Who will hand out IDs?

Since it’s none of the state’s business who I am, or where I go to/have been to, the state has nothing to do with handing out proof-of-Identification. To be able to enter my own home, unless I built a lock into my door, that worked that way.
Basically, every lock does, but carrying a mechanical or electrical key is enough evidence of identity for the vast majority of people, or typing a code into a key pad is.
So why would I not be allowed anywhere near my own home without a piece of paper or plastic with my photo+name on it? And why are those passports designed so dumbly? Because the old design for a passport, did not have a rigid plastic card built into them, so they were too easy to forge.
So nowadays, the owner (assuming that’s the person who’s picture+name is on it, not the government) can not reliably travel to another country with a passport.
Because the brittle plastic card in it (used to display your photo, name, date of birth, etc.) has a tendency to break when you sit on it, or whatever, making it harder for you to leave or get home, and since that is supposed to be the purpose of a passport, that is something the government fails at again, and this time, it isn’t even one of their permissable roles; it’s just an annoyance/hindrance, that serves no real purpose.

“But if you let just anybody into the country,”

Then what? Would you get upset if you lived in, say, Amsterdam, and the house next to yours got bought & inhabited by someone from the city of Deventer? Different city, different province, even! But because its the same country you suddenly don’t mind. But if those people moved out of the city of Bottrop, Germany, suddenly it is an issue worth getting upset about. Germany is a country immediately next to the Netherlands, they actually share a border. How is moving out of Germany different from moving out of Overijssel (the province where the city of Deventer is located)? Of course, people get really upset if it’s people from, say, Arabia or Africa, those are even worse than Germany (or Belgium, France, the UK – they Brexited the EU, proof they don’t even want to be our friends anymore!)

“They would use all sorts of government (taxpayer funded) services.”

So? Just abolish government / remove those services from the claws of government, where they don’t belong, anyway.

“Well, people from Overijssel pay the same taxes as we do.”
So, shared #victimhood is your criterion for acceptance? So Stockholm of you, dude!
I would get upset, if they started paying taxes here: more loot for the evil institution, that is against my interests.

What is the only legitimate purpose of an ID? Proof of identity when signing a contract, you don’t need a government registration for that!

Who will license drivers?

Since handing out driver’s licenses is clearly not one of government’s tasks, (driver’s licensing has little to do with owning the road), in a stateless society the only interested party would handle driver’s licensing: insurance companies. After all, if someone can’t drive, they probably cause lots of accidents costing the insurance company lots of money; causing them to demand proof of skill before they grant a driver’s license. (Translated from the official Dutch title, literally “evidence of driving skill”).
Hold on, one might say: wouldn’t a rich guy just drive without insurance and expevt to pay for any damages he causes out of pocket? (Perhaps injuring or killing people)
Well: in a stateless society the wealth would likely be distributed more evenly, because the opportunities to become rich would be equalized: there would be no ridiculous licensing requirements to open a business anywhere, no crony capitalism (see (1) below).
But apart from the fact that everybody would be more or less equally rich:
Some road owners (remember: businesses may run an access road to their business to get customers to be able to reach them), will refuse such drivers access to their roads, making their car useless, as well as harmless.
This is another balancing check to ensure that people actually pass driver’s exams before they go on a drive.
This will ensure sufficiently high standards for safe road conditions. And those standards will not be set ridiculously high, or nobody will pass their exams, meaning that THAT insurance company will not be able to sell car insurance, if only because nobody will try to buy it from THEM, they will seek out a different insurance company, that may have slightly higher rates because actually selling insurance would mean they occasionally have to pay out, raising costs, which will have to be paid by consumers.
This will see to it, that it will not be unduly difficult to pass a driving exam.

(1): this does not mean that in stateless society there would be heavy industry in rural housing communities, polluting the heck out of the neighbours: because, once again, interested parties (the neighbours), would object to having their interests harmed, by noisy, smelly petro-industry, noisy, hazardous big rigs driving to and fro, carrying heavy cargo.

In short, the current situation, where the government owns the roads and grants (ocasionally) driver’s licenses, is wrong on so many counts, that it is just another reason to embrace statelessness: the government does get a lot of its loot from taxing driving/car sales/ownership and not spending that money on building enough roads, but still they are not strongly incentivised to pass standards of decency on their monopolist driver’s licensing agency because being a totalitarian dictatorship, they can raise taxes on whatever they want, and still get their money from the citizenry.

While it’s  true that the Dutch CBR, Central Bureau for Driver’s Licensing (yes, comrsde, thst is its actual name), is a private business, they are not a true market operator, because they have a government monopoly, and follow government’s rules, so they are as close to a government agency as it gets, without strictly legally being one. Being the government that makes and changes the laws, has its perks.

Digitaal bedelen

Vanmiddag (27 juni 2017) kwam Kika langs, om geld te bedelen (met plezier geld gegeven, trouwens). Volgens de “bedelaar” mochten ze van de wet niet meer met #collectebussen rondlopen, dus hadden ze een #tablet bij zich met internet-verbinding en maatgemaakte app. Goedbedoelde onzin!
Het is goed voor de collectanten, maar jaagt wel de kosten omhoog, dus alleen de rijkere goede doelen kunnen nu ngaan collecteren, dmv een tablet en internet-verbinding. Zoals des #overheids, drukt de #wetgever kleinere “#concurrenten” uit de #markt.

#Nationalisme is een reactie op ongewenste prikkels

#Nationalisme is niet meer dan een reactie op de nadelen van het hooghartig opgedrongen transnationalisme: ongevraagd een vreemde mogendheid (#EU) de macht geven over een volk dat nog denkt in #nationalistische termen, leidt tot afkeer van het transnationalisme en dus een stijging van nationalistische sentimenten. De overheid leidt het volk, nix democratie: parlementen zijn oligarchiën.

Dat kenmerkt de mens, of eigenlijk ieder levend wezen: hij/het reageert op prikkels. Soms zijn die reacties uiterlijk zichtbaar, zoals een van pijn vertrokken gezicht als iemand zich prikt of snijdt, sommige reacties zijn minder goed zichtbaar, zoals wanneer iemand geconfronteerd wordt met continue #agressie door almachtige dictatoren, dan vreetdat aan de ziel van de persoon. Kijk maar naar “Russian Car Crash Compilation” video’s op http://www.Youtube.com om te zien wat ruim een halve eeuw #communisme heeft gedaan aan het Russland’s sociaal besef: gneraties aan mensen die zo geïndoctrineerd zijn om hulpeloos te zijn. Dat is trouwens wat de despotische regimes in Den Haag voortdurend voor elkaar boksen (mensen zich hulpeloos laten voelen, of machteloos?) door goed te luisteren naar wat het volk wil, en precies het tegenovergestelde te doen.

Grote vrees voor de nabije toekomst.

Hmmm, ik heb grote vrees voor de nabije toekomst: de Amerikaanse #economie gaat ontmanteld worden door de #Fed, en #Monti is druk bezig ons in onze eigen jaren ’20 te storten, de roerigheid waarvan onherroepelijk heeft geleid tot de diepe ellende van de jaren ’30. Oftewel dankzij die kut-#ECB komen we in #GriekseToestanden terecht, nog niet zo lang na nu. En dan houdt het #internet ook op te bestaan, en dus #BitCoin ook. (Ja ik weet dat dappere zielen in Venezuela ook aan #BitCoin mining doen, maar de infrastructuur van het internet, het hele DNS enzo staat in,de #VS, het land dat zelfmoord aan het plegen is (zowel in economisch als moreel/militair opzicht), dus zogauw de dollar hyper-infleert, kan niemand het zich nog veroorloven om die structur draaiende te houden, het zal enige dagen duren, maar het gaat klappen! Hie bereid je je daar op voor? Bitcoin omzetten in fysiek goud? Van de terreuro moet je net genoeg houden om rekeningen te betalen bij winkels die nog niet zijn overgestapt van #valuta (waardeloospapier van de staat) naar #geld (betaalmiddel dat waarde vertegenwoordigt)

Novel-idea: large military expenditures

Large military expenditures are a disturbing property of dictatorial regimes, like #communism and the #4thReich.
This brings to mind the Military-Industrial Complex (#MIC), though the matter is much deeper than that. I do not believe that the comic book proposition,that the MIC can explain each and every act of aggression, as put forward by the #left holds much validity, no doubt it plays some role, but good old-fashioned power madness is the main driver, inho.

Why I’m scared

Yoy may have heard of climate change being all the rage nowadays. #Politicians and (unaffilliated) #warmists are on the barricades to make the people scared of #CO2, the lifeblood of all vegetation and hence the basis of the food chain. Leaving that aside, Dutch politicians have spent decades (over half a century, as a matter of fact) doing absolutely nothing about the traffic jams, which have cost the economy very dearly. Their refusal to do anything about the #trafficJams was comolained about, but tolerated because, oh well, if your lords and masters refuse to do their job, then what do you do about it? Just suck it up and try to cope, what else? Not vote for them? When has that ever worked? It’s a bit late when they’re already in power
But then they came up with climate change, and still refused to deal with the traffic jams, which cause incredible amounts of exhaust emmissions, including CO2 (as they complain about at any opportunity they get). I draw the conclusion that they deliberately cause such high CO2-emmissions, in an attempt to bring about #ClimateChange. That is attempted #democide at the whole planet. And such a government rather scares meas you understand.