Looming #demographic crisis in #Europe

#European #populations are aging fast, meaning the large wellfare states are becoming unaffordable. Fools blame the European people for that, as if the people have any influence on how the country runs us!
I simply refuse to comdemn any children to this certain future of:

  1. Poverty
  2. Despair
  3. Opression
  4. Victimization by politicians

So don’t bring up the fashionable complaint of muslims immigrating into society being the only way to be able to continue to afford the costly (politically-propelled) welfare-state, which is another political monstrosity forced down our throats, which we cannot get rid of, without abolishing the whiole ridiculous concept of the state.

The problem is, that the “civillized” states of western Europe are democracies (as hinted at in https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/representative-repressive/ democratic derives from the Greek words demos – meaning as much as “people” – and cratos – “power”, so #democracy in the modern interpretation means power OVER the people. Never ever TO the people, oh no: that’s why every time there’s a #referendum here in the Netherlands, it’s never binding, only advisory; in case (in each and every one) the people want something else from what the government wants.
The only kind of proper democracy is #statelesness.


Sometimes, #luxurious #provisions become too #expensive. What a business is to do then, is: excise those provisions, so e.g. no more bubble baths for the office cleaning crew, just to invent a ridiculous example.
Even though the office cleaning crew had gotten to like those bubble baths, they’ve become #unaffordable and thus #untenable.
Or #socialBenefits, which the population of a nation had come to expect, like #unemploymentBenefits, it’s very mean and all, if people can’t get those anymore, but when one pretends to have the skill set required to run a #country (a ridiculous notion: a country is only a region where people are born and die; it’s were they live, eat, sleep, i.e. exist; it’s not a business that has to be run for profit – whose profit? The population’s?), one can’t seriously refuse to make cuts in those provisions, because if one does, the country will go bankrupt.
And when you do, you can’t continue stealing from the people as much as you did. As a matter of fact, the reason that these provisions have become so unaffordable, is that they are government-commanded, and each and all have to pay into it. So really denying people the money they were promised to get out of it, is no more than ordinary intra-temporal theft.
If the government had never have been so arrogant and presumptuous to get in the people’s way, then this nonsense would not have caused the endemic problems it has. If the people would have been allowed to arrange their own affairs, they would have. But through coercion, government had crowded out such arrangements: after all, when civillians already (forcibly) pay into those arrangements, they won’t pay extra for a similar private initiative.
And the responsible persons (socialists) should have been fired from the job a long time ago, and in a business run for profit (not a country run for loss) that would have happened a long time ago.
So what use (title of this blog post) are politicians that refuse to accept reality, and instead to live in their own, private dream world? That refuse to make the required changes? Why should the population of a country continue to accept their existence, when that is so clearly against our own interests?

P.s. voor de Nederlandse lezers onder u, ik dacht bij deze dus aan de #AOW, welke met kunst- en vliegwerk gaande moet worden gehouden, totdat ook die ingrepen niet genoeg blijken; dan wordt er nog meer onrecht aangericht, en mogen/kunnen jongeren, die het moeten opbrengen voor de ouderen (dankzij het belachelijke omslag-principe, ipv een #spaarpensioen) niet 1 cent ontvangen in hun eigen oude dag, want tegen die tijd is al het geld alweer op. Ad infinitum. Daarom: bespaar het volk de ellende, en adviseer jongeren,om hun eigen zaakjes te regelen. Schaf daarom de AOW af en laat Wouter Bos, Wim Kok en nog meer PvdA’ers en andere socialisten de eigen portemonnee trekken, om de ouderen die niet hebben espaard voor hun oude dag (omdat het allemaal zo mooi was geregeld door de overheid!) maar uit eigen zak betalen. Zij zijn tenslotte degenen die ervoor verantwoordelijk zijn, dat miljoenen mensen in de #financiële #problemen gaan komen. Laat ze het dan zelf maar voelen: dat heet #regeringsverantwoordelijkheid nemen.

Novel-idea: the country is run for profit

When politicians pretend to have the skill set required to run a country: a ridiculous notion: a country is a region where people are born and die; they live, eat sleep, i.e exist, there; it’s not a business that has to be run for profit – whose profit?
The profit of the extraterrestrial overlords? Or of the extradimensional overlords? Of #Ctulhu? Or a foreign nation (perhaps the #4thReich)
This would be a great idea for a  #dystopian or #horror novel; please pick this  up!, anyone!

Poor James #Madison

Calling Madison “poor” may be a bit much asked, but when you’re the butt of #howlerMoney-dom, pity is appropriate. #JamesMadison was a pioneer in anti-slavery, but the Howler Monkeys (#SJWs) prefer setting back education of African American kids, by diverting funding from teaching to ordering new stationery. Which is going to have to happen when the name has been changed from honoring the anti-slavery pioneer (according to Tom Woods Show episode 933) named James Madison to honoring someone else.
If the goal is to change the names of all things named after erstwhile slave-owners, then #Washington #DC and the state will have to be renamed!

Why the resistance to making room for new roads?

(This applies to the preparations for the Dutch #Betuwelijn. I Kknow that’s old hat, but it gells quite nicely with futile objections against statelesness, so,this makes alfor a new way to,undrrmine the “Who’ll make the roads”-argument against #anarchism)

“Without the state, who would make the roads?”

That is a common objection to statelessness, in fact it’s so common that I’ve given it its very own category on this blog. So, why do some people hinder the building of roads / railways?
Again, it’s because these are done by the state, in the only way a state knows how: using blunt force and supreme arrogance: presenting people with a fait-accompli: there is going to be a new railway over here” and the crappy village where you and your ancestors have been living for goodness knows how many generations is in the way, so is going to be leveled.
“Out of the goodness of our hearts we’ll pay you this (ahem) generous amount of money, so you’ll get out of our glorious way”. Now get lost and let us have our way! This is a democracy, meaning you’ll have to listen to us!

Is it any wonder the inhabitants of that village fight even heavily armed police-bulldozers willing to risk the legal and health consequences that redistance entails? No, of course it isn’t! That’s why the roads stand a better chance of being built WITHOUT eminent domain. Asking nicely is a much better strategy. The state being at the top of the list of hateful crap, for most, is always going to have problems supplying any goods it hasseized the monopoly power on, because of exactly,that: they have SEIZED monopoly power, and they abuse that monopoly, by forcing people to sit in traffic jams, instead shouting thst thry should go by train.

war against poverty

The best #war against #poverty is the war against war: don’t make new #homeless people
(wars create veterans who become homeless; aggravating the crime against humanity)
And now I’m just talking about the invading army’s assasins: the ones that travel all the way around the world to #kill people, that wouldn’t even know of their existence, the crimes against those people are even greater.
Since war only costs money, it cannot be said to be profitable (except for the #MIC: Military-Industrial Complex): the homeless/dead can’t contribute to the tax base: on top of which people set aside charitable relief-money, the government levies extra taxes to fund medical tratment to enable veteran with destroyed bodies to live out their lives in some degree of comfort & dignity.
Those taxes have to get coughed up by a continuously shrinking tax base, as more tax payers become veterans, consuming taxes just to stay alive.

Inspired by Bastiat’s The Law (property)

Inspired by #Bastiat’s The Law: without property rights there is no #freedom. One is entirely enslaved to the whims of one’s fellow man who “co-owns” all the #resources, and it can easily be said that because there is little likelyhood that the immediate #desires of another man are so in sync with one’s own future desires (which require investment – not consumption of resources, postponement of gratification & personal sacrifice) the development of society will be delayed if not cancelled/arrested. How could anything ever have been mass #produced (affordably made available to the #masses) without #property?

Property granting man the freedom to live life to its fullest.