean, into the Arabian sea, then walk ashore in Pakistan, and walk a bitmore until you’ve reached (the NATO-base in) Afghanistan.
Afghanistan did not pose any kind of threat to the USA, the president didn’t even so much as cough in the direction of the US emmissary at some international meeting. The excuse of “having to kill Osama bin Laden” was no more than that, an excuse. They did manage to kill Osama (remember that as governor of Texas, GWB signed off on a record number of death penalty-executions, so the yearning to primitively exact murderous revenge was perfectly in character for him.)

According to Brown university, the human toll for the pointless war in Afghanistan since 2001 is (in 2016): 173000 killed and 183000 seriously injured (I presume those were only Americans, not Afghans or other NATO-members). Wow, such an effective way of defending the people, Mister secretary of Defense, sir (or miss, I dunno and don’t care). Starting a war to send them to their death or to permanent retirement due to horrible mutilation.

The world would be so much of a nicer place if all armies got disarmed.
Te people will have to do so by themselves, because there’s no chance that politicians will agree to do that themselves, voluntarily.
If only the people would stop signing up! That would help the economy so much. And many sign up due to the bad economy, thereby keeping the economy down, and keeping the flow of new assassins steady. Better to start a business of their own. Of course, bloody occupational licensing makes this needlessly difficult.

Drug dealers

Nixon’s “war against drugs” caused the deadliest war in the history of the American people, the “war over drugs”. Just like the prohibition made Al Capone filthy rich and caused so many gang killings in the strets of Chicago – killings that went away after prohibition was lifted the war over drugs kills many people, also puts many in jail (for victimless & non-violent crimes), breaking up families, causing so many children to have to get raised by single parents. And thus making them ripe to become the next generation of gang members. The most infuriating bit is: that politicians know about this, and deliberately continue on, thwarting any attempt to put a stop to the cycle of injustice, for the sake of continuing the violence.
Fortunately, there are people on the Christian right that recognize that breaking up the nuclear family causes more damage than it supposedly fixes.
So: remove guns (and the authority to use force, to arrest people) from the #DEA, in,order to sharply reduce gun violence.

A common mental illness

This post is a (very) rough translation of the Dutch post
More specifically, I’d like to talk about Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy.
Or as I like to call it (slightly more accurately): howler monkeyism, is sadly a very common affliction on the left I’d even venture to call it a defining feature. The howler monkey (simia belzebub) is genetically preprogrammed to make hellish noises.
Munchhausen Syndrome (without proxy) is sometimes erroneously called “hospital addiction”. The variant with proxy is likewise explained as child abuse.
I disagree with both explanations, because they’re just expressions of an underlying illness: namely an overwhelming yearning to have attention, some channel this desire by learning how to compose and perform music, or become actors on film or stage, or become famous for being famous. Society may benefit from that, or simply ignore them, hopefully for them, they then either learn to cope with the failure, or keep deluding themselves that they do matter. Either way, those are not a huge problem for society as a whole. It’s the ones that have identified politics as the new rock arena, that pose a problem.

  • They invent illnesses for society, calling it racist for not being sufficiently anti-caucasian (it’s such an invented isdue, that they have to take it to such extremes to be able to make a fuss)
  • Or they invent an environmental illness, e.g. claim that the climate is in danger. And feign upset when not enough people fall for it, so make a second film, dispatch with the scientific pretense (they get the scientific bits entirely wrong anyway) and make the second monstrosity even more about themself (in so far as possible.)

How could society deal with that illness?

Prisons are unjust, and not a durable solution: similar to the #4thReich occupying Iraq: by killing one insurgent, they create ten more. Likewise: if you lock up one politician, you create ten more: because aggression breeds aggression.
Instead, disable (don’t enable) them, remove the platform they use to draw attention to themselves: remove centrally led politics.

In an anarchist society the problem of howler monkeyism will be handled fairly elegantly: people may choose to not do business with them, unless they (pseudo-voluntarily) seek treatment. This means they won’t be able to acquire food or buy sewage services etc.
This is beneficial for everyone, and a perfectly smooth, and unobtrusive way to deal with what in a statist world would lead to disaster.

Veel voorkomende geestesziekten

zijn de redenen dat we het linkserds niet kwalijk kunnen nemen dat ze doen wat ze doen. Het is tenslotte niet hun schuld dat het brulapen zijn; zo zijn ze geboren.
De brulaap (simia belzebub) is genetisch voorgeprogrammeerd om een hels kabaal te maken. Dus de MSBP-patiënt (Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy), heeft er feitelijk geen schuld aan dat hij/zij zo krijst om zwarte Piet/het klimaat/enz. het is geen vrije keuze, maar een aangeboren reflex. Brulaap is een ander woord voor MSBP-patiënt. En MSBP wordt soms uitgelegd als indermishandeling, en Munchhausen-syndroom (zonder proxy) als ziekenhuisverslaving, maar dat zijn slechts verschijningsvormen van aandachtsverslaving, de achterliggende aandoening. Andere verschijningsvormen zijn:

  • Doen alsof de samenleving ziek is (zwarte Piet bewijst dat iedereen racistisch is) (de 70 genders die je wettelijk wilt afdwingen)
  • Heisa maken over het milieu/klimaat, een hoop verzinsels uitkramen en boos worden als de waarheid je leugen achterhaald; doen alsof je verdrietig bent dat “niemand” je gelooft en dan een tweede propagandafilm maken.

Hoe ga je daar als samenleving mee om?

De gevangenis is onrechtvaardig, dus niet de oplossing.
Dus: de enige (en tevens enige duurzame) oplossing is om hen de kans te ontnemen om schade aan te richten, door het podium (de centraal geleide staat) af te nemen. Dan kunnen ze eenvoudig tot (pseudo-vrijwillige) opname geleid worden, omdat anders niemand zaken met ze wil doen; de grootgrutter niet, de rioleringsmaatschappij niet, het warmterleidingsbedrijf en de woningcorporatie/buurtgemeenschap niet. Op die manier is de grote maatschappelijke (psychologische)/economische/milieu-schade te voorkomen die nu wordt aangericht.


(Or rather, neurobiology) Teaches us that some people already get aroused when the sun shines, others need to jump from an airplane to get the same dopamine rush. Surely, if we treat all people equal, then people that yearn to experience the same amount of joy from dopamine as others get from feeling the sun-light shine on their face, but have fewer dopemine receptors, so need more dopamine, hence need to jump out of aeroplanes to get it. Why would people with lower dopamine sensitivity be discriminated against by dopies (people with high dopamine sensitivity)? By disallowing them the chance to experience a similar amount of joy? So long as they do not hurt anyone (‘s interests), surely nobody can object to what they do?