Violence begets violence

States engage in the violence of banning certain people (not just Jews, but also by licensing laws) from starting certain businesses. This means that people are forced to remain unemployed and need to have benefits, funded through coercion, in order for them to survive.

An uncomfortable truth – Good grief!

I expected something about climate when I clicked this vid: My goodness! Of course, the entire vid, but in particular the girl from Rodderham, who was found in a house, after neighbours called 999 because they heard a young girl screaming.

Police entered the house, found a 14 year old girl (who had gone missing earlier) almost completely naked and completely drunk. In the presence of a Pakistani man. The girl was arrested for drunkenness, made to sober up in a cell in the police station. The man (who, after reading the above, should be an immediate suspect of child abuse) was not arrested, not even asked about why he had an underage girl drunk out of her clothes in his house. (And neighbours called they heard a young girl screaming – that was the whole reason for the police to show up at his house!) What can we learn from this?

There is a lesson in here about cultural toxicity, and why immigrants don’t do themselves a favour by voting left-wing. This political correctness can only (and will) lead to outrage against immigrants. So they must stop voting left-wing! If only, because the left-wing does not represent them, rather it represents only themselves

Left-wing politicians are against natives, over the backs of immigrants who vote for them. And therefore vote against whites. (It is in their benefit to keep racism alive and kicking, so they will get re-elected.)

Definite proof against government

There’s the issue of the jurisprudence from the treaty of Versailles; the German people were punished for not having stopped the emperor ftom starting WW1 – a bad thing ™. This means that, for their own protection, the people have the right, nay: the duty to stop the government whenever it does anything bad. Now, given the incurable split among the population, this means that government is impossible, because one side will oust the government for not doing enough to e.g. reduce CO2. The other side will want to keep government from reducing this vital ingredient of life. The third and fiurth side will rise up when the government launches another (unprovoked) war. And number five will be restless when there’s not enough beligerence against “our enemies.” This means that stable government is impossible, but that’s politics’ own fault becausd without politics, the world would not have been cleaved in two equal halves (+ some enlightened middle-people) as is the case now.

As proof of Hitler’s racism/politician-hood As proof of Hitler’s racism/politician-hood: if you would want to wage a war, which would kill lots of people (on both sides), then why not try to get as many foreigners doing the fighting, as possible? Which would save Germans from getting killed. Possible explanation Hitler would give: Only the Germans are good enough fighters. My explanation is, that Hitler didn’t care about the deaths among Germans, caused by the war. No politician ever does.

Thank you, Scott Adams
Scott Adams here perfectly portrays #MichaelMann, the #megafraud, as well as the entire IPCC: This tree ring data can not only mean one thing.
According to the graph he drew, it seems to mostly mean that CO2 is the most important influencer of tree growth, it is utterly inpossible for Mann, or anyone at the IPCC (or anyone where ever and whenever) to exclude any of the many factors. Since nobody in the IPCC protested against this gross violation of scientific principle, none of them can be trusted ever again.
Which pulls the rug out from under climate policy, and basicaly any policy (ecause government is depedent on – proven unreliable – scientists t o provide data to set policy.

Sallett joins 2 Stans: More proof politics is bad

The 2 Stans (Stanley Milgram’s obedience to authority and Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison experiment) are now joined by Jerome Sallet (Oxford U), who posited in 2011 that social interactions have grown the cerebral cortexes in groups of animals. This was confirmed by Danish and British researchers, who examined humans. (Touching on the effect of social media).
Since politics is the systematic isolation of all the inhabitants of a country, by way of divide and conquer, at first by splitting them up into different groups, later drilling down to the individual level (imprisoning them for doing nothing objectively wrong, like selling not-stolen drugs).
Add to that the effect of social atrophy (atrophy of the social instinct), and one finds that Politicians are busy denying people the chance to grow bigger brains, which may lead to stimying intelligence.

The politics of hollywood with Andrew Breitbart
The dems get much more funding dollars than the reps.
That explains why Obama started all those wars (1 Nobel for peace; 0 days of peace): Hollywood wanted to make films/series about veterans of any war,literally, any war. Just not ‘Nam, coz that has already been milked dry, plus it’s too long ago.

Luckilly, Hollywood is pushing itself off the cliff, by publishing nonsonsense thst people do not want go see anymore. The latest Terminator tried to shove feminism down people’s throats.