DPRK should not be boycotted

Of course the Juche-regime of North Korea must disappear, what it does to the people is unacceptable. But a boycot of North Korea is a preposterous idea, for the folowing reasons:

1. It would only reinforce the regimes’s torturing of the people, or helping the dictators achieve their goal faster (their goal being the slow and painful extermination of the North Korean people). Just as the boycot of Iraq did not get people to rise up against the notorious-dictator-with-torture-chambers. It’s hard to rise up when starving and unable to get medical treatments (and affraid of the secret police).

2. Historical perspective: the US’s boycot of Japan resulted in the massacre of Pearl Harbor and the pacific theatre. Japan would likely not have been stimulated/inspired to invade and occupy e.g. Indonesia (which was already being ocupied there and then, by Dutch colonialists, giving the emperor the excuse of “liberating the colonies”). Many women/girls were used as comfort-girls (aka sex-slaves), they were obviously innocent victims.

The fact that in spite of these well known historical objections, there is still talk of boycotting the Population of North Korea., atthe very least, proves a lack of imagination of thise that claim to be suitable leaders is unsettling (and proof of unsuitabilty).

My solution to the Juche regime,  would be to make the world so much richer (by using capitalism… whay else?) that North Korea will simply shrivel away. And because that takes a lot of time – prolonging the suffering of millions of innocent citizens, one might consider a CIA assassination plot. Killing the devil you know, replacing with the devil you don’t. Causing who knows what sectarian strife there, and possibly bringing the world closer to nuclear war. With deepest regret, I must say that sacrificing the North Korean victims is probably the best solution to the Kim Il-whichever problem.


If the Paris accord ain’t binding

then why all the fuss about Trump withdrawing from it?
Ps the why in the question is superfluous: the Paris climate accord truly, genuinely isn’t binding.
Revealing an inconvenient truth about the why of this whole climate business: it isn’t about doing the right thing for the greater good, sacrificing the citizens’ chances for the future of the planet. No: it’s about boasting about how good they are, how much effort they put in to protect the precious, darling climate. And hoping that this will rub off on converting people into believers. Again, not because they care about the object of belief, which they don’t do. They just want the people to belief, what with the ongoing loss of Christian belief in the west. This also helps explain the push to lure muslims. They come pre-packaged with a handle on their day-to-day behaviour. But just in case the muslim-solution to crowd control misfires, there’s the religion of Gorism to keep us busy.
Back on topic: why the not-binding #Paris-agreement proves the #IPCC-hypothesis is bunk: surely, if they actually cared about the climate, they would put aside their petty differences and reach an agreement. They have proven to rank the importance of climate policy higher than the people’s interests (by not believng in the hypothesis and still makig the people suffer from their climate policies), so don’t give me any excuses about the governments not wishing to adopt certain impopular measures. Because as governments have extensively indicated, they exist solely to impose impopular measures.
So, it is now clear that they don’t believe a word of it. Then; stop it, already!

This is all political theater, just like the terrorist campmaigns are political theater