Argument in favor of the counterterrorism-hypothesis

It is my hypothesis that #9/11, #Brussels, #London, #Munich, #Paris (i.e. the islamic terrorist attacks there) were not terrorism, but rather counterterrorism.
Anyone who disagrees with me is free to get in front of a live TV camera and proclaim that:

#Saddam #Hussayn was a darling of a man! His regime fully deserved all the financial and operational support that #DC gave it.

It is the unending interference in foreign (Arabic, Persian, Latin American, Asian, even Russian) affairs (which I term “#theFourthReich”) that gets countless citizens killed (if one includes the citizens who got drafted or sign up, the numbers get much higher)
Therefore the original terrorism is Christian, not #Islamic. And that possibly inflaming statement is justified by the fact that it is a practical impossibilllity to get elected to any US government office, unless one is a #Christian.



Bij mijn weten heerst er al decennia lang een woningtekort. Gevolg van de roverheid die de prijzen hoog wil houden (vraag-aanbod), om de bouwvakkers lekker te spekken. Maar als er zielige Syriërs hierheen komen, dan worden er wel woningen bijgebouwd. Niets ten nadele van Syriërs die vluchtten voor het westerse geweld aldaar, hoor
Wil je het woningtekort tegengaan? Houdt dan op met uchtelingen hierheen te lokken met gratis lekkers (kost en inwoning, ziekenzorg, …) en schrap tevens de kinderbijslag; maak liever het leven hier goedkoper voor iedereen. Vergelijk de boodschappenprijzen in bv Limburg maar eens met die in Duitsland, en je ziet hoe de hele bevolking arm wordt gehouden.

Don’t blame the Germans (novel idea)

Don’t blame the Germans for attrocities committed during/by Hitler’s regime. Because they were committed by the regime, not the people. People may have voted for Hitler, but one in power, they had no more influence on him, than did Americans who naively voted for hope and change.

Besides, it can reasonably be argued that Chamberlain started WW2, by declaring war on Hitler over the invasion of Poland – which was a bad thing, of course, but the war led directly to the invasion of all countries in the later eastern block, including Poland – which imho was worse than a (brief?) period of Hitler ruling over Poland with an Iron Cross.
Under communist rule (also socialists, remember that), Poland’s inhabitants suffered tremendously, but neighbouring countries’ inhabitants suffered equal amounts.
So what benefit had come to Poland from Chamberlain’s war over the invasion of it? They ended up occupied by a hostile foreign nation anyway, and the fighting againsttheoccupier perhaps also led to casualties.
Who knows, if after Poland, Hitler would have ordered the invasion of more countries? It would be an interesting object of study, and also for an alternative history-tale.

Imagine: a present without NATO – meaning of course, also a present without islamic counterterrorism. Since NATO was founded after the occupation of the eastern block by Stalin’s troops, in Europe; the occupation of Arabian countries by pro-western dictators, which led to 9/11.

Why it’s #COUNTER-terrorism

…when #muslims do it, but when western regimes initiate activities against hapless Arabs it’s #terrorism (#imperialism, #colonialism, whichever). Unless anyone would care to argue that Saddam Hussayn was really an OK kind of guy and deserving of the US’s support (both #financial and #military (their #WMDs (yes, those!) were fired at #Iran, with the help of #American satellite data)), then really my position will go uncontested, and even if someone would like to try, it will…
#Rumsfeld (the war-hawk), shook hands with Hussayn when meeting to hand over a pile of US tax-victim dollars.
“But if Rumsfeld had met him, he’s the one to know first-hand that Saddam, was dangerous and he’d be right to want to eliminate him.” The statist position becomes more and more desperate.

Beste/enig mogelijke aanpak IS

Zonet (28 aug 2017) deze brief gestuurd naar, nav het nieuws dat er weer F-16 missies tegen IS zullen worden uitgevoerd.

Even daargelaten dat IS is opgericht dankzij de voortgaande westerse (Amerikaanse) bemoeienis met de regio; als je IS effectief wilt bestrijden, is daar maar één (duurzame) oplossing voor: houdt op met Arabieren geen andere mogelijkheid te bieden dan lid te worden, dus door fijn met de United States of Aggression mee te doen, houdt je juist de contraterreur in stand. Als je ophoudt mensen de armen van IS in te bombarderen,  zal die organisatie vanzelf uitsterven (van ouderdom).

Een permabombardement werkt niet, lees 1984 maar.

Ik vraag mij echt af

of het per saldo wel zo goed was dat de nazi’s WO2 hebben verloren. Even daargelaten dat Duitsland economisch en politiek het beste uit de oorlog is gekomen, telt ook dit nog mee: waren de Russen / oostblokbewoners echt zoveel slechter af geweest onder Hitler dan ze waren onder Stalin? Dat is kiezen tussen twee kwaden, maar zoals sommige historici nog wel zeggen: met #Hitler kon je tenminste nog een beetje lachen, met #Stalin in het geheel niet.
Bovendien heeft de overwinning van de geallieerden geleid tot de oprichting van de #NAVO, de grootste terreurorganisatie ter wereld.

Risk through unreliability

If anything has been proven by the #Iraq wars (both of them), it’s that being friends with the US government may just get you killed. And with the #USSR gone, there’s no alternative to #DC. The #Arab states are being kept in line by DC either through diplomatic pressure/bribery, or by invading them and killing half the population (which is a bit much, even for politicians).
I know black Africa was handled by #Israel, on behalf of the US.
But, as is now abbundantly clear, #Saddam was good buddies with DC, receiving #monetary & #operational support by the US. That was until the early 90s, of course (though I wouldn’t put it past the power players, to first #attack a country, then build it up again – only to re-attack it later, if only for entertainment).
Which is why the unreliable moloch of DC ought to get isolated politically, by the global community. To put it in its place. It may lead to the lights in about 320,000,000 minds to switch on, which will be a good thing for the entire world. Hopefully, it will turn the #USA into a beacon of #liberty for the entire world