Climate-policy is unconstitutional

When the evidence against something is so overwhelmingly compelling as that against the government’s #Climate-hysteria, the choice to believe in it (without regard to the conclusions of science – Both Ross McKitrick and Syan Ichi Akasofu have concluded that CO2-concentration has risen sharply since Kyoto came into effect (1990), while Syan Ichi has added that the observation that the global temperature has remained the same), becomes a religious one (I don’t mean to offend anyone who believes in a creator-god, a sky-god or whatever). Of course I’m all for freedom of religion, but also for seperation of church and state (as the constitution ought to ensure).
So, this forcing of people to join them in prayer at the altar of Gore, is utterly illegal.

They all squeal that CO2 is such a threat, yet they can’t be bothered to make any effort to allow people to reduce emmissions, so that would justify sending them to Scheveningen, the international criminal court, in order for them to stand trial for this deliberate attempt at destroying the planet.

Then again: upon entering office, the US president’l-elect has to swear to defend the constitution, “just a piece of paper”, according to GWB, the same guy who gave the world the Patriot Act which eroded some of the protections in the Bill of Rights. So what use is an oath to protect a constitution if the guy who swore to protect it, personally violates it? They’re just sounds, right, Georgie?


Iets (#klimaat) is een religie, wanneer je, als het bewijs tegen zo sterk is, toch blijft geloven.

Omdat de overheid middels belastinghefting ons probeert te dwingen te geloven in hun god/profeet, schenden zij nze vrijheid van religie. Zie de grondwet artikel 6:

Dit staat letterlijk in de grondwet:

Je mag in Nederland ook buiten de muren van een gebouw laten zien wat je geloof is, ook met een groep. Maar als de groep dan bijvoorbeeld grote verkeersproblemen veroorzaakt, dan mag het niet. Je mag dus overal jouw geloof of overtuiging laten zien, behalve als je je niet aan andere regels of wetten houdt.

Oftewel: #Klimatisme (#Gorisme), wat grote files veroorzaakt, is verboden.