Novel idea: Rome in the XIth century

Picture the Roman empire in the 21st century complete with internet, internal combustion engines, flying machines etc.
Rome survived for this long, because the Dinarius was not debased. Because it stopped wishing expand its empire, it did not squander its currency’s stability/hardness.
Now aspirations to conquer space are starting to take shape. This has to be financed, somehow, and now there is debate on whether to engage in deficit financing.

Any SF writers that like this premise? By all means run with it. And, if possible, credit me with it, please.

Blij met dienstplicht

Volgens deze logica: beroepssoldaten tekenen ervoor om naar andere continenten te gaan, om daar burgers het leven zuur te maken.
Dienstplichtigen doen dat niet; wat betekent dat de zoon (en dus ook dochter) van Jan en alleman verminkt of vermoord kan worden op een slagveld, ver van huis. Hopelijk zal dat ertoe leiden dat de steun voor staatsterrorisme flink zal afnemen.
Ik zou helemaal blij worden met het Zwitserse model, waarbij iedereen ingezet kan worden ter landsverdediging. En dus niet voor strafexpedities naar verre oorden.
Dit heeft ertoe geleid dat Zwitserland een onneembaar fort is, wat zelfs Hitler niet durfde aan te vallen. En doordat de roverheid niet het volk hoeft op te jutten tegen deknbeeldige/zelfgeschapen vijanden, zijn de Zwitsers nog vrolijker dan andere westerlingen, wat zich oa uit in extreem lage cijfers voor moord en zelfmoord, ondanks dat 100% van de huishoudens daar een geweer in huis heeft. Vergelijk dat eens met de VS, waar het de burgerplicht is om bang te zijn, ofwel voor de Russen, de moslims, het klimaat. Vindt iemand het gek dat er daar zoveel moordpartijen plaatsvinden? Terwijl het vuurwapenbezit met 60% van de huishoudens er veel lager is dan in Zwitserland (±100%).

I just saw the most remarkable thing

I just saw the most remarkable thing: I was watching season 12 of the BBC TV show Red Dwarf (on DVD), and the episode “Time wave”, formed a dramatized version of criticism of the exact way the Millennial-generation has been ruined: the crew of the Spaceship encountered another space ship, which had passed a law banning all criticism, resulting in everything aboard the ship turning into a shambles. It wasn’t until the Dwarfers had dropped by, that the law was dropped, making it possible to get the ship off the collission course with a planet.
What an object lesson in criticising bad cultural practices!

This fits in very nicely in the category of novel ideas

Novel idea: time travelling voter

Some inventor got so upset about politicians’ unrelenting attempts to impose communism, that he invented a time machine, and took one of the despots with him to the future, to make him/her himself experience the communist hell hole they were creating for citizens.

The punch line is, that they’re not traveling back in time to post-1917 Russia, but they’re travelling to post-2037 Europe (or America (north, middle or south) or whereever you wish to place this)

Novel-idea: No Napoleon

Sulppoze Napolein had not existed, or had not been as succesful as he had been; there would not have been compulsory schooling, resulting from the Battle for Jena (Prussia), the history of the (western) world would have been so different would have been so different:

So then there would not have been the conditioning of pupils to respond with delight to the Pavlovian bell at the end of every hour. Only a population conditioned as such would be good soldiers, or at least good (quiet, obedient) citizens.
Napoleon only had amateur soldiers, not professionals, but he used so any of them that Wellington, who was aware of Napoleons successes on the battlefields and had expected/hoped for a “worthy adversary” was dismayed when he discovered Napoleon’s tactics were those of a “mere pounder”

Don’t blame the Germans (novel idea)

Don’t blame the Germans for attrocities committed during/by Hitler’s regime. Because they were committed by the regime, not the people. People may have voted for Hitler, but one in power, they had no more influence on him, than did Americans who naively voted for hope and change.

Besides, it can reasonably be argued that Chamberlain started WW2, by declaring war on Hitler over the invasion of Poland – which was a bad thing, of course, but the war led directly to the invasion of all countries in the later eastern block, including Poland – which imho was worse than a (brief?) period of Hitler ruling over Poland with an Iron Cross.
Under communist rule (also socialists, remember that), Poland’s inhabitants suffered tremendously, but neighbouring countries’ inhabitants suffered equal amounts.
So what benefit had come to Poland from Chamberlain’s war over the invasion of it? They ended up occupied by a hostile foreign nation anyway, and the fighting againsttheoccupier perhaps also led to casualties.
Who knows, if after Poland, Hitler would have ordered the invasion of more countries? It would be an interesting object of study, and also for an alternative history-tale.

Imagine: a present without NATO – meaning of course, also a present without islamic counterterrorism. Since NATO was founded after the occupation of the eastern block by Stalin’s troops, in Europe; the occupation of Arabian countries by pro-western dictators, which led to 9/11.

Novel-idea: civil war

Now that government has gone off the rails, it’s anyone’s guess what’s going to happen. Statists are entirely unreasonable, unpredictable wildcards, apparently sick (in the biological sense), making them sick in the head.
Now, imagine that someone exposes (with irrefutable evidence) the government as a harmful institution. (Eg the fourth reich, or their efforts to increase the CO2-concentration which they claim is a bad thing) when someone succesfully manages to sue the government for treason or murder; this grievous insult of the glorious state will enrage statists that will go berserk and flip, going on a rampage.