American political treason

It’s not just Dutch / EU politicians that attack the population/the planet, oh no… Don’t rule out #Obama/#GWB (#George W. #Bush), who both pretended to believe in #Gorism. And who both were responsible for #Echelon, a ridiculous espionage program that consumes so much energy that the Tenth Amendment center attempts to shut down Echelon by keeping states from supplying cooling water to the Echelon computers (GWB started it: Obama continued it; I don’t expect #Trump’s to stop it)

Let that sink in for a bit: the Echelon systems need water-cooling, they use so much energy that even regular air cooling doesn’t suffice. Energy-generation emits heaps of CO2.

All that in order to listen in on Angela Merckel’s cellphone conversations! Angela #Merckel is chief humanoid of the German government! Germany is a #NATO-ally!

Again, #treason, #4thReich

Suggestion for vice-president #Gore:

Suggestion for vice-president #Gore:
Dude, refine your target audience. You should address your concerns to politicians. In my almost 4 decades on this earth I have about one constant memory, namely that of traffic jams and more traffic jams. And all that the environmentalist politicians could come up with, was the pathetic “train, bus!”
It’s been nearly half a century so they had so much time to learn that that doesn’t work, yet they keep on whining about the same old, same old. Surely given the urgency of this matter if it’s as bad as you claim it is, then you must agree that they are a threat to mankind (#treason right?)