Sign of the change in times

Remember how, in the olden days (70s), movies and TV-shows were often set in NY instead of in LA? What kind of backdrop did you see, in Manhattan? (Streets lined with various small business) Nowadays, the movie makers are all obsessed with showing big businesses. Because those are more orderly. That big mess of small entrepreneurs was not as clean as the left likes. If only because that brings economic agency down to the human level, where agency does not belong. Big business is closer to the government, which is more important than the people.

GDP and why socialism is an ever worsening idea GDP includes government spending, and is therefore not a true messure of economic growth. When the stste becomes the only employer/producer, of course GDP will grow; all the waste and inefficiencies adds up to the GDP-figure. Stef already said it: building the concentration camps added to the Nazi GDP. And they didas good as zero to the economy (being systems of destruction, aka of politics), we can ignore the slave labour parts of some of the camps, because slavery is economically untenable. Which is also why a regine based on taxation, can not survive, ad the popukation grows and it needs ever more highly concentrated productive capacity. Communism could only survive ehen the resources remained abundantly available (not that thecstate has any incentives to be frugal with resources) and population was still well below carrying capacity of the earth..

This feeds into my understanding/definitions of left-right:
The left sacrifices other people’s interests to their own petty pleasures:
the right is afraid of the left.
(so right-wing votes are self-defence votes; I’m not above saying I’m scared)
Look at 2016: most Americans were so afraid of Hillary, the experienced politician, that they voted for a TV-personality, in an attempt to keep out Hillary.
that’s why the LP won’t win enough votes: there are too many voters afraid of the candidate of the other big party, that their best bet t keep the other idiot out of office would be to vote against him, on the other big party.
Eeery vote is a vote against someone: whether that is a vote against a citizen ( on a Democratic party-poltiician), or a vote against a Democratic party-politician)
Elections are organized hatred.

Effects of shielding stuff from the people

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps China’s communist regime sincerely thought they were doing well to shield the people from anything nasty.Like the result of ongoing breeding, leading to China now having a problem of overpopulation.
In dpirellte of thst the amount of Chinese that smoked was grester than there were Americans, period. Because under communism the only pleasures available were smoking and sex.

Violence is a bad source of social services

China notoriously decided to implement a one-child policy, resulting in many girls being killed at birth (were they the lucky ones?), because sons were better able to provide for their aging parrents. This means that the new generation of Chinese is socially frustrated, and the population will shrink strongly, generation after generation. Chinese retirement homes will be filled with elderly virgin men.
In so far as they will stay in China, many will try their marital chances in other countries, causing big financial problems for the glorious worker’s paradise. Because the tax base will stop paying the elaborate social services for the elderly

So not only Europe will end up starving the working generation, causing them to flee to, erm, I have no idea, where to because the USA is also going to die financially due to their unfunded liabilities.
So: wanna get rich? Found retirement homes in Africa and Asia. Entire continents of elderly will want to live there. Call the chain of homes “New Florida inc”.

Mass immigration and politicians sacrificing people

Mass immigration is all about trying to dodge the demographic implosion of the wellfare system. Since it is politically impopular to shrink the wellfare state, they actively import (on an industrial scale) immigrants, that now form a drain on the tax payer. So do not contribute to the tax base (out of which the wellfare industry is funded). And they age at the same speed as the native tax-victim, so when push comes to shove,the wellfare state will implode with an even bigger boom. Bloody politicians, happy to sacrifice the people’s interests (a livable level of wealth) for their own petty pleasures (being in delightful power).

A fatal flaw in anarcho-communism

There is an ongoing argument between Anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-communists. Ancoms claim ancaps weren’t real anarchists, because they permitted hierarchies; employer/employee-relations. That was not pure anarchism.
(As if society cares about purity; it is impossible to have thousands (never mind millions) live together harmoniously without private property; good fences make for good neighbours, by removing the possibility of erroneous confusion).
The fatal flaw in ancomism is, that they must enforce it; meaning hierarchy; it takes a Stalin to deny people the chance to express displeasure, perhaps even affect change.
Ancaps do not wish to impose their will upon anyone (sometimes, they wish they could), they simply respect the right to property everyone has.