Risk through unreliability

If anything has been proven by the #Iraq wars (both of them), it’s that being friends with the US government may just get you killed. And with the #USSR gone, there’s no alternative to #DC. The #Arab states are being kept in line by DC either through diplomatic pressure/bribery, or by invading them and killing half the population (which is a bit much, even for politicians).
I know black Africa was handled by #Israel, on behalf of the US.
But, as is now abbundantly clear, #Saddam was good buddies with DC, receiving #monetary & #operational support by the US. That was until the early 90s, of course (though I wouldn’t put it past the power players, to first #attack a country, then build it up again – only to re-attack it later, if only for entertainment).
Which is why the unreliable moloch of DC ought to get isolated politically, by the global community. To put it in its place. It may lead to the lights in about 320,000,000 minds to switch on, which will be a good thing for the entire world. Hopefully, it will turn the #USA into a beacon of #liberty for the entire world

Climate-policy is unconstitutional

When the evidence against something is so overwhelmingly compelling as that against the government’s #Climate-hysteria, the choice to believe in it (without regard to the conclusions of science – Both Ross McKitrick and Syan Ichi Akasofu have concluded that CO2-concentration has risen sharply since Kyoto came into effect (1990), while Syan Ichi has added that the observation that the global temperature has remained the same), becomes a religious one (I don’t mean to offend anyone who believes in a creator-god, a sky-god or whatever). Of course I’m all for freedom of religion, but also for seperation of church and state (as the constitution ought to ensure).
So, this forcing of people to join them in prayer at the altar of Gore, is utterly illegal.

They all squeal that CO2 is such a threat, yet they can’t be bothered to make any effort to allow people to reduce emmissions, so that would justify sending them to Scheveningen, the international criminal court, in order for them to stand trial for this deliberate attempt at destroying the planet.

Then again: upon entering office, the US president’l-elect has to swear to defend the constitution, “just a piece of paper”, according to GWB, the same guy who gave the world the Patriot Act which eroded some of the protections in the Bill of Rights. So what use is an oath to protect a constitution if the guy who swore to protect it, personally violates it? They’re just sounds, right, Georgie?


Het zou fijn zijn, als de grootste #misdadigers van het land (het land zelf; de overheid dus), eens zouden ophouden met doelgericht het verkeer zo te ergeren dat #burgers de file-frustratie proberen af te schudden door extra gas te geven in de bebouwde kom. Daar wordt de burger verder gestrafd door #drempels aan te leggen vlakbij woningen, (waardoor er scheuren in de muren ontstaan). Het is één en al frustratie/woede wat de #overheid oproept.
En klaag nu niet, dat de mensen te gehaast zijn: als een ritje van een kwartier al gauw 2 tot 3 keer zo lang duurt, doordat je als overheid weigert je werk te doen, en in plaats daarvan de burger gaat bedreigen met #klimaatverandering (dankzij de files die jullie veroorzaken), dan hebben jullie geen poot om op te staan. En dan zal geen enkele objectieve rechter ons in het ongelijk stellen als we jullie wegens grove (opzettelijke?/potentieel #dodelijke) nalatigheid uit het ambt laten zetten.
Gut, alleen de taal al: verkeers-“#criminelen”: #agressie en straffen is het enige dat bij hen opkomt: wat een zielig instituut! Het zal ook niet in hen opkomen om de hand in eigen boezem te steken!

Why are so many Arabs so angry?

No, Dubbya: they weren’t upset at our decadent western lifestyles, with its scantily-clad women etc, but they are fed up,with outside meddling with their homes (which started before the cold war, but appeared to have reached its zenith at that time – until post-9/11 when that zenith got eclipsed by every American regime following #Dubbya (GWB), including of course, #Obama (winner of the Nobel peace prize! During whose 8 year reign, not one single day of peace occurred in the Middle-East, but rather 7 wars) and now, #Trump. The British and French, held colonial house in the region, creating counties that did not exist (I know, tautology) and, judging by the turmoil there, SHOULD never exist.
After WW2 (during the cold war), the Soviets tried to support #communist regimes, the Americans tried to support “#capitalist” (at least non-communist) regimes, this caused much bloodshed and misery. Now, the Russian communist block is no more, so the only side to take revenge on for being the abused playthings of others, is the western.
Yes, the primitive notion of #revenge rears its ugly head again, killing people that had nothing to do with the politics of the era (because they’re #civillians, and many weren’t even born back then). Yet, because of the preposterous notion of #nationhood, this continuous cycle of revenge for revenge for revenge will continue.

What doesn’t help, is the unfounded boasting of #democracy, meaning that the hypocrites claim to do what the people want. Implying that we all want to end the lives of just about all Arabs. Which means that: indeed, killing western civillians, is the best way to stop the slaughtering of Arabs. Unless one of the western despots, at long last admits that the concept of #parliamentary #democracy is impossible, and we live in #oligarchic #dictatorships, the only way to stop the violence, against citizens in the west is by stopping violence against the citizens of the middle-east. Now, even out of mere plain humanity that is the thing to do, of course, but even when in an in-human state of mind (political), this is the thing to do, if fighting/preventing counter-terrorism is the actual goal.

Jacht op drugs

Wat een onzinnige schending van de #privacy van de burgers, dat de #politie post doorzoekt naar #drugs. Wie denkt de overheid wel niet dat ze is, door het mensen te verbieden om, welbewust, bepaalde substanties in hun lichaam te stoppen?
Buiten dat, hebben ze niets geleerd van de #drooglegging, en het succes wat dat Al #Capone heeft opgeleverd? (Toen de drooglegging werd afgeschafd, daalde de #misdaad in de VS aanzienlijk). Wat is het doel van het drugsverbod? Drugs tegenhouden, of dergelijke #stasi-praktijken rechtvaardigen?

A thought on the Grenfell tower disaster

In a #Iibertarian or #anarchocapitalist society (not what #London has, atm), it would not have occurred. Why not? Because: when, in spite of continuous writings by inhabitants, the building isn’t fireproofed to their satisfaction, that may be considered a form of #aggression (risking fatal consequences). This would have been much more costly than using proper fire-proof materials, in the first place, or replacing the dodgy materials with proper ones.

Also, the people would have had much more choice in housing than the #government lets them have, so if one (very expensive!) housing structure remains unused, the owners wil go #bankrupt. Becsuse the owners couldn’t simply raise raxes to cover the cost of their mistake. Meaning all the housing space will be used at capacity, and no more than that will be built; this way #capitalism / the market reduces waste: because whatever’s left of Grenfell tower will now not be reused: all the materials & energy that went into it, have gone up in smoke; so #statism, is an ideology of (violent) waste.

The people could have moved out, without contractual consequences, because the building is (and remains) unsafe to live in. Thus costing the owners money.

The reason so many left-wing politicians love war

Is, the same as why socialists went to sit on the left in parliament; it’s that left-wingers want to change the world (starting with the country). And the best tool to force change upon a country’s population, is war.
So long as you can fool enough people into thinking that they are the country (at their core, no politician thinks that the people are the country; THEY themselves are), it may become a popular notion that dying to defend your country is a noble thing (especially, when you control the media; just consider how many – mostly American – TV-shows have been & are about glorifying war). When in fact, dying to defend the jobs of the politicians that lord it over the population, is the most cruel thing one may do to the population.
Because war makes all sorts of changes requisite, like:

  • restricting freedom of movement.
  • restricting freedom of speech.
  • Patrolling neighborhoods, keeping people’s behaviors in check.
  • Taxing the crap out of them; because war is costly (also financially, not just bodily & socially)

Tell me what in this list, is worth dying for? Not much…. But yet: examples of lefties loving war so much, in order of appearance:

  • Stalin
  • Hitler
  • Harry S. Truman
  • George W. Bush
  • Both Clintons
  • Barack Obama