War (politics) at the cost of people’s lives

At the latter part of WW2, the Polish resistance made a great effort to drive away the nazis, hoping to avoid being occupied and ruled by Stalin’s already notorious regime.
Stalin wanted to get his hands on Poland, and so refused to supply the resistance with the weapons it needed, merrily letting them get slaughtered/arrested by the dozens. Only to further his own petty pleasures of being the absolute ruler of a few million more people.

Truman knew that Japan had been beaten, admittedly, Japan itself did not know it yet, but with the Soviets in the north, blocking access over,land, and the American navy blocking off access at all other borders (east, south and west are coastal borders), the Japanese government would not be able to acquire supplies/resources for the war machinery. So, really, all it would have taken for Japan to admit defeat and surrender, was a bit of patience.
Militarily, there was absolutely zero need for the murder of all those citizens with the atomic bombs that Truman did, apart from obviously striking fear in the hearts of every other population in the world, that the new boss in town possessed such very mighty weapons and wasn’t reluctant to use them on innocent people. Showing who was in charge.

And more recently, Bush2 (Dubbya) had zero reason to incade Iraq, because there were zero links to Osama Bin Laden. The trumped up excuses were a sham too: WMDs? (The only ones that were there dated back to the Iran-Iraq war and had been launched at Iran with the help of American targeting data).
But it had been long ago decided by the neo conservatives that a regime change would have to take place (be performed) in Iraq.

And the excuse of terrorism, to justify enslaving the population ever more, is also opportunism. As Macchiavelli wrote re any need a prince might have for a castle: “the only castle the prince needs, is not being hated”. To put that in my own words: the best defense against counterterrorism, is not committing terrorism.



Nepnieuws baart de Nederlandse roverheid zorgen! Euhm, met je vingertje naar Rusland wijzen is een gotspe! Jullie grote vrinden in het District of Criminals hebben met nepnieuws over massavernietigingswapens in Irak (waarvan ze wisten dat die niet bestonden) de wereld opgescheept met IS. En dat feit is al heel geruime tijd bekend. Dus: wat jullie nu doen is nepnieuws verspreiden. Grote grutten, flater1 van Rutte3 (dan tel ik de godgeklaagde formatie niet mee; sportief van mij, niet?)
Dat begint goed, Marky Mark!

On Hoppe’s”Private production of defense”

According to Hans Hermann Hoppe https://mises.org/library/private-production-defense-0 , Hobbes put it that in a privatized world, there would be permanent underproduction of defense. Which in my own view would mean that a greater level of wealth would be realized, due to reduced squandering of money/wealth, which is what military spending always is
either it fails at being defensive (I have plenty of older posts on this), or it becomes offensive (only Switzerland and post-WW2 Japan & Germany are safe from this, due to the strictly upheld organization of their military capability – in the cases of Japan and Germany, it is strictly a defense force, as a consequence of their defeat at the hands of the allies)
Offensive wars are what politicians start out of boredom, having that army just sitting there, doing nothing.
And by being offensive, they stimulate retalliations, causing a need for defense – which they are forever unable to meet.
In,the end costing the country so much more money than if there would be no military. Since any and all military capacity is an unproductive waste of money, armies only ever empoverish nations. Besides: if (miracle of miracles) they would succeed in fending off an invading nation, that would only mean that the job of the reigning oppressor (whether democratically elected or not) is protected. Imagine anyone wishing to protect the job of such an anti-democratic jerk like Mark Rutte, I would take offense at that, even maje attempts to,stop him from doing that.
It would be best when, instead of armed forces, there would be (uniformed) officials walking about the area, to correct/prevent the mischievous acts of poorly brought up young rascals. Not exactly what you’d think is a job that needs an army, right?

30-Year Anniversary: Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War


Similar to the “WMD-incident”?
Of course, the GWB-regime was too lazy to concoct an incident. Governments have become complacent about the population. Now that it’s known that the whole WMD-hoax was… a hoax, the people have not taken action against the government, or at the very least they should have sued GWB for damages (demand their tax money back, and demand high damages payments to the surviving relatives/permanently injured)
Out of his own pocket, obviously. Is thatvtoo much for even the very richest man in the world to pay? Great! That can be prevented by not starting such a vanity war at all!

What was the USS Maddox doing there?

Vrede stoken

(Lees ook: https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/10/26/stoking-peace/)

Napoleon hanteerde de stelregel:

“in oorlog is moraal alles”

Zo bezien, is Rutte3 dus de grootste vredestichter die Nederland ooit gekend heeft; de moraal wordt zo doeltreffend ondermijnd, dat niemand zin heeft om levens (van zichzelf, of van anderen) op te offeren voor dat kabinet.
Ongeacht welke oorlog Rutte van plan is, zal niemand die voor ze willen vechten. Natuurlijk zijn het de Amerikanen die de oorlogen plannen: NL doet alleen maar altijd braaf mee volgens het NAVO-principe: 

“een aanval door één is een aanval door allen”

Zo zie je maar weer: politici hebben ongekende diepten!

Argument in favor of the counterterrorism-hypothesis

It is my hypothesis that #9/11, #Brussels, #London, #Munich, #Paris (i.e. the islamic terrorist attacks there) were not terrorism, but rather counterterrorism.
Anyone who disagrees with me is free to get in front of a live TV camera and proclaim that:

#Saddam #Hussayn was a darling of a man! His regime fully deserved all the financial and operational support that #DC gave it.

It is the unending interference in foreign (Arabic, Persian, Latin American, Asian, even Russian) affairs (which I term “#theFourthReich”) that gets countless citizens killed (if one includes the citizens who got drafted or sign up, the numbers get much higher)
Therefore the original terrorism is Christian, not #Islamic. And that possibly inflaming statement is justified by the fact that it is a practical impossibilllity to get elected to any US government office, unless one is a #Christian.


Bij mijn weten heerst er al decennia lang een woningtekort. Gevolg van de roverheid die de prijzen hoog wil houden (vraag-aanbod), om de bouwvakkers lekker te spekken. Maar als er zielige Syriërs hierheen komen, dan worden er wel woningen bijgebouwd. Niets ten nadele van Syriërs die vluchtten voor het westerse geweld aldaar, hoor
Wil je het woningtekort tegengaan? Houdt dan op met uchtelingen hierheen te lokken met gratis lekkers (kost en inwoning, ziekenzorg, …) en schrap tevens de kinderbijslag; maak liever het leven hier goedkoper voor iedereen. Vergelijk de boodschappenprijzen in bv Limburg maar eens met die in Duitsland, en je ziet hoe de hele bevolking arm wordt gehouden.