Minister Slob geeft het feitelijk al toe: de NPO kan niet betaald worden van belastinggeld. Idee om het dan maar in zijn geheel bij de roverheid weg te halen? Als ze dan toch bezig z!jn, doe het dan meteen goed! En we kunnen hetzelfde zeggen over onderwijs: ook in de verste verte geen overheidstaak.



Nepnieuws baart de Nederlandse roverheid zorgen! Euhm, met je vingertje naar Rusland wijzen is een gotspe! Jullie grote vrinden in het District of Criminals hebben met nepnieuws over massavernietigingswapens in Irak (waarvan ze wisten dat die niet bestonden) de wereld opgescheept met IS. En dat feit is al heel geruime tijd bekend. Dus: wat jullie nu doen is nepnieuws verspreiden. Grote grutten, flater1 van Rutte3 (dan tel ik de godgeklaagde formatie niet mee; sportief van mij, niet?)
Dat begint goed, Marky Mark!

The unbogging down of the bog issue

Because there is legitimate reason to not distinguish on binary gender roles (biologically speaking this has become untenable) Some children are born without easily distinguishable gender. Those children have the sex thrust upin them, by a doctor who decides that the wee weeny must be removed (to cover up that the circumcision went wrong?). Please note that I am not talking about the 36 genders that can change depending on mood, that’s just howler monkeyism) this is a physical feature of the sex organs the child is born with. The people concerned are just people like any other and deserve to be treated like so. So, instead of the archaic male-female division here’s my proposal: with urinal or with bin for hygiene products, some women find urinals yucky (let’s face it, they are) so let them have a somewhat pleasant experience too.

The urinal version is the traditional men’s room and the binis the traditional women’s loo.

Analysis of howler monkeyism

I first started using the term “howler monkey” as a name for Social justice warriors, because SJW doesn’t translate so easily into other languages. The term did seem astonishingly accurate, because like the species Simia Belzebub (the furry ape-like kind of howler monkey (from hereon forward referred to as simia)) SJWs are genetically friven to making loud, unpleasant noises (so unpleasant that the first westerner to encounter them, considered their behavior to be hellish enough for that name). SJWs care more about howling hellishly than about achieving the thing they claim to howl about.

Their incessant howling (whenever there’s a camera and microphone nearby) only results in the behavior they use an an excuse to howl, to get exacerbated, much to their delight. This is called reactance, and the concept is widely known among psychologists.
Take, for instance, the fuss about the innoccuous children’s figure Black Pete(assistant for St. Nicholas), who is black because of all the crawling up and down the sooty chimneys to put children’s presents into their shoe, and take out the carrot the child put there for St. Nicholas’s horse.

Their allergic response to this innocent figure resulted in much social disturbance, and a looming (though fortunately cut short) political career for the head howler,

Sylvana Simons.
Knowing what they know about reactance, they continue to behave in that manner, thus ensuring a continuous supply if excuses for howling. 

They may not even all do it deliberately, I genuinely believe that some are genetically so handicapped as to not have any other option than to howl like this. Having said that, there is bound to be a portion of them that is so evil as to act that way, by design. Whst with them being left wingers and all (leftism is inherently evil).
Though, I now realise it’s more of an umbrella-term for the entire left, instead of solely identifying SJWs. Still, the above still stands.

World starvation caused by vegans

What with #AGW (Anthropogenic – human caused – Global Warming) having been designed to give leftist howler monkeys (tautology!) another excuse to feel superior about, it is a close match to #vegetarianism / #veganism, which serves the same purpose: telling non-vegans how they are inferior beings (sound familiar? The left talking about superiority/inferiority?). And vegans are saving the world (according to themselves; I think not!).

Vegans saving the world?

Come to think about that: if everyone would become a vegan (this is also true about vegetarianism, only to a slightly lesser degree), land-based life (animal/vegetable) would go extinct! Wipe that smug misplaced superiority of your personality! Because: artificial fertilizer is phosphate based and phosphate is a finite resource. So when that has run out, natural fertilizer will have to suffice, but when fertile land becomes depleted, natural fertile top soil only grows at 0.8″ (2 cm) per 1000 years (so that gets depleted rather quickly), meaning that even after razing the rainforests to create pasture, the only alternative would be to use manure as fertilizer to grow your superior vegetables.
So here’s hoping that vegansm will remain limited to a small group of people (I’m willing to put up with their smugmess if that’s what it takes to save the entire world) and does not reach critical mass.

BTW this was inspired by the chapter “Hunger” in the book The Red Edge by G. Bruno: ebook + printbook


The modern music scene and the basic income guarantee

Modern music is eminently forgettable (if you’re lucky; if not, it’ll keep buzzing round in your head driving you crazy). Compare this to the oldies: the artists had no food, unless they made something worthwhile to enough people (excluding the record company’s short-sighted accountant). To put it in the words of the world famous David Gilmour: “Bread-line. Bread-line and less.” The concept is driven home very beautifully by Clarence Carter’s Patches:
Some great music that came forth from personal tragedies:
The death of Paolo Conte’s friend Max:
The singer Frank Boeijen finding out that a girl he used to go to s hool with, has become a prostitute:
The specter of nuclear annihilation has produced some popular songs, too: and:
Of course I wish everybody could live a life without tragedies, yet sometimes the tragedies happen, and the people affected by them produce something worth remembering. A bit a la Toynbee’s Challenge/Response, but on the individual level.
The basic income will remove incentives, smoothen everything out so there will never be exceptional people, arising from exceptional circumstances, meaning that the #BasicIncome is a crime against the human condition.

Not from zero

While it’s true that #capitalism lay behind the beginnings of #colonialism (people forming corporations to fund expeditions out to unknown regions of the planet), it is the free market (not exactly the same as capitalism, but close enough), that put a stop to the exploitation of slaves in the colonies, due to morals evolving to the point that people voted with their feet (wallets) against businesses that still used those practices. Early on, people feltno qualms about enslaving other people,this changed over time. (And so long as there will not be any ingroup-outgroup thinking (such as politicians foster to more easily divide and conquer it is unlikely thay slavery will recur)
This means that, as #society will not start all over again after some changes occurred, some of the morals will be kept, like the aversion against slavery, and quite simply the release from government’s clutches will be felt as such a relief, that cultural memory will revolt against any attempts to subdue anyone (whether a group or a person).
Societies carry their good baggage with them over time, across social changes. They also take bad baggage with them, for instance the legacy of aggression which continues to yield social damage. That is regrettable but unavoidable. Initially, the “red in tooth and claw” may hold, but, over time, people will grow to dislike that. Which is some of the good #social damage I refer to.