If I were a US citizen, I’d have to think real hard about

If I were a US citizen, I’d have to think real hard about why not to give my vote to Ms. Gabbard. She has great retoric about hostilities toward Russia, I’m glad to hear confirmation that it also applies to the war of terror. You can’t stop terrorism with more terrorism. Bin Laden tried, look how that worked out.
Heck; many soldiers signed up to the nazi dept of defense to stop communism. Look what happened to half the German population! That’s what you get when you let the state get in the way of defending a nation.
Ms. Gabbard, please, put an end to the #4thReich! Since Mr. “1 peace-Nobel, 0 days of peace” had a non-stop campaign to destroy good-will toward Americans, among the rest of the world, to affirm the status of America as the most hated country in the world.

Sadly, I hear her economic views are horrendous, she’s from the same mould as Sanders, so that cancels the possibility of voting for her. Even though ending the empire wouod do wonders fir the American and global economies

My reply to a desperate statist

In the thread responding to this video (Climate I: Is The Debate Over?, by The Agenda with Steve Paikin)


a person named Erik Gloor, gave a disturbing reply:

@Ludwig van El I have no idea what you’re saying. There is no debate. Man-made climate change is real. Trust scientists at organizations like NASA. Trusting oil companies to tell you their products don’t harm the environment is like trusting tobacco companies that cigarettes don’t cause cancer. Anything less is pure folly.

Trusting politicians to tell the truth and to serve the people, is like asking a volcano to keep hold your ice cream cone for you: you know it simply cannot work, nobody has a rich enough fantasy to imagine such contradictory concepts. You want scientific proof: the 2 Stans: https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/07/18/2-stans/ show that people are incapable of handling power, neither exerted over them (they have the unfortunate tendency to follow orders) nor exerting power over others. This is also called (by Hobbes, iirc) homo homini lupus est: man is a wolf to his fellow man, therefore you do not give him power over you/his fellow man.

If you insist on thinking politicians are angels, then riddle me this: how come in Dutch politics, the parties that make most noise about CC have also been the ones that tried their hardest to keep traffic jams intact -> keeping CO2 emissions high, since 1966 (52 years by now!). That is treason! But, when I looked into suing them for treason over that, the only laws I found that related to treason, protected the government from the people! Comrade, can you believe that?

Angels also do not kill/torture people for, being born in another country(the #4thReich does so all the time, for most of the time since WW2 (heard of Guantanamo Bay?), oh, and the WMDs were also real, right? A politician said so, so it must be true.

How would you explain the warming pause? (rising CO2, steady temperature).

Especially shocking when you think: Hey, there were those Kyoto and Copenhagen etc. treaties. Surely, they must have reduced CO2 or at least stopped the rise, by now? Of course not, they did not serve to reduce CO2, but only to punish the people for the politician’s refusal to reduce emissions (recall Obama? “CC is real!” Yeah, said the dude of 7 wars in 8 years, 1 Nobel peace prize and 0 days of peace. Do you have any idea how much CO2 a squadron of F-22s emits? Plus the tanks etc…


Gut, zouden nu eindelijk in de winter ook de fietspaden sneeuwvrij worden gemaakt? Vast niet, de roverheid kennende. Een kwart miljard voor een nationaal fietspadenplan. Het is op zich wel leuk om te lezen dat we uit de auto GELOKT worden, ipv GEBEUKT (door hun decennialange weigering iets aan de files te doen), de gewoonlijke strategie van de Haagse junta.
Als ze nu es zorgen voor genoeg asfalt (na ruim een halve eeuw belasting heffen zonder tegenprestatie hebben ze er toch wel genoeg geld voor?), dan heeft het heilige klimaat er ook nog baat bij.

When the leaders aren’t so glorious

Take the famous (notorious) example of Obama. Who has publicly stated belief in what Pastor Gore said in the church of UN, has no doubt contributed to the ongoing rise of CO2, since ± Kyoto, by way of his 7 wars in 8 years of being president (1 Nobel peace prize, 0 days of peace), given that wars these days consume more energy than in the era of the knight in shining armor on horseback. Because back then, there were no tanks, aircraft (, drones), no Echelon computers spying on the people (and listening in on cell phone conversations of leaders of allied countries – Angela Merckel), and consuming so yonking much energy that Michael Boldin of the http://www.tenthamendentcenter.com proposed getting Utah to stop supplying the 17 million gallons of water the stasi needs to cool the computers. The enormous energy saving would reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 output considerably.
Globally less well known is how the Dutch politicians make every effort to maximize CO2 levels by having spent almost every week since 1966 (by now over half a century! 52 years) campaigning to prevent solving the traffic jams on the highways. (And the local juntas did their bit by programming the stop lights in such a way that they halted traffic so much, that emissions increased needlessly much, and caused countless frustrations in the population).
Oh, there’s the bit where both Obama and Dutch politicians have repeatedly publicly announced believe in the whole debunked http://www.mdpi.com/2225-1154/1/1/4/pdf political hypothesis of dangerous CO2. Either:

  • they didn’t believe CO2 was risky, (in which case they’re lying their rear ends off for political gain at the expense of the people, that are a prerequisite for politics to exist in the first place)
  • Or they do (in which case they tried to kill al live on the planet by deliberately changing the climate).

Any which way, they should be prevented in the future.

Social contract – a refutation

Having written about the social contract before: https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/social-contract/
And like to revisit the concept: contracts are between multiple parties (at least two): since the social contract is supposed to be between the population and the government, the contract is null and void. Because one of the parties has forsaken its obligations:
The people aren’t safe from the government which keeps starting wars that kill their children on the battlefield and provoke retalliation like 9/11, #Brussels etc; the war over drugs (caused by the ban on drugs)
Taxation without representation
Imprisoning people for victimless crimes (drugs again)
Or for not letting themselves get stolen from
Causing max CO2 emissions while taxing (and blaming) the people over CO2 emissions.

Throwback to the bad old days

GWB’s attacks on iraq and Afghanistan are worse than anything in the bad old days (and this time, those days may be here to stay).
Think: the hippie-generation got riled up about Kennedy’s brutal slaughter of #Vietnam, and they’ve come of age in the Reagan-era, then they became a force to be reckoned with. The brutality of US terrorism against the Vietnamese even went so far, that one of their own helicopter crews opened fire at the US soldiers. That isn’t counting the countless rapings of young girls.
So this generation caused #Reagan to have to go underground, and perform his terror by way of other countries (ever wondered why #Israel gets its top of the line war jets for free? They don’t: they had to perform democide in Guatemala & elsewhere in South America with them, but there are no up-front costs).
Anoter terrorist nation supported (operationally & financially) by the US, was Hussain’s #Iraq, iirc it was Rumsfeld who was caught on tape, shaking the violent bastard’s hand when telling him that the American people have gone round with the collection tin, to support your regime, and here are the millions of dollars you need to continue killing people. It was the same Donald #Rumsfeld who was among the aggressive war-hawks, aching to invade Iraq after #9/11 (which it has been sufficiently demonstrated, they had nothing to do with.).
The regime also unashamedly invaded Afganistan, because Bin Laden had moved into a cave there.
A transparant excuse to grow the empire by violent means (how else?), at the expense of countless lives – on both(!) sides. If it were really about acquiring or killing Bin Laden, thry could have sent in a small #CIA-team, sure, it would have killed a lot fewer people and it would not have raised the government debt by as much as it did, both key objectives for modern governments, but it would have gotten the job done, and the people didn’t give a peep when the Dubbya-clan undid it all the gains at keeping government in check. Not helped in the least by the communist tendencies of the former protesters (now in more influential positions, in the MSM, in government), that only want to keep government in power using any violence necessary.
So all that was good (the only thing) that came out of the #Vietnam war has been undone, aided by a lazy, complicit MainStream Media (#MSM), that refused to do its job of keeping the government in check, but instead chose to go along with all the propaganda. Not only did they get away with a bunch of wars, they actually drummed up support for them, helped to a quite distressing degree by popular entertainment that glorifies gullible teenage-assassins from poor families as “real American heroes”. Instead people are now glorifying the flag (the political institution), in fact, they can get quite angry when you’re deservedly critical of the political institution, somehow they take that personally.
I feel that the #leftists (in the msm) dropped the ball on purpose, because, well, a big government that can get away with stuff, is a powerful government. Therefore an ideal government.

Apart from the veracity of AGW… This is scarier

Leaving aside the dubious scientific veracity of the #UN’s and #Gore’s claims, there’s one more scary thing about #AGW: (at least here in the Netherlands): the government claims to worship at the altar of Gore, yet continues to make every effort of maximizing #CO2-concentrations, by having now spent 60 years (well over half a century!) of not curing traffic jams, even since the arrival of the church of Gore, thry keep trying to not do anything about it: rather, they continue yapping about the same old, same old, that has never worked before (and they know it hasn’t): “public transport”, that is more acceptable to the commie bastards. (Leaving aside how wasteful it is, to run empty #trains to well-lit, empty train stations).

This is nothing but #treason. And you know which is the scariest of all? I’ve looked into charging the government with treason,  but the only laws I could find that related to treason defended the actual government (public enemies 1 – 150) against the public!

Hello, PyongYang! How are you doing comrades?

American political treason

It’s not just Dutch / EU politicians that attack the population/the planet, oh no… Don’t rule out #Obama/#GWB (#George W. #Bush), who both pretended to believe in #Gorism. And who both were responsible for #Echelon, a ridiculous espionage program that consumes so much energy that the Tenth Amendment center attempts to shut down Echelon by keeping states from supplying cooling water to the Echelon computers (GWB started it: Obama continued it; I don’t expect #Trump’s to stop it)

Let that sink in for a bit: the Echelon systems need water-cooling, they use so much energy that even regular air cooling doesn’t suffice. Energy-generation emits heaps of CO2.

All that in order to listen in on Angela Merckel’s cellphone conversations! Angela #Merckel is chief humanoid of the German government! Germany is a #NATO-ally!

Again, #treason, #4thReich

Suggestion for vice-president #Gore:

Suggestion for vice-president #Gore:
Dude, refine your target audience. You should address your concerns to politicians. In my almost 4 decades on this earth I have about one constant memory, namely that of traffic jams and more traffic jams. And all that the environmentalist politicians could come up with, was the pathetic “train, bus!”
It’s been nearly half a century so they had so much time to learn that that doesn’t work, yet they keep on whining about the same old, same old. Surely given the urgency of this matter if it’s as bad as you claim it is, then you must agree that they are a threat to mankind (#treason right?)