Isn’t it lovely

that the arguments against capitalism, put forward by socialists, are arguments against socialism?
So, really, socialists are against their own ideology.

Foreclosures since 2008: 

Are not caused by mean banks, but by sadistic (Democrat, aka lefty) politicians that legally forced mortgage vendors to sell mortgages to primarily blacks that were not creditworthy. This quickly spiralled out of control tocollapse all the economies of the west/world.


is there any informed and not politically motivated person that still believes in that?
If the left had bothered to stop their resistance against more roads, the traffic jams could have been over half a century ago!
Don’t forget the amount of energy wasted on “defense”. Lots of mikitary exercises with lots of tanks, planes, helicopters belching out CO2; (I presume rockets and cannons – gun powder – belch out CO2 as well), all in a vain effort to keep up the pretense of being able to keep out the bad guys, which no army has ever managed to do, anywhere on earth. Dang, even in ye olden days, castles failed to defend against invaders. Never mind about national borders, which are much softer and bigger than castle walls.

I must admit, these wars weren’t all started by socialists (though all were started by politicians, which are almost all socialists anyway).

Bondage is economically unfeasible, so requires a the magical authority of the state, to round up escaped slaves; import new slaves. Those costs are not born by the slave owners, but they are socialized, meaning the entire society has to bear them, while they benefit only a single person/business.


Cultural mores

Cultural mores have developed a long way since the age of slavery, poor houses etc. The thing preventing further such development is government (the way politics set up people against other cultures/nationalities/races (Islam/Arabic/again, Arabic) for their own petty personal/political ulterior motives is despicable, and holding back mankind.
Because cultural mores have developed so encouragingly over time I doubt that mankind would slip back down into the primitive practices of slavery etc, once the harmful influence of politics is gone. There are enough people that will disapprove of that and who will boycot the products and services of those who use those practices, thereby making the practitioners suffer financially and putting a stop to it. Besides that: it takes the magical authority of the state to make slavery economically tenable. Laws to capture runaway slaves can only be imposed/enforced by a state.

UBI leidt onherroepelijk tot de Goelag

Universeel BasisInkomen leidt onherroepelijk tot de Goelag: want als mensen genoeg geld krijgen om rond te komen, dan gaan ze niet de stinkende riolen in (want dat zouden ze dan feitelijk gratis doen), wat wel moet gebeuren voor onderhoud.
Omdat de VSSR (Sovjet-Unie) feitelijk ook een UBI kende, kregen ze pas mensen zo ver om in Siberië hout te kappen voor de export, of om de uranium-mijnen in te gaan, nadat die waren veroordeeld voor landverraad of zo. Oftewel UBI leidt tot slavernij



Het is bij links nu weer erg modieus om de oude koeien van het slavernijverleden uit de sloot te halen. Enige tijd terug pleitte voormalig PtdA-kamerlid Amma Assante ervoor dat slavernij op de scholen zouden worden behandeld.
Lijkt mij een goed idee om dat te doen, dan wel erbij vertellen dat het basisinkomen alleen maar kan leiden tot een herhaling van de Goelagslavernij waar de arme Sovjetburgers onder leden. Waar in het westen de slavernij al ongelooflijk lang geleden is afgeschafd, heeft elke Russische familie zelfs nu nog leden die de Goelag heeft overleefd.
Maar ja, dat is dubbele kritiek op links, dus dat gebeurt doodleuk niet. Het is racistisch om slavernij die niet ten koste ging van donkerhuidigen slavernij te noemen.


Socialism is not an economic philosophy

Rather it is a childish (therefore hazardous) political philosophy. ¹)
An economic theory will necessarily touch on production. All socialism talks about, is: “I breathe so you owe me stuff”, quote from Ben Shapiro. Because there is no price incentive, (nobody can earn any money) nobody will want to spend effort/time/materials producing anything.

So yes, the basic income guarantee will result in (see below): the Gulag system
Which is why, the economic miracle of the USSR, was only made possible by the inhumane system of Gulag-slavery. That was the only way the housing barracks got built, and the state “earned” income from exporting wood harvested by the slaves that were forced to work in the freezing Siberian winter. Which is where one tiny economic truism can be derived from socialism:

A money is any medium of exchange commonly used and valued by multiple people. (And preferably also portable, as implied by “exchange”)

Gulag slaves that had to work in the snow, on the permafrosted ground, valued boots enormously, sothey could be used for trade, if someone made a simple soup from moss or whatever, the most malnourished who were lucky enough to  sctually have boots could trade them for a portion. They could also have their boots stolen from them, by desperate prisoners (the official name for them was “zek” meaning “prisoner” though they were really slaves). Some enterprising souls would make their own footwear from bark and rope.

It’s typical for scammers (“Against the gods” on, under free books) to make fase claims like that: despotic, abusive, elitist dictatorships called themselves Democratic People’s Republics, slaves were prisoners (they did go quite far in that, by first accusing people of crimes against the state, or treason, or something)

¹): Childish so dangerous: since socialism can’t work, the rulers would get petulant about it and blame the not-working on the people, who obviously had no influence on the matter. This petulance created the iron curtain: people did not want to play anymore, but Stalin was not yet finished playing with them! So everyone who wanted to stop playing and leave would get murdered. And what does that say about the assassins manning the towers, operating the search lights and machine guns? They prbably were assigned to the job, and refusal would result in the Gulag.
So: socialism was either: the definition of sadistic maleficence, or it was utterly pathetic.


Moderne slavernij

De gewone loonwerker kan niet ontkomen aan slavernij: de werkgever is namelijk verplicht inkomstenbelasting in te houden.