Further proof Hitler was a socialist

“Hitler was not a real socialist!” There must be something wrong with your ideology when you have to denounce its most succesful proponents. Yet socialists/communists Continually do so, because Hitler is impopular. Incredibly there are those that defend Venezuela, for its equality (Karabolut of the Dutch SP.)
Yet, what is socialism? Theft to give away to more PC people. What did Hitler do, to alleviate the housing shortage in Germany? He stole some land in other countries, to give to the people of his own country. How socialistic is that?


Trump the economy-wrecker; cause and effect

He may know a thing or two about negotiating, but he doesn’t get economics, cause-and-effect.
Bernie Sanders didn’t win the presidency,
Brief joy, due to hope that a modicum of economic sanity may be retained.
Effect2: hope for social sanity, after the uprising of millennial whiners. (Not Trump’s fault, though)

Trump imposes tarriffs on steel and aluminium
Despair over the spirit of Sanders having entered Trump’s body.

Tarriffs on steel & aluminium.

Local suppliers don’t have to compete on price, because the competition’s price is kept artificially high (it already is higher due to the cost of transportation). So their product will remain needlessly expensive.
This means that users (eg manufacturers of trucks & cars) of steel and aluminium have no choice but to buy expensive inputs, resulting in higher prices of means of transportation, of people that want to go to work, and of goods shipped from factories to stores.
This accumulates and results in more expensive purchases. Add to that, that machines (e.g. agricultural machines) get more expensive on the other side of the chain, and the solution of emigration will present itself to many.
According to the above reasoning, weapons will become more expensive, therefore: so will war. Which will not stop the Fourth Reich. So they will just run up a much worse debt than Obama did: he started out with $6,000,000,000,000 (trillion) and ended with $17 trillion.
This 2.8333 fold increase, (to pay for 8 years of 7 wars) costs the average working age citizen (206,567,603.93200 per approx Feb 2018) https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LFWA64TTUSM647S $82,297 plus change. Now, imagine that thanks to the government’s CRA you already lost your home, what are you gonna mortgage to pay off the huge debt that your overlords imposed upon you? Your car? Sure, thanks to the tarriffs, they will get more expensive, so it’ll fetch a higher price, but then where are you going to sleep?

If we take Effect2 as a cause, then its effect will be: increased unemployment, meaning reduced tax income; more people donating more money to charity, to help the countless homeless, thus having less to spend themselves: reducing sales tax income, further empoverishing the US government. Ushering in an era of peace (presumably).

A preventative surge

In order to stop the vanity wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I propose a surge of 3: #Bush, #Barack and #Trump. Then for each one of them, I propose sending home one whole regiment of other soldiers.
This has the upside of: only having those who are responsible feel the consequences; and: causing the successor to Trump from not wanting to continue the terrorising of the population, that only happened to live in the geographical location where Osama bin-Laden took refuge, in a cave. Or people that lived in a country bext to #Iran, which led to the USA supporting the Iraqi dictator #Saddam #Hussayn. And so keeping Hussayn in power and able to terrorise the population.



I proclaim that 9/11 was a counterterrorist action.
And that the reason D-Day worked: it was a counter-invasion.
So the counters to military actions have a tendency to of succeed. (Though, for some reason, a defensive response always fails).
So, the response to murdering one #insurgent is: you’ve just created ten more insurgents, this escalates, making the warsunwinnable, except by democide of the entire population, I do wonder; instead of using bullets of depleted uranium that makes children sick), when will they announce the use of #atomic sombs; or very #dirty #bombs, dropped from B-52s, in order to spread radioactive material over population centers, to kill of the whole lot of them. Since that is the only way to win the wars (when every single one of your actions only create more enemies every), this approach will be the one they resort to, because #SurrenderIsNotAnOption.
Covert operatives poisoning the water supply?
Spreading clouds of radioactive dust?

Note: it’s #democide, not #genocide, because democide targets the entire population whereas genocide targets one particular genome (ethnicity) in the wider population. Although the population of Arabic countries tends to be rather homogenous


When the leaders aren’t so glorious

Take the famous (notorious) example of Obama. Who has publicly stated belief in what Pastor Gore said in the church of UN, has no doubt contributed to the ongoing rise of CO2, since ± Kyoto, by way of his 7 wars in 8 years of being president (1 Nobel peace prize, 0 days of peace), given that wars these days consume more energy than in the era of the knight in shining armor on horseback. Because back then, there were no tanks, aircraft (, drones), no Echelon computers spying on the people (and listening in on cell phone conversations of leaders of allied countries – Angela Merckel), and consuming so yonking much energy that Michael Boldin of the http://www.tenthamendentcenter.com proposed getting Utah to stop supplying the 17 million gallons of water the stasi needs to cool the computers. The enormous energy saving would reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 output considerably.
Globally less well known is how the Dutch politicians make every effort to maximize CO2 levels by having spent almost every week since 1966 (by now over half a century! 52 years) campaigning to prevent solving the traffic jams on the highways. (And the local juntas did their bit by programming the stop lights in such a way that they halted traffic so much, that emissions increased needlessly much, and caused countless frustrations in the population).
Oh, there’s the bit where both Obama and Dutch politicians have repeatedly publicly announced believe in the whole debunked http://www.mdpi.com/2225-1154/1/1/4/pdf political hypothesis of dangerous CO2. Either:

  • they didn’t believe CO2 was risky, (in which case they’re lying their rear ends off for political gain at the expense of the people, that are a prerequisite for politics to exist in the first place)
  • Or they do (in which case they tried to kill al live on the planet by deliberately changing the climate).

Any which way, they should be prevented in the future.


May angry that Russia had some one murdered in HER country

British PM angry that Russia had someone murdered in HER country.
Imagine how the people in Afghanistan and Iraq feel, they’re the ones that are actually hunted! (On May’s orders, FYI)


Preliminary overview of the Trump administration

Also watch:

There are positives and negatives to the Trump administration:
On the upside:
he has cut large amounts of regulations (not all equally impressive)
On the downside:
The economic boost that came from cutting regulation may not be enough compensate:

  • either the grave effects of the trade war he started.
  • or the spending on death and dedtruction; his foreign policy (wars) is just as bad as Obama’s. And thus makes America (& Europe) less safe and defendable.