Manieren van dwarsliggen



Gut, zouden nu eindelijk in de winter ook de fietspaden sneeuwvrij worden gemaakt? Vast niet, de roverheid kennende. Een kwart miljard voor een nationaal fietspadenplan. Het is op zich wel leuk om te lezen dat we uit de auto GELOKT worden, ipv GEBEUKT (door hun decennialange weigering iets aan de files te doen), de gewoonlijke strategie van de Haagse junta.
Als ze nu es zorgen voor genoeg asfalt (na ruim een halve eeuw belasting heffen zonder tegenprestatie hebben ze er toch wel genoeg geld voor?), dan heeft het heilige klimaat er ook nog baat bij.

Why are hybrid cars bad for the environment?

You can’t add lots of weight to a vehicle, ie make the engine perform more work (pulling in motion the batteries, or braking them to a stop), and expect it to consume less energy.
The only reason hybrid cars SEEM more frugal, is because they lose less energy on the typical state-operated road (with lots of stoplights, traffic jams, and similar obstructions) well, actually, they lose the same amout of energyas regular cars, but they are able to recoup some of that energy. Newton teaches us, that that is no energy gain (otherwise hybrids would be perpetal motion machines). So in order to reduce CO2 output, the state needs to do something itself, make the sacrifice of repealling the decades old policy of causing traffic problems. Or it must cease to exist, what everyone who truly cares for the climate (and believes that there’s a manmade climate crisis going on) has no other option but to wish for.

Man builds own off ramp in NY

Delightful entrepreneurism.

Who’d build the roads?

Well, apparently this guy did, and that’s in a state. Imagine in a stateless society, people would be building roads on their own land left and right.

Who’ll make les routes?

Who’ll make the roads?
Is a common complaint about statelessness; if there’s no state to build the roads, who would do it?
Proof that roads can be provided privately: the French Autoroutes are all privately operated toll roads.
Because the French state doesn’t have to spend money on .otorways, they can spend that money on luxuries like universal health care.

Of course, there is the issue of emminent domain where the state can confiscate property to make room for roads. Businesses can’t do that (which is why that is the prefetable solution) but at least one hurdle has been taken in answering the titular question.

Private roads need not be funded by toll, but that can be part of the price of products businesses sell, just like buildings are.

When the leaders aren’t so glorious

Take the famous (notorious) example of Obama. Who has publicly stated belief in what Pastor Gore said in the church of UN, has no doubt contributed to the ongoing rise of CO2, since ± Kyoto, by way of his 7 wars in 8 years of being president (1 Nobel peace prize, 0 days of peace), given that wars these days consume more energy than in the era of the knight in shining armor on horseback. Because back then, there were no tanks, aircraft (, drones), no Echelon computers spying on the people (and listening in on cell phone conversations of leaders of allied countries – Angela Merckel), and consuming so yonking much energy that Michael Boldin of the proposed getting Utah to stop supplying the 17 million gallons of water the stasi needs to cool the computers. The enormous energy saving would reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 output considerably.
Globally less well known is how the Dutch politicians make every effort to maximize CO2 levels by having spent almost every week since 1966 (by now over half a century! 52 years) campaigning to prevent solving the traffic jams on the highways. (And the local juntas did their bit by programming the stop lights in such a way that they halted traffic so much, that emissions increased needlessly much, and caused countless frustrations in the population).
Oh, there’s the bit where both Obama and Dutch politicians have repeatedly publicly announced believe in the whole debunked political hypothesis of dangerous CO2. Either:

  • they didn’t believe CO2 was risky, (in which case they’re lying their rear ends off for political gain at the expense of the people, that are a prerequisite for politics to exist in the first place)
  • Or they do (in which case they tried to kill al live on the planet by deliberately changing the climate).

Any which way, they should be prevented in the future.

Extra asfalt werkt

Telegraaf maandag 12 maart 2018.
Dat was allang en breed bekend, en toch hebben m.n. de milieu-partijen de aanleg van rextra wegen tegengehouden, en offerden dus het milieu (en nu het klimaat!) op aan hun privé-pleziertje van te zien hoe Nederlanders zich ergerden aan de files, welke grove economische èn milieuschade opleverden. Nederland zucht al een halve eeuw (nee; 52 jaar, dus ruim een halve eeuw!) onder de files, de constante weigering om extra asfalt aan te leggen valt dus onder bewust landverraad. Ik heb gezocht naar de exacte wet om Den Haag mee aan te klagen, maar de enige wetten die ik kon vinden die betrekking hadden op landverraad, beschermde de landveraders (de roverheid) tegen de burgers!
Dat geloof je toch niet, kameraden?