As the 2 Stans have demonstrated: following a leader is always a bad idea. But that is particularly true, when the leader chooses to single out one particular genus (ethnic group) for persecution to further his political success, look again at South Africa: the Apartheid doctrine was aimed at harming the interests of blacks, not whites. But whites that refused to play along, would get persecuted by the regime.
This makes me wonder: was the Apartheid-system instated in order to benefit the white population in general (as in not just the political elite)? If so, when the system turned against the white population, it should have been abolished. That did not happen because it was a political construct, thus never intended to serve any people at all.

So history repeats itself, now with muslims/Arabs (/Perzians) being the persecuted genus, politicians seeking political gain by claiming to wish to protect the white citizenry from primitive muslims.

Government of the people, by & against the people

Thinking of #apartheid got me thinking: the black South African suffered, but the white South African did too, especially when they spoke out against the government’s Apartheid-regime. That regime earned South African people sanctions which isolated South Africa socially and economically, which armed the interests of the people, which were against the government’s apartheid regime, something which they were powerless to do anything against, because it was the fucking government that did it. Sanctions against the people only help the government harm the interests of the people.

Different example: Sanctions against the Iraqi people over Saddam’s misbehavior. The guy was a fucking dictator! What was GWB thinking? “Oh, if we cause avoidable suffering among the people, Saddam might get a change of heart.” Yeah, cause his benevolence really shone in his torture prisons and his repeated executions of cabinet ministers. If he shot his relatives through the head in cabinet meetings, imagine how many qualms he experienced in governing several millions of people he did not know, that were only a statistic.

By the way: #Saddam was one of the many reasons for #9/11. Because Saddam received monetary and operational support from the western governments, the suffering people there developed feelings toward the puppet masters in the west. The #MiddleEast was an important play ground for the #ColdWar players in DC and Moscow. After the collapse of the #USSR, there was really only one country left to take revenge against; the USA, not the USSR (true, they could have attacked mother Russia, but they chose America. At least they chose to attack the white house & Pentagon, 2 valid military targets: on top of the WTC-towers which were civillian, but they were important cogs in funding the war machine that caused such suffering among Middle-Eastern people. So it was not the American people that were under attack, but the regime, that frequently sent the people’s children to die (whether in an electric chair for a crime, or on the battle field, for the greater glory of the regime, in a needless & unprovoked war, like those in Vietnam, both cases of Iraq, Bay of Pigs (Cuba) – which only served to oust Castro – objectively a good thing, but not if they wanted to install a pro-Amerucan puppet like General Fulgencio Batista, which would lead to a new communist dictator taking the place of Batista Jr., with who knows what violence resulting from that)…
So here, the American people suffered the consequences of the DC regime’s actions (which they had 0 influence on, so the lie of a “demoratic government” must be annulled now. Governments can by definition not be democratic. Ststelessness is democratic, having a bunch of infantile nonos tell people what to do and what not, is the opposite of democratic).
Somehow it’s always the people that suffer from the blowback from a government’s misdeeds. Not also how the atomic bombs were not dropped on the cause of theJapanrmese government’s aggreelssve behaviour (the Japanese government in Tokyo, itself), but on the Japanese people that lived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In this case, by dear providence, the Japanese government surrendered, possiby not out of concern for the people in the two towns, or

On Slavery (exploitation / exclusion)

Wheneer,someone equates #Capitalism with #slavery, mention #apartheid. Slavery is  a way for the government to torture people, just like apartheid. But there’s no way you can say apartheid was a system for economic exploitation. It was economic exclusion, not exploitation, exploitation may yield money (though slavery turns out to not be economically viable, maybe with a government to wield its magical authority to coerce citizens into catching runaway slaves).

Excluding entire masses from economic life is entirely harmful to capitalists. So, only an ideologue, like a #politician will do that.

Again, they don’t get it

Or they sincerely don’t care. The announced British & French bans on “fossil” fuels by 2040, will go at the expense of huge waste of energy and enormous social upheaval and empoverishment. The considerable number of people that will lose their jobs (car mechanics, oil rig/fuel station personell and so forth) will pale in comparison to the emormous costs everyone will be presented with, in order to buy a new electric car, which even with subsidy is very expensive. If every tax-victim willl be forced to buy such a car, then stealing money from everybody, in order to give it right back to them, is a preposterous #waste of #energy, manpower, and thus also money! The prerogative of owning a car will, once again, be left to the elite (is that the #equality the enviros are always bleating about?) Just like the good old #Soviet-era when big Zil-limos were reserved for the party leadership.
So, everybody will have to get rid of their existing car (/motorbike) and replace it with an EV, all of them in one fell swoop. Apart from the daunting logistics of that (not even a skilled #centralPlanner will be able to guide that process). So, this is probably a disguised #social #engineering, a tyrannical measure: abolish #private #ownership of means of #transport. And force people to ake public transport or ride sharing.
The amount of energy that will get wasted by dumping perfectly useable cars on the rustheap, is considerable.

How about this hypothesis (#oil, #wealth)

How about the hypothesis that oil is literally the earth’s mantel (or crust, I confuse those two), processed by bacteria?
The people that support that hypothesis – over the #fossil fuel-hypothesis, suport that by a.o. the claim, that if it where fossil, it would have run out yonks ago, given all the #oil that’s been burnt & processed into plastic?
I propose not putting artificial limits on oil now (out of faux-concern for #durability), because all it would do, is keep the oil in the ground for future generations who are not allowed to touch it, because it has to be preserved for even further future generations, and infinitum. So it’s best to use it to create wealth now, and use that wealth to be able to fund a transfer to different energy sources. Wealth generated today is not wealth stolen from the future (like inflationary fake-wealth from central banks), so the #wealth generated today can be built upon by future generations, adding today’s wealth to the future’s wealth. A wealthy future can better support luxuries like “#durable #energy” that must be rammed down our empoverishing throats today.

Stereotypical Communist and Socialist Criticism


So #communism here can be defined as the form of organization of a mythical creature (the state/tribe) who’s interests surpass those of each and every member.
The only way for the tribe to flourish, is for each individual to sacrifice themselves/others. This is why devout communists (in Dutch national politics) are all over #Stalin (Mr. #Gulag). Stalin sacrificed millions to benefit/please the beast called the state.
The #god (#demon?) of the #state, once summoned, must be fed and appeased. His loyal servant Stalin did both therefore Stalin went to a good place after his desth.

Gulag 2: money

So I’m back from special exposition in the Resistance Museum in Amsterdam (http://www.verzetsmuseum.org). And I would like to say a few things about how it relates to contemporary politics:
Firstly: there is the lesson it taught about money. (And how fiat currency is not momey). How did gold get adopted as a money? Because lots of people wanted it for its looks and properties., plus it has industrial applicability, which is why people substituted gold payments for direct #barter (labour is bartered for gold: gold in turn is bartered for goods & services, making it easier for people to find a place where people would accept their skills/labour, and vice versa
In the Gulag-camps, having good shoes could make the difference between #live or #death. So people used them for payments (for what? Perhaps for some fly-invested grass- soupcsme people would cook, in their so very scarce free time? – and often the flies were the only source of protein) because real boots (not pieces of bark strung together) were so scarce that owning a pair would put you at risk of being stolen from.
If your shoes broke, you had to walk barefoot through the snow. Or in the uranium mines, or in the woods, for the logging operation. You wouldn’t get sent home on sick leave or whatever. That’s what made shoes so very valuable and suitable as a #currency/#money.

(The second thing I had to say, I said in another post, just follow the tags Gulag or Goelag (Dutch language posts)