Further proof Hitler was a socialist

“Hitler was not a real socialist!” There must be something wrong with your ideology when you have to denounce its most succesful proponents. Yet socialists/communists Continually do so, because Hitler is impopular. Incredibly there are those that defend Venezuela, for its equality (Karabolut of the Dutch SP.)
Yet, what is socialism? Theft to give away to more PC people. What did Hitler do, to alleviate the housing shortage in Germany? He stole some land in other countries, to give to the people of his own country. How socialistic is that?


Verschil democide en genocide

Om enige verwarring hierover weg te nemen:
Genocide is wanneer 1 bepaald genotype (bv jood of zigeuner, …) wordt uitgemoord.
Democide is waneer de hele bevolking wordt uiteroeid.
Ramaphosa is dus lekker bezig met beide.
Eerlijk is eerlijk: de plaasmoorden (waarbij elke dag een blanke boer wordt vermoord) waren al bezig voor zijn aantreden, maar zijn plannetjes zullen die situatie niet veranderen. Hij jut dus zwarte Afrikaners op tot verdere genocide.
Wanneer het hem lukt om de boerderijen van de blanke boeren af te pakken en aan de andere zwarten te geven (3* raden naar zijn eigen etniciteit), zwarten die minder verstand hebben van het boerevak dan de weggejaagde blanken, wat leidt tot de ene mislukte oogst na de andere: waardoor de hele bevolking, ongeacht etniciteit, zal omkomen van de honger. Ik meen mij te herinneren dat zoiets ook al is gebeurt in Zimbabwe…
Dat is dus democide.
Beide hebben doorgaans een politieke component.

Tegenwoordig worden moslims blijkbaar ook als apart genotype beschouwd. Ofwel men richt de woede op Arabieren (en Perzen ook, want Iran ligt niet in Arabië)

On moving away from the state to anarchism

I’m an #anarchist, because I’m sure that it’s the most moral & practical system there is. But, to ditch the evil institutions (all over the world) in one go, just like that – apart from being almost impossible – would lead to chaos, so it’s best to let the junta abolish itself gradually, teach the people independence via a minarchist phase. This would help maintain order.


When the leaders aren’t so glorious

Take the famous (notorious) example of Obama. Who has publicly stated belief in what Pastor Gore said in the church of UN, has no doubt contributed to the ongoing rise of CO2, since ± Kyoto, by way of his 7 wars in 8 years of being president (1 Nobel peace prize, 0 days of peace), given that wars these days consume more energy than in the era of the knight in shining armor on horseback. Because back then, there were no tanks, aircraft (, drones), no Echelon computers spying on the people (and listening in on cell phone conversations of leaders of allied countries – Angela Merckel), and consuming so yonking much energy that Michael Boldin of the http://www.tenthamendentcenter.com proposed getting Utah to stop supplying the 17 million gallons of water the stasi needs to cool the computers. The enormous energy saving would reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 output considerably.
Globally less well known is how the Dutch politicians make every effort to maximize CO2 levels by having spent almost every week since 1966 (by now over half a century! 52 years) campaigning to prevent solving the traffic jams on the highways. (And the local juntas did their bit by programming the stop lights in such a way that they halted traffic so much, that emissions increased needlessly much, and caused countless frustrations in the population).
Oh, there’s the bit where both Obama and Dutch politicians have repeatedly publicly announced believe in the whole debunked http://www.mdpi.com/2225-1154/1/1/4/pdf political hypothesis of dangerous CO2. Either:

  • they didn’t believe CO2 was risky, (in which case they’re lying their rear ends off for political gain at the expense of the people, that are a prerequisite for politics to exist in the first place)
  • Or they do (in which case they tried to kill al live on the planet by deliberately changing the climate).

Any which way, they should be prevented in the future.


Preliminary overview of the Trump administration

Also watch:

There are positives and negatives to the Trump administration:
On the upside:
he has cut large amounts of regulations (not all equally impressive)
On the downside:
The economic boost that came from cutting regulation may not be enough compensate:

  • either the grave effects of the trade war he started.
  • or the spending on death and dedtruction; his foreign policy (wars) is just as bad as Obama’s. And thus makes America (& Europe) less safe and defendable.

The folly of franchise politics

I’m listening to the excellent biography of the legendary Dutch footballer (soccerplayer) Johan Cruyff, “Mijn verhaal.”
He talked about how US football clubs each wanted to have one of their players in the national team. Because it would reflect well on them.
This reminded me of how NASA had their rockets built in different states, then had the components shipped by train to the launch pad in Florida, to be assembled and launched there.
Because of the bendy route the train takes to get the chunks of rocket to Florida, the rockets can’t be shipped (trained) to Cape Canaverall in one big piece, so they have to be designed and built as chunks, this is less than optimal for the design and structural rigidity of the rockets, increasing the danger of a deadly failure. But: the politicians’ re-election has been assured, by getting extra employment (and prestige to the state) and surely, that’s what counts, ‘ey? Likewise, the US national team would likely not consist of the best players, but of the second best mix.


How to vote

My dear fellow citizens of the world, may I please offer you advice on how to vote in elections?

If a candidate is known to be blood-thirsty, please don’t vote for him.
Example: George W. Bush. Signed off on a record amount of death-penalty executions, and started the blood baths (in the human, economic & political sense) called “Gulf War 2” and “the war in Afghanistan”. Causing the founding of ISIS (another excuse for even more ongoing killfare).
In short: if someone is known to not have any regard for human life, don’t hand ’em the control over the nuclear arsenal. No matter how strict they are about going to church every sunday (praying for war, no doubt). “Dear god, please give me an excuse for war, anything. I don’t know, hijack some aircraft or whatever, we can spin anything, honest. I’ll frequently mention you in my speeches to the American people out of gratitude.”

“God bless America”

Really? Again? Haven’t enough people died in the previous blessing?
Of course, if you consider (as politicians do) “the country” to be the political monstrosity, not the people, then his instruction for god to bless the political construct called USA makes a lot more sense.

Of course, to vote against GWB, you’d have to vote “for” Al Gore and we all know about him. On the upside, he might not have wanted to take revenge for losing the elections by killing the world, convincing all the wrong people (the ones in power) that it would be good to remove the basis of life on earth from the atmosphere: CO2.
So, as distasteful as the idea of a president Gore might serm, it may acrually have been better for the world in general. It might as wellnot have been though, so that is not really an experiment one would like to perform. But: at least we know one thing for sure: GW2 would have been launched anyway, because that was planned long before 9/11.