Government of the people, by & against the people

Thinking of #apartheid got me thinking: the black South African suffered, but the white South African did too, especially when they spoke out against the government’s Apartheid-regime. That regime earned South African people sanctions which isolated South Africa socially and economically, which armed the interests of the people, which were against the government’s apartheid regime, something which they were powerless to do anything against, because it was the fucking government that did it. Sanctions against the people only help the government harm the interests of the people.

Different example: Sanctions against the Iraqi people over Saddam’s misbehavior. The guy was a fucking dictator! What was GWB thinking? “Oh, if we cause avoidable suffering among the people, Saddam might get a change of heart.” Yeah, cause his benevolence really shone in his torture prisons and his repeated executions of cabinet ministers. If he shot his relatives through the head in cabinet meetings, imagine how many qualms he experienced in governing several millions of people he did not know, that were only a statistic.

By the way: #Saddam was one of the many reasons for #9/11. Because Saddam received monetary and operational support from the western governments, the suffering people there developed feelings toward the puppet masters in the west. The #MiddleEast was an important play ground for the #ColdWar players in DC and Moscow. After the collapse of the #USSR, there was really only one country left to take revenge against; the USA, not the USSR (true, they could have attacked mother Russia, but they chose America. At least they chose to attack the white house & Pentagon, 2 valid military targets: on top of the WTC-towers which were civillian, but they were important cogs in funding the war machine that caused such suffering among Middle-Eastern people. So it was not the American people that were under attack, but the regime, that frequently sent the people’s children to die (whether in an electric chair for a crime, or on the battle field, for the greater glory of the regime, in a needless & unprovoked war, like those in Vietnam, both cases of Iraq, Bay of Pigs (Cuba) – which only served to oust Castro – objectively a good thing, but not if they wanted to install a pro-Amerucan puppet like General Fulgencio Batista, which would lead to a new communist dictator taking the place of Batista Jr., with who knows what violence resulting from that)…
So here, the American people suffered the consequences of the DC regime’s actions (which they had 0 influence on, so the lie of a “demoratic government” must be annulled now. Governments can by definition not be democratic. Ststelessness is democratic, having a bunch of infantile nonos tell people what to do and what not, is the opposite of democratic).
Somehow it’s always the people that suffer from the blowback from a government’s misdeeds. Not also how the atomic bombs were not dropped on the cause of theJapanrmese government’s aggreelssve behaviour (the Japanese government in Tokyo, itself), but on the Japanese people that lived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In this case, by dear providence, the Japanese government surrendered, possiby not out of concern for the people in the two towns, or

Hormonal/mental issues

As one person commented about Donald #Trump’s bombing policy, in the #FaceBook-group The New #Libertarian:

I read he has been killing more civilians per month than #Obama.

To top it off he bans the refugees from countries he is still bombing.

My reply was the following:

now that is a sign of either:

Mental retardedness/shortsightedness

Evil: (bombing people out of their homes and disallowing them to escape – he’s the embodiment of the Soviet practice of making citizens’ lives hell, then stringing barbed wire with gunmen in towers along it to kill people that try to escape – the definition of sadism)

Think of the damage it does to the minds of people that live there: continuous fear of death, 24/7. Unescapable #fear, which depletes the hormonal glands, effectively breeding a generation of fearless counter terrorists.

#bellum ad infinitum!

Risk through unreliability

If anything has been proven by the #Iraq wars (both of them), it’s that being friends with the US government may just get you killed. And with the #USSR gone, there’s no alternative to #DC. The #Arab states are being kept in line by DC either through diplomatic pressure/bribery, or by invading them and killing half the population (which is a bit much, even for politicians).
I know black Africa was handled by #Israel, on behalf of the US.
But, as is now abbundantly clear, #Saddam was good buddies with DC, receiving #monetary & #operational support by the US. That was until the early 90s, of course (though I wouldn’t put it past the power players, to first #attack a country, then build it up again – only to re-attack it later, if only for entertainment).
Which is why the unreliable moloch of DC ought to get isolated politically, by the global community. To put it in its place. It may lead to the lights in about 320,000,000 minds to switch on, which will be a good thing for the entire world. Hopefully, it will turn the #USA into a beacon of #liberty for the entire world

Why are so many Arabs so angry?

No, Dubbya: they weren’t upset at our decadent western lifestyles, with its scantily-clad women etc, but they are fed up,with outside meddling with their homes (which started before the cold war, but appeared to have reached its zenith at that time – until post-9/11 when that zenith got eclipsed by every American regime following #Dubbya (GWB), including of course, #Obama (winner of the Nobel peace prize! During whose 8 year reign, not one single day of peace occurred in the Middle-East, but rather 7 wars) and now, #Trump. The British and French, held colonial house in the region, creating counties that did not exist (I know, tautology) and, judging by the turmoil there, SHOULD never exist.
After WW2 (during the cold war), the Soviets tried to support #communist regimes, the Americans tried to support “#capitalist” (at least non-communist) regimes, this caused much bloodshed and misery. Now, the Russian communist block is no more, so the only side to take revenge on for being the abused playthings of others, is the western.
Yes, the primitive notion of #revenge rears its ugly head again, killing people that had nothing to do with the politics of the era (because they’re #civillians, and many weren’t even born back then). Yet, because of the preposterous notion of #nationhood, this continuous cycle of revenge for revenge for revenge will continue.

What doesn’t help, is the unfounded boasting of #democracy, meaning that the hypocrites claim to do what the people want. Implying that we all want to end the lives of just about all Arabs. Which means that: indeed, killing western civillians, is the best way to stop the slaughtering of Arabs. Unless one of the western despots, at long last admits that the concept of #parliamentary #democracy is impossible, and we live in #oligarchic #dictatorships, the only way to stop the violence, against citizens in the west is by stopping violence against the citizens of the middle-east. Now, even out of mere plain humanity that is the thing to do, of course, but even when in an in-human state of mind (political), this is the thing to do, if fighting/preventing counter-terrorism is the actual goal.

Wilders’ bewijsloze aanhoudingen lijken op Obama’s drone-aanslagen

#Wilders’ bewijsloze aanhoudingen-wet verschillen niet veel van #Obama’s #drone-aanslagen, want de dodelijke #slachtoffers daarvan werden ook veroordeeld in,absentia, zonder rechtszaak, kans op beroep, alleen maar op grond van onbevestige beschuldigingen van #terrorisme.

De politiek van het westen jaagt mij angst aan. In mijn korte leven, is het van “het vrije westen” hierin veranderd.

De enige manier om #IS permanent te #ontwapenen, is door het uit te hongeren: staakt alle aanmoedigingen voor mensen, om zich aan te melden.

Welke terrorist opsluiten?

We kunnen lang doorzagen over het hellende vlak mbt de “mogelijke” #terrorist, maar de #NAVO is de grootste terreur-organisatie: zonder de tweede Golf-oorlog had er nooit een #IS bestaan. (Probeer eens vanuit het Noord-Atlantische verdragsgebied in de #PerzischeGolf te komen, daarvoor moet je door de zuid-Atlantische oceaan, rondom Kaap de Goede Hoop) en dan door de Indische Oceaan noordwaarts. Wat mij betefft wordt zijn wetsvoorstel dus op o.a. Wilders zelf toegepast, wat een angstaanjagend rotland is dit aan het worden, dankzij, o.a. (!) #Wilders en zijn zwarthemden.

Als we dan toch bezig zijn sluit dan gelijk #Trump op, want die blijkt geen haar beter dan #Obama.

#Hongarije heeft het bijna door

In het EU-lid Hongarije wordt er campagne gevoerd tegen de #EU: tot dusver hosanna. Maar de overheid schrijft: “Brussel bereidt gevaarlijke stappen voor. Er waren terreur-aanslagen in Europa en nu wil Brusel Hongarije dwingen om vluchtelingen op te nemen.”
Hier zijn twee opmerkingen over te plaatsen:

  1. Zolang Brussel het Hongaarse leger niet wil inzetten tegen #Arabieren, hoeft #Hongarije zich nog geen zorgen te maken over #contraterreur.
  2. Zolang de overheid niet erkent dat dat de manier is, waarop zij #contraterreur uitlokt, is het daadwerkelijk haar wens om #terreur naar Hongarije te exporteren.

In de hoop dat de terreur dan uitgesmeerd raakt over het hele continent? (En dus verdunt raakt) alsof er een vaste hoeveelheid terreuris