Against private property?

Private property can make others envious and cause them to seize power to grab the property for themselves, or just to ensure that the other no longer have it. So, the way to prevent that, is to abolish the state.

Private property is natural

Private property is natural
Because nature is a place to die from starvation/thirst/exposure. So if, by investing energy, a being manages to find food (energy), it will protect that energy from beings tyhat did not. Example:
The cheetah: runs incrediblyfast – spending lots of energy – to catch a prey, then drags that catch into a tree out of reach of hungry hyenas.
The squirrel: hides nuts for eating during hard cold times
Parental love: parents are protective of their own genes
Love: partners are protective of THEIR partner (maybe, because the partner may help reproduce the genes)
Bees sacrfice their lives to protect the nest (sometimes callled hive), not out of generosity, but out of parental love. The queen is the only fertile one in the nest, all the other bees are related (share the same genes). Dawkins wrote about this, from the perspective of biology – genes, inheritance
Of course, ancoms (in the FB group Pure Anarchist Philosophies) discredit anarcho-communism by spectacularly, deliberately, even violently not understanding this.

A fatal flaw in anarcho-communism

There is an ongoing argument between Anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-communists. Ancoms claim ancaps weren’t real anarchists, because they permitted hierarchies; employer/employee-relations. That was not pure anarchism.
(As if society cares about purity; it is impossible to have thousands (never mind millions) live together harmoniously without private property; good fences make for good neighbours, by removing the possibility of erroneous confusion).
The fatal flaw in ancomism is, that they must enforce it; meaning hierarchy; it takes a Stalin to deny people the chance to express displeasure, perhaps even affect change.
Ancaps do not wish to impose their will upon anyone (sometimes, they wish they could), they simply respect the right to property everyone has.

Voting on production; the socialist delusion

Socialists sincerely pretend that worker-run companies can work well, by having all the workers simply vote on management-level decisions, such as what to produce, how much of it to produce, wher to produce it and using what resources
Good grief, have they never witnessed democratic elections in government? Have they not heard what happened in the white house after 2 terms of Obama?
Have they ever worked a day in their life? You know: seen the goings-on of actual business? One that tries to survivr by satisfying its customers.

Such socialists like to brag about companies that pay employees in ownership-shares, and that do very well. How does that not prove capitalism work better than socialism? Succesfull businesses that pay employees in capital, are put forward as the proof that capitalism is inferior to a system of not paying employees at all. Also, when the employees are given extra profit-incentive by offering them a stake in the business beyond just take-home salary at the end of each month, it proves that profit-driven capitalism is inferior to glorious socialism. 🤯
And by paying in capital, I do not mean, that they get to take home some pens, printer-paper, desk chairs or perhaps even entire desks; that would be capital-stock. They get paid in (what used to be called stock) shares of ownership in all the capital-stock.

North and south

North Korea is socialist; South Korea is wealthy.
It used to be a country where the factory workers toiled 12 hours per day, just like they do nowadays in Cambodia.
South Korea is rich enough to be able to afford better wotrkig conditions, shorter working times.
Cambodia is on its way to enrich itself. Sadly, it isn’t there yet, but give it time.

Why capitalism is socially preferable to socialism

Capitalist man asks capitalist woman: I like what you have. Do you like what I have? Let’s make it work.
The socialist says: You have a cunt. I have a penis and I want an orgasm. So I get to rape you. Better not resist, you might hurt yourself.

Capitalism fosters respect among individuals, because each individual has the ability to be of service to another individual. Voluntary arrangements work best to keep a happy society happily together.
Socialism is dependent on the hatred of outgroups (jews, gypsies, famously in Nazi-germany)
(Then there is the caucasian male in the west, who is deemed to be in the outgroup, in the west, in order to get more immigrant votes, and to bully the native population)
Ergo, socialism is force.